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When someone makes a ‘Ladies of Star Wars’ appreciation post

When they only mention Leia, Padme, and Rey


Mary Lambert - Know Your Name

Loving this music video! One of my fave parts about this video is actually in the description box itself.

“My assistant, Nadia, actually came up with the concept for the video while we were at a barcade- she suggested the line “I probably should know your name” could be in reference to an arcade’s HIGH SCORE screen, and that’s when the music video baby was born. I really wanted the premise to be something sexy and quirky and fun, and I think Erix Arocha really knocked it out of the park. The main thing I kept circling back to when I started conceptualizing the video was that it needed to be trans-inclusive. I wanted to do a rib off of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, but nerdier and queer as hell. I have so many beautiful and talented friends and I knew casting would be a breeze. Jacob Tobia, Gabi Fresh, Firda Herryandhy, and Hazel Jade were brilliant and sexy and playful in each of their characters- I feel super lucky to know them. I met Sara Ramirez at a fundraiser for homeless LGBT youth this last year, and we immediately hit it off. When the concept for the video began developing, Sara was the first person I thought of. She was unbelievably generous with her time, energy, and enthusiasm for the video. As I was conceptualizing the video, I had just read Ready Player One, which is an amazing novel by Ernest Cline. It’s packed with 80s references and a ton of video game knowledge, so I knew I wanted the premise to be surrounding this idea that a bunch of killer babes were great at video games. Together, each character and I came up with a bunch of roller-derby-esque names, under the premise that each character had their own backstory and strength.”

Playlist: My Neighbor Be Jammin

One of two things has happened recently.  Either someone moved into the neighborhood and they like listening to their music loud or the weather is warming up so someone has now started listening to their music with the window open.  Either way, sometimes I’ll be sitting in the apartment reading or doing something else quiet with no electronics going, and I’ll catch a snippet of what they’re playing and y'all.  

They stay bringing the hits!  After the third day of hearing some good R&B I decided to start making note of the songs and I said if I got ten good tracks in a row, I’d start a playlist.  I have fifteen so far and I guess I’ll keep on adding to this as long as the neighbor keeps coming through with R&B hits (and not-quite hits, but still quality bops).

Soul For Real “Candy Rain”

Chante Moore “Straight Up”

Jade “Don’t Walk Away”

Angie Stone “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”

New Edition “Hot 2Nite”

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Ashley Clements on Twitter
“So incredibly grateful to these talented people who read my first screenplay out loud last night. It was so good to visit my old friends ❤”

Yes, it does say The Lizzie Bennet Wedding. Yes, I am having feels. Yes, I might be freaking out. 

And yes, I am first in line to crowdfund if needed. 

Let’s reblog this sh*t. 


hi I’d like to talk about how perfect this music video is thanks

World Team Throphy Entries

Canada 🇨🇦 : Patrick Chan,
Kevin Reynolds, Alaine Chartrand,
Gabrielle Daleman, Meagan Duhamel/ Eric Radford, Kaitlyn Weaver /Andrew Poje 

China 🇨🇳: Jin Boyang
Li Tangxu, Li Xiangning
Li Zijun, Peng Cheng /Jin Yang Wang Shiyue /Liu Xinyu 

France 🇫🇷: Kévin Aymoz
Chafik Besseghier, Laurine Lecavelier,
Maé-Bérénice Méité, Vanessa James /Morgan Cipres, Marie-Jade Lauriault /Romain Le Gac 

Japan 🇯🇵: Yuzuru Hanyu
Shoma Uno, Wakaba Higuchi
Mai Mihara, Sumire Suto /Francis Boudreau-Audet, Kana Muramoto/ Chris Reed 

Russia 🇷🇺: Mikhail Kolyada
Maxim Kovtun, Evgenia Medvedeva
Elena Radionova, Evgenia Tarasova/ Vladimir Morozov, Ekaterina Bobrova /Dmitri Soloviev 

United States 🇺🇸: Jason Brown
Nathan Chen, Karen Chen
Ashley Wagner, Ashley Cain /Timothy LeDuc, Madison Chock /Evan Bates

Date 📅:April 20 – 23
which team will win the trophy? 🏆

anonymous asked:

Could you list your favorite YouTubers? I wanna get into tutorials! You have good taste

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