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So I’ve been thinking a lot about Yuuri+Viktor being exposed to each other’s baby photos. 

  • Yuuri was 100% a cute chubby baby who clung to his parents+older sister. Mari was super protective of her baby brother and 90% of the photos is Yuuri shyly looking at the camera behind Mari and Mari pouting at being photographed. 
  • Viktor literally about cries because “Holy-Shit-How-Did-I-Get-The-Cutest-Fiance-Ever” and just keeps thanking Yuuri’s parents for this very important gift. 
  • His favorite though is of Yuuri taking first steps on the ice with a huge grin for the camera. 
  • And the subsequent one of a blurry Yuuri mid fall. (He gets an earful from Yuuri for keeping this one) 
  • But Yuuri coming to St. Petersburg and Yakov (Definitely not bitter over the whole “Abandoning your career for a crush thing”) just drags out his OWN album of Viktor growing up. 
  • And Yuuri is cooing over it because Viktor was a shy kid who hid behind long hair and 100% gave himself a haircut when he was like 6 right before a huge competition. 
  • Yuuri ends up keeping 1-2 photos and they’re one of Viktor being a newer skater with his tongue+arms stuck out trying to keep his balance. 
  • And another of Viktor holding a bronze medal and smiling with all teeth showing at his first competition. 
  • These photos of course lead to discussions of “Babe don’t you want a little you running around?” 
Ok, but consider: Future Selves episode

I just thought about this and I need to vent about it:

- Like, Ladybug and Chat Noir from the future (let’s say 10 years) to get help from the current Ladybug and Chat
- Mari and Adrien are still Chat and LB in this future
- In the future, something went wrong, like an akuma is causing major trouble and they get help from Fu to go back in time and they seek out their younger selves
- They are able to convince the present heroes to come with them to the future
- They form a plan and they each have their own respective duties to carry out and LB goes with LB and Chat goes with Chat
- Their younger selves start asking questions about their future. Both of them ask the same first question “do we have someone special?”
- They both respond “yes, I’m about to
get married” and then they tell them it’s their crime-fighting partner
- Present Chat is obviously over the moon, while LB is like “wtf?? What about Adrien?”
- Future LB decides to be a smartass and is like “oh, he’s in a happy, committed relationship. Don’t worry, it’s not with Chloe, but trust me, he’s fine. We’re still great friends, we talk and see each other on a regular basis”
- Present Chat asks if they know who’s behind the mask, and Future Chat is like “obviously but where’s the fun in telling you now?”
- They end up getting the job done, but present LB and Chat have to go back to their time
-Future LB and Chat end up kissing for like a second and the young heroes are both blushing furiously
- The last thing they tell them is “Don’t worry, everything turns out ok. We promise.”
- Once they get back, there is a little bit of an awkward scene between them and Chat wants to talk but starts stuttering
- LB starts giggling and says “Don’t stress kitty, a lot can happen in 10 years” and leaves without another word leaving a love-struck Chat alone on a rooftop

More Grumpy Cat fanart (Because this fic has taken over my liiiiiiiife) featuring some of my many favorite moments thus far. This includes Felix trying desperately to convince himself that Marinette is not, in fact, the cutest thing he’s ever seen and failing miserably, one of the many ‘WHAT IS WITH YOU AND ALL THESE AKUMAS?!!’ moments that make up what constitutes as Marichat in this AU, and of course Ninja!Mari and her chocolate chip shurikens. 

  • Rafiki presenting Simba to the Pride Lands all HERE IS YOUR NEW KING 
  • The ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast and our subsequent tears at the beauty
  • “A Spoonful of Sugar” from Mary Poppins which makes us smiley even thinking about it
  • Aladdin and Jasmine’s magic carpet ride aka #goals
  • Cinderella losing her shoe and not going back for it like nope can’t I’m late
  • Ariel emerging from the water, so majestic
  • The floating lantern scene in Tangled being the most romantic thing in history
  • Elsa being all LET IT GO
  • Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie being the cutest lil guy

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x02:

  • This sex scene is super awkward… and seems highly unlikely.
  • Honestly, the most unbelievable thing about this whole love scene thing is Sam drinking wine in bed. Like, has either brother ever had wine on this show? Nah. 
  • Why is Cas not with Dean? Why is Cas on his own again? WHY WRITERS???? 
  • Dean asking Cas for advice about his mom is maybe the cutest DeanCas moment that has ever happened on this show. 
  • Good to know Cas doesn’t like relationships to be needlessly complicated… just sayin’, Dean…
  • This woman has some serious issues she needs to work through. Preferably not with Sam getting caught in the crossfire. 
  • LOL Dean’s face when Mary said John was a great father. 
  • Welp. I always did want the “I can’t do my job if I’m worried about you” line to exist in this show… just not like that LOL 
  • Rowena is just trying to be a normal person. Love it. 
  • Lucifer has killer red eyes. Nice. 
  • The problem with Misha playing Lucifer so well and capturing Mark’s characterization of him perfectly is that it makes it super obvious that this new actor didn’t follow suit. Still like him, though!
  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say Benny’s last name before.
  • Lucifer’s wings are GINORMOUS
  • Bitch, Sam has def read a book. AND SO HAS DEAN BECAUSE HE IS A SMART COOKIE YEAH BOSS!
  • Wait. We are literally calling Cas an “attack dog.” UM HELL NO.
  • So this family moment is super cute, buuuuuut where’s Cas at?
  • Sam Winchester is a gift. I LOVE HIM SO.
  • Fitting that they are playing the “lost angel” song at the end of this episode because HEY WHERE IS CAS??????? Like for real.

In conclusion: Cas does not sweat under any circumstances. Do what you will with that fanfic writers of the fandom. 

Today’s MLB episode:

I’m starting to think we have to give an order to the episodes because I’m a bit confused with the interactions of today but, meh I’ll see that later…

  • First, Nino’s crush on Mari was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, he was so nervous!.
  • Also I loved they gave us some Nino/Marinette interactions, I was craving for some.
  • Adrien being a great friend and trying to help his best friend (even though he was cockblocking himself, without him knowing it yet, I really hope that when they reveal themselves, this event is remembered and Adrien being like “I almost set the love of my life with my best friend!! DAMMIT!!” ).
  • The adrienette headbump. 
  • The little chibis of Adrien and Alya while talking through the microphones
  • THIS:
  • Chat’s ears!!