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❥Just like Mori Girl, Natural Kei is also a fashion that is very close to nature.

❥While Mori Girls are imagined to live in the forest, a Natural Kei girl may be imagined as one who resides in a village close to the forest living in a cute little cottage.

❥Layers are still seen, but more colors and patterned fabrics tend to appear because a girl living in a village would have more access to such things in her daily life.

❥Natural Kei looks very feminine and natural.

❥This style can look like popular storybook characters such as Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie.

❥A Natural Kei outfit will have very lavish, understated, subtle details. Details that you can’t notice from afar, but are quite apparent up close. These are often extravagant details such as pin tucks, ruffles, lace, covered buttons, etc.

❥While solid colored clothing is very common in Natural Kei, patterned fabric tends to be popular too. You will see motifs found in natural: flowers, plants, trees, animals, landscapes, fruits, vegetables, vines, berries, etc.

❥The clothes are mostly loose and flowing and do not show off the body. Nothing is tight fitted at all. The many loose layers make it difficult to tell what the wearer’s body actually is like. The waist is often undefined, the skirts long, and the neckline are high.

❥There are many, many layers in Natural Kei, which seems to be something that many Japanese fashions have in common. Any volume seen in the skirts is almost always due to the many layers and not a poofy tulle petticoat. This helps add to the natural soft look of this style.

❥The clothing may look frumpy, but girls do not wear Natural Kei to advertise their bodies, they wear it to make them happy.

❥To go along with all this natural looking old worldly-ness, girls who wear Natural Kei enjoy more natural looking accessories. Things like bonnets, straw hats, kerchiefs, wreaths, straw bags, embroidery, crocheted/knitted items, fur (faux or real), etc. Flower, feather, and lace accessories are very popular.

❥The most common shoe type seems to be clogs, low heeled Mary Janes, boots, wedges, or clunky sandals. (High heels and overly delicate looking shoes don’t appear in this style.)

❥Bags are straw bags, baskets, satchels, leather bags, plain totes, bags made of printed fabrics that coordinate with the outfit.

❥Makeup and hair seem to be light and natural looking. Curls, waves, and braids are popular hair styling techniques. In addition, they often have rosy cheeks, lips, and simple eye makeup.