mary i love you but in this scene i wanted to kill you xd

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Duddette... It's TERMINATOR SHIT. "YOU" IS DEAN FROM THE FUTURE!!! I'm a mess too, but you are More coherent to write about it. OH MY CHUCK *heavy breathing* I spend the last hour analyzing all the frames of the promo in my tablet because I'm at work, on a training stuff that gives me more time and freedom. Anyways, this is Enverse!Dean I can bet my honor as a wich. But this is THE FUTURE.

2. who the hell was that ?!?! at the end of the promo when cas says “you?”, do you have any speculations? benny? adam maybe? jk XD, no but for reals, who do you think it is ??

3. What’s your thoughts on the last second of the trailer (the bit with Cas on the floor, looking up and “you”) ?

Hi, 3 anons about the promo vid and Cas - here is my half baked totally wild random ass off the top of my head theory!

Time travel? I was like naaaaaaw…. then I was like SHIT he does look a little bowlegged! But… not entiiiiirely convinced I’ll be honest. I’m also spitballing… Chuck?

source: @shixpe

I mean we know Angels can time travel so the nephilim could do it from the future if it saw Lucifer had created another apocalypse and was like NOPE NOT FOR ME!

Also, even if THIS isn’t him, I also though this looked like Dean from all the promo PICS etc? And the way Cas just lies there? Like he’s not that worried? 

source: @spicywatson

IDK if this is the same guy or the same scene…. but I also head canon that this is Dean, but brainwashed Dean, so Cas is like “are you… YOU?” which is why we hear the “you?” maybe in the video?

As @super-sootica just reminded me - ENDVERSE CAS KNEW THAT DEAN WASN’T FUTURE DEAN!!!!

And why is Dean brainwashed? Well, we know there is a flashback scene so for me this is Dean’s ultimate DECONSTRUCTION OF PERFORMING DEAN MOMENT - Dean has to finally address his past to allow himself to move fiorwards, its his childhood and his view of his parents especially John but his idolatry of Mary that meant that he kept the facade up for so long. I have written like thousands of words on how Amara was the exposition of Dean’s inner feelings and Mary is the extension of this this season, so going back in time to flashbacks of his childhood and facing it with Mary the ULTIMATE way for Dean to look at his inner selfand move towards accepting himself as he is….

Then there are the electrodes and we know that MARY has been brainwashed and again, in 12x21 there was the clear allusion to the 8x17 crypt scene, where this time Dean cannot break Mary out of it, but what if now we get a REAL REVERSE CRYPT SCENE? I DONT KNOW WHAT I WILL DO IF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THIS FOR WHAT FEELS LIKE YEARS!!! WHERE DEAN IS THE ONE WHO IS BRAINWASHED?!

And ok, we are terrible for riling each other up and screaming at each other, but @amwritingmeta said in this post :

“What if Dean is willingly brainwashing himself here? Sitting there, looking so fucking DETERMINED.What if he makes the choice (after possibly first refusing) because he realises IT’S THE ONLY WAY HE CAN ACTUALLY FACE CAS AND KILL HIM IF HE HAS TO?” 

But Cas manages to Crypt Scene him out of it because - well CAS IS RIGHT ABOUT THIS AND ITS CAS MAN!


Then we have this image? 

source: @throughfireandice

Given that I am all about the fact that the nephilim will not be born INATELY either good or evil, because that is the whole point of the show, I love the idea that it could have brought Dean from the future to get him to help Cas and convince himself and Sam (or tell Cas how to convince him - reverse crypt scene please and thank you) to raise the Nephilim right.

Because as it stands right now? With Sam and Dean potentially brainwashed by the mol? Even if they aren’t still going against Cas? While I believe that Cas is actually the one who is right here? If they continue to go against him THIS is how it ends up as another apocalypse.

So what needs to happen? TFW need to be TOGETHER, on the same track, raising the nephilim together and leading him on the righteous path because in the end it is all about the nephilim’s FREE WILL and his/her CHOICE whether to be good or bad.

I mean, this might be total rubbish. But my theory about this and the fact that Cas is actually the hero here and will earn his endgame arc this way just kinda ties into all and every theory I have running around in my head.

Regardless of the intimate details of the promo, of the pics etc. I really feel like this is overall the way it’s leading: that they need to allow the child to make a CHOICE and hopefully, if my faith in the show is well placed, it will lead to the child choosing the RIGHTEOUS PATH and GOOD, to raise the world to it’s feet and as @amwritingmeta says, to BRING BALANCE TO THE UNIVERSE.

Ofcourse anon ^^ Brace yourself as I only need a reason to ramble XD

Rai really is too reserved. I remember having a few conversations on tumbler at the start of this arc on how Rai looking out for the children was more out of duty than care, as opposed to Frankenstein. Because he shows so little emotions its really hard to guess. Let me see if i can find any again: Here is some of it. But now this far in current arc, esp after 444, its clear he values his children much more than I thought. Rai has just been so desperate, and cute this arc trying to save M21, I really grew to admire their relationship.

For Rai, I think even before the first moment he had actually interacted with M-21, he has already had his heart softened towards him. Can we forget the Frankenstein would have killed M-21 if it wasn’t for Rai? One of the reason for this instant consideration is that, back then, M21 and M24 were the first modified he had come across (after Frankenstein), and their pitiful abandoned existence that didn’t really have a home anywhere, neither human, nor Nobles nor any other species would accept them, saddened him greatly. After them, there was so many modified one after the other the novelty wore off lol.

And then, the more he came to realize M21s trauma and just how damaged he truly is, the more he started caring for him. All very gradually, and quietly. While we saw Frankenstein’s care and each moment outwardly, with Rai it happened inwardly enough to even ignore if one isn’t looking carefully. Then M21 had stepped in to protect him from the Elders is definitely one of the highlight of M21s interaction with Rai, and it genuinely warmed his heart. He hasn’t have this kind of individual interaction with any of their other child. Rai has come to defend him by words more than once too, one when he was beating himself over KSA, and one when he asked for Mark’s awakening, and there may have been others. Then Franky and him actually discussed his mental/emotional health before deciding that they should get his comrades name from Crombel. All this has been a privilege not bestowed upon any other child, partly because they don’t need it.

The whole Mark saga infact, raised Rai’s worry for him 200% I think, by now, M21 is Rai’s favorite kid hands down imo. He also seems to remind him of Frankenstein in his unruly days, a much milder Frankenstein so there’s that plus point.

Frankenstein/M21 had always been one of my most favorite parts of Noblesse. Frankenstein started getting soft towards M21 very early on like Rai. The first moment where he noticed that hey this kid is not bad, was when M-21 had called him to warn him about Jake and Mary in S1, and Frankenstein was like,isn’t it a bit too kind of you to tell me everything in detail? This was when he gave them the safe house address to hide if they want.

The scene after M24s death, when M-21 had told them causally how all of the 100 M series died on him. The first time i read this scene I thought Franky expressions were him evaluating if this guy is telling the truth or not. Now I think he was like what poor kid. Master we have managed to pick up a really unfortunate puppy. Rai was clearly hurting for M21 far back then too. But saving the kids in DA-5 arc was definitely what sealed his worth in Frankenstein eyes. He would not have blamed him if he had chosen otherwise I’m sure, it was a very tough situation M21 was in, but he exceeded his expectations there.

Also spoiler alert ahead if you aren’t upto date with the canon unreleased chapter.

I was quite disappointed with the fact that it was RK5, not Frankenstein or Rai who saved him from the crazy Green werewolf. I’d been musing so many ways he could be saved this arc by either one of them the entire last year and hugged to death and what not. Then came RK 5 to take all the glory. I’ve now grown to like this development for various reason now, but it took a couple weeks to come to terms with  -_-

M-21s is a cute lil baby. He should be allowed to talk however he likes XD Frankenstein and Rai knows he needs this freedom to acquire some measure of self-worth and value. So yes, they let him. M-21 genuinely tries hard to be respectful to Frankenstein too. Most of the times he has been blunt or rude were extreme circumstances, like when he snapped him out of darkspear influence during Frank/Rajak, or when he was arguing about Mark authenticity or letting him awaken. M21 will dare not disrespect Frankenstein deliberately, Franky’s too scary for that.

Also I think atleast initially, M-21, not Tao, was meant to be the one who can be upfront with Frankenstein and snap him out of a moment of weaknesses, but this particular relationship point hasn’t really been used again after Rajaks fight as far as I can remember. Maybe when/if its Frankenstein’s arc with his old student Tasume then it will be utilized again. I’d very much like to see it again.

And M-21 is their first child. Ofcourse he is special ^^ Okay its probably my bias speaking too, but M-21 is hands down the most troublesome of their kids. 4th and 5th arcs issues are direct results of his actions, Rai even has to go to sleep in 5th due to his comrade’s saga, so yeah they are well aware that this child needs extra attention. Plus there’s the fact that M-21 is the most traumatized of their kids and arguably has suffered the worst in life (can we deny that he still gets the worst of all, like how many times has he been stabbed by now?) Which means that they are hands down the most worried about him = more blankets to wrap him in = more protection = more space in their worried minds and hearts ^^

Though every child has their own special place too, Seira is probably Frankenstein’s favorite due to her helping him in household work and bc of how obedient she is. Tao is Frank 2, so he is obviously special. Takeo and Regis are the most normal of them, and as such the most easily to be ignored by Frankenstein, unfortunately or fortunately for them.

I do not think Rai knows anymore about his heart other than that it is of a werewolf. If he knew anymore, he would have revealed to Frankenstein atleast by now. Though, it could be that its Ashleens and Rai will eventually figure it out… even in this arc, dare we hope.

I would LOVE if Crombel does something like this. Infact, before this arc I was very sure this is exactly what’s going to happen triggering the start of the end of Crombel and M21s comrades name or heart owners saga. But then came this arc, and this kidnapping of M-21 had been so heavy and long, and pretty much everything he didn’t want to happen has happened with him already as a hostage, which lessens the chances of another kidnapping.

Then again, children have been kidnapped some 3-4 times now? by comparison M21 is only at his 2nd yet. So maybe he’ll get taken once more before the end? It’ll be hard to summon that much worry by household this time and M21 will feel like shit for getting abducted yet again, so I don’t know how authors will manage to make it fresh. Crombel has been a villain since the start though, he needs to live upto his hype in any case so he better do something for once.

Also anon I don’t know if you’re into fan fictions, but there are some really good ones who explore some nice Crombel/M21 in such setting. Over the top of my head there’s these 3 where Crombel takes him back. if you hadn’t read them yet, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy these and i’ll provide more food for thought:

 And please barge in whenever you like. I love talking about Noblesse ^^

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can you rec me some sonadow fanfics 👀🔍

Sure thing bud! 8D

Okay, as a small warning to whoever else comes across this and wants to read, a lot of these stories I’m gonna link are sadly unfinished, but I still highly rec that you give em read. They’re still really good so give em a chance! O3O Oh yea, and you have to be at least 18+ to go to this website, but you can get around that by just clicking on the links.

First up is Press A to Continue by ShotsOfSunshine (unfinished). It’s pretty much a parody about a character named Mary-Sue who enters into a Sonic game and into the Sonic world, hell bent on trying kill Sonic. Trust me, it’s very well written and hilarious. XD And please go read Sunshine’s other stories as well! (I’m pretty sure that they might be famous in the sonadow community for How to Train Your Werehog…?)

Second up is Advent of Equinox by Skyblaze (unfinished), a post Unleashed story where Sonic transforms back into the Werehog and Shadow also transforms into something else as well during the day time. 8D It just got updated about three months back so there’s hope of it still being continued. ;) Two other stories I recommend for you to read by them is Beyond Prophecy (Underground AU, unfinished) and Hold On (SatAm crossover, unfinished). All of their stories have really great humor in them and will have you cackling like a high hyena. XD

Third one is Abandoned Fragments by Venture (unfinished). Sonic and Shadow explore a mysterious island that nobody knows about where they discover some very interesting and shocking things. Don’t want to spoil a single thing or it will unravel major plot points so please give it a read! 8′D

Aaaaannnddddd my absolute favorite so far, Mirror Image by Sonic the Dovahkiin (finished!). A story about Sonic having to face clones of himself while trying to keep a grip onto his sanity as well. A few warnings about this story: There will be some major mind-fuckery happening to some characters (but everybody comes out a-ok at the end, promise) a few gory scenes (but not over the top), aaaanndddd poor Tails getting hurt a few times. :O But boooooyyyy howdy it’s been quite a long while since I’ve read a fanfic where my heart was pounding in fear for every characters survival.  ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Alright, that’s all of my all time fav sonadow stories so far. 8D  Pretty sure that there might be a few over at Fanfiction that I forgot about, but I haven’t been over there in about 5.8 billion years to really check haha.

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Yo, Tenka! Do you have any thoughts about why Yuri switches between formal and informal speech with Victor? Like at first he's like "nani tabetai?" then he's all "yoku tabetemasu". And do you know why he speeks english from time to time?

Yo!! Sorry for the late reply. I had to find some time to rewatch episode 1 and 2 and take mental notes to analyse Yuuri’s speech pattern so I could qualify your ask with the proper response it deserves xD. No complaints about rewatching Yuri on Ice episodes though, down for that anytime.

To answer your first question, I think Yuuri speaks “semi-formal” to Victor (and Minako).

You’ll notice Yuuri’s speech pattern does have “desu”, “masu” in it occasionally, but he’s also comfortable saying phrases like “nani tabetai?”, or just ending a sentence with the “-te” form, or like “- you na”, etc without necessarily ending it as a full sentence statement in a desu/masu format. He also said to Victor, “masaka!”, then, “NO, STOP!” lol, further adding to the overall relaxed and informal atmosphere of their dialogue. This tends to happen a lot when he’s flustered.

My reasons for why Yuuri speaks in the inconsistent the way he does to Victor are twofold.

  1) Yuuri is generally a softspoken and polite person, so it’s more in his personality to use for example, the “boku” pronoun instead of “ore”. (Victor uses “ore”, like “if I skated it, I would win for sure.” That was an “ore” there.) It feels natural that he’d use / retain the desu/masu form at least sometimes to coaches, teachers, etc. even if they’re really close or have known each other for a long time.  2) The informal side comes in where you see that he probably doesn’t want to be overly formal, that would actually come off as quite cold and distant probably. Hard to get close to, Victor did say he wanted to build a relationship of “trust”  ( ͠°ᗜ °) heh, whatever that means.

The English that comes in is a really nice touch, as is the russian phrases. It really highlights that our main characters are from different cultural backgrounds. International figure skaters probably try to communicate in english as their default base language, so YOI is trying to demonstrate an aspect of that. Though the characters are speaking “japanese”, it probably wants to make the audience aware to some extent that there is definitely a mix of languages going on and they might, in fact, be speaking English “most of the time”, despite the voiceovers being in Japanese. I really like this touch because Yuuri isn’t that great at Japanese, so despite him trying to be formal-casual to Victor, you see him yell “NOOOOOO!!!!!” as he denys Victor the request to sleep with him, LOL.

That was an interesting rewatch, because I got to analyse the episode from a different perspective. Here’s some other stuff I got out of it - 

Yuuri’s dialogue is split into three different categories [I think] :

1) Talking to Victor, Minako > Semi-formal, but friendly relaxed vibe
2) Talking to family, Yuuko, Mari, Yuurio, etc > Generally informal, dictionary form verbs
3) Internal dialogue (which we see a lot of) > Informal as well.

Victor Nikiforov’s speech style

Victor is informal to everyone, chill, cocky as fuck. “ore ga subereba zettai kateru kedo.” (If I skated it, I’d win for sure ;D fcking slay me lol ded .) He uses “-dayo” a fair bit. Suwabe Junichi… oml.. Victor’s voice is really hot… he does bad bad things with his voice. ;_; 

I think he said desu like once, when he introduced himself at Hasetsu Castle. That scene killed me, look, Victor Nikiforov, living legend, formally introducing himself at the local skating rink as if the people there might not know who the hell this random foreigner MIGHT BE. Vik pls. 

Yuuri Plisetsky’s speech style

YuuriO, need I say, is informal, downright ruuuuuuuuude, tone is rude, choice of wording is rude, everything is rude, uses command form verbs too much, rude little fifteen year old lmao I love this kid. Smh.

^ *why u gotta be so rude* plays in the background. Notice that Victor photo in the frame there as well… lmao.. omg I have too many random comments sry

Hope this kind of answers your question! :)