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(LOL NO REGRETS!!! Any-who hope you like dis XD.)

*Jumps out window flying-squirrel style!!! XD*

(by Mary Kate)



Heheh, I laughed when I saw this. That’s so LanternDay Sans. The poor guy would really totally freak out when seeing blood.

Well… It’s not like he’s afraid of the blood itself. That’s not the reason.

Let’s just say that he’s… “not really a monster”. ;-) (We know the truth, eh? Keep dreaming, LD Sans…)

Me again. (Ha ha ha 0-0)

Ok, sorry. It’s me again. Must be a lil annoying but I just read that comment you made on my last pic about Comic Papyrus and I think I know why. He seems to be the only character who is the most chill. Everyone else has so mush crud and stuff happening in their lives and are either sad, crazy, confused, or a Papyrus (Both TT Paps and B UF Paps are just being the adorable little cinnamon rolls they always are XD).

Now, Red Gaster (B UF Gaster) you could argue is neither sad, crazy, confuse, or a Papy but the difference with him is we have not seen much of the present him (Not counting flashback because it was more focused on the bros) and what we do see of him he seems to be focused on his ‘mission’. So everyone else is going threw all this dark stuff while Comic Papyrus is just chilling and giving out life advise to a distressed flowers.

Its strange. You would think Comic Papyrus would be the most distressed because he is sort of made up of two totally different people but he is the most well put together pers-er skeleton(s) in this comic. Almost like the pieces of both that Sans and Papyrus of the world he came from are working in perfect harmony. Each piece making up for the faults of the other. To be calm and laid back like Sans, but also kind and gentle like Papyrus. Powerful but also with the will to always lend a hand. Or I am just thinking to much into this. XD     

So, uh maybe that the reason so many people like him. Or it could be that he just looks cool and I’ m just crazy. XD So uh… . thats all I have to say. So if you will excuse me, I will be jumping out this window in embarrassment. Have a lovely day! 

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(by Mary Kate)



Ooooh, I see! :-D That’s an interesting explanation.

“Perfect harmony in Comic Papyrus”? I like that!