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“ A wise man once told me, “family don’t end with blood,boy” but it doesn’t start there, either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them. Family’s there through the good, bad … all of it. They got your back … even when it hurts. That’s family.“

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Engagement Movie Night - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1310

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Bad writing

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s SPN Movie Night Challenge. My movie was Tangled. 

You could honestly say that several years ago you never envisioned yourself sitting around the table inside the bunker with such an eclectic group of people. Tonight was movie night. It was a tradition you started when JoJo was old enough to start watching movies. Tonight was her night to pick the movie and the guests, but it had also turned into a makeshift engagement party for Dean and you. JoJo invited everyone she could think of and everyone showed up. So here you were, sitting around the table eating pizza and wings with Dean, JoJo, Sam, Eileen, Mary, Cas, Crowley, Garth, Bess, Jody, Donna, Alex, and Claire.

Sam and Eileen were still the only two people you had told about your engagement other than JoJo, so you figured now was as good a time as any to drop the news. JoJo was about to explode with eagerness and excitement over it. “Mommy, Daddy? Can we do it now?” She questioned, face covered in pizza and BBQ sauce while she ate her pie.

“What do you say?” Dean looked at you to see if you were ready. “You wanna?”

“I wanna.” You nodded.

“Guys!” Dean yelled over the commotion. “We uh…we have something we wanna tell you.” You’d been hiding your left hand under a long sleeve sweater all night and it was starting to drive you insane, but nobody noticed.

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Ok, so I have nothing to do right now, and what I am supposed to be writing I have no inspiration for at the moment, sooo

If you guys could drop a request in my ask or private message me whatever you prefer. I will try to write either a drabble or one-shot for it and if I get enough for it, a mini-series. It can be one of the actors or characters.

The only rule, no smut. 

Adding my tags cause maybe they’ll want to request something. 

No? You don’t give a shit?

Great, sorry.

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Summary: Ahh weddings, beautiful aren’t they? Well, reader lets her new husband in on some shocking news, right in the middle of her vows.

Warnings: None, Zilch, Zero. This is pure fluff.
What if he doesn’t like the dress? What if he isn’t happy when I tell him? What if he doesn’t want to marry me anymore? What if? What if? What if?
“Y/N! Stop stressing. Everything is going to be fine, I promise.” Charlie grabbed my wrists, smiling encouragingly.
“He’s going to be over the moon about it, I swear” I nodded, pulling in a deep breath as I looked around the room. Jo sat in the corner, talking away with her mother. It had been difficult, but Cas had managed to pull some strings and gather everyone we lost from heaven. John, Mary, Bobby, Kevin, Jo, Ellen, Charlie, even Jess was here. For one day, everyone was back together. All of our other friends were in the church, waiting. We had Jody, Donna, Claire, Alex, Garth, his wife and their pack, even Hannah came. Sam and Dean we’re currently spending time with their parents, which I was extremely happy about. They’d been through so much pain. They deserved this.
“Hey girls, you ready?” Bobby said, and I turned to see him at the door, smiling softly at me.
“Hey kiddo. You look beautiful” I smiled as he walked over, then embraced him.
“Thanks Dad” yeah, Bobby, for all intents and purposes, was my father. My parents had passed when I was six, and John Winchester had picked me up and taken me to Bobby’s. He’s raised me ever since.
“You ready?” I smiled, nodding. Of course I was ready. He grinned back at me, and in a flurry of excitement, me, and my bridesmaids left the room, walking towards the main hall. I watched my bridesmaids, Ellen and Jo, walk in first, followed by Charlie, who I’d crowned my maid of honor. I slid my arm through Bobby’s, and clutched his hand. Suddenly, I was nervous.
“You and him, sweetheart, I know I was wary at first, but the two of you are a love story for the ages.” Bobby grinned, just as the wedding march started to play. He led me around the corner, and I began to walk down the aisle, my father at my side. He clutched my hand just as tightly. I looked further down, seeing his wide green eyes foggy with tears, his dazed smile. This was it, my future laid out before me, because he was my everything. He would always be my everything.
When we reached him, Bobby sent an approving nod, kissed my head, and handed me off to my fiancée, and in a few minutes, he would be my husband. For the first few minutes, I wasn’t paying attention to Cas (who was marrying us), but looking at him, just as he was looking at me.
“You look beautiful” he mouthed, and I blushed, thanking him just as silently. Then our vows came, and I listened intently as he began to speak.
“Y/N Y/L/N. Bare with me here, because I’m not really sure how to say everything I need to. Honestly, I don’t think you’ll ever know just how drastically you’ve changed my life. And trust me, it’s always been for the better. I’ve always been the type of person that would hide my feelings from the rest of the world. But you always managed to see past whatever lie I told, whatever facade or defense I attempted to build. You took down all my walls. You taught me that I do deserve to be happy. You showed me that I was worth something. And No matter what’s happened in our lives, you were the one person I knew I could always count on. No matter what I’ve done, whatever wrongs I committed, you always stood by me, and I can’t thank you enough. I fell in love with you a long time ago, and for years I was too scared to say it. So you were my best friend, and I’ve never regretted anything more than not telling you how I felt sooner. You’re the light at the end of the tunnel Y/N, and I swear, I will spend the rest of my life trying to thank you for that.” I could feel tears pricking my eyes and I sniffed, blinking them back with a small laugh. Cas looked over at me and nodded, giving me the go ahead to speak.
“Dean Winchester, words can’t even describe how much I look forward to our life together. You know, when we first met, even at six years old, I thought you were a douchebag. But then we grew up, and you became my best friend. I could, and still can, talk to you about anything. I trust you with every fiber of my being, and you and I both know how rare that is. Our lives, up until now, have been clouded by darkness and hardships, but you make me forget all that. You’re my rock, my anchor. You keep me grounded. I know that no matter what you’ll stand by my side. You bring out the best part of myself, and I know that it hasn’t always been easy being with me. I get jealous, and insecure. I overthink most things, and I tend to anger easily, but no matter what you stayed, and you loved me through it all. You taught me how to look past the darkness. You taught me how to be happy again. I’m excited to be spending the rest of my life with you, all three of us.” For a moment, he was silent, and just as Cas was starting to speak again…..
“Wait? Three?” He butted in then, making laughter course through our audience. His brows were furrowed in confusion, until I pulled his hand to rest on my stomach. Suddenly, realization sparked in his eyes.
“Oh my god….are you serious?” I’ve never seen him smile that wide. I nodded, laughing as all seriousness left him and he pulled me into his arms, kissing me desperately. I could hear laughter and clapping resound through the little church, and I smiled as Dean leant down to press a kiss to my clothed stomach. He looked back up at me, smiling wide, and I knew, everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to be great.

Superwholock Zodiac Signs

Aquarius: Dean Winchester, John Watson, 12th  Doctor

Pisces: Mary Winchester, Molly Hooper, Rose Tyler

Aries: Charlie Bradbury, Anderson, Amy Pond

Taurus: Sam Winchester, Mycroft Holmes, Clara Oswald

Gemini: Garth Fitzgerald, Mary Morstan, 11th Doctor

Cancer: Gadreel, Sally Donovan, Rory Williams

Leo: Bobby Singer, Gavin (Greg) Lestrade, The Master

Virgo: Kevin Tran, Sara Sawyer, Martha Jones

Libra: Lucifer, Mrs. Hudson, Tasha Lem

Scorpio: Castiel, Moriarty, Donna Noble

Sagittarius: Gabriel, Sherlock Holmes, 10th Doctor

Capricorn: Crowley, Irene Adler, 9th Doctor   

Updated SPN Family

-Gabriel ✔️
-Sam ✔️
-Dean ✔️
-Lucifer ✔️
-Crowley ✔️
-Impala ✔️
-Bobby ✔️
-Lisa ✔️
-Charlie ✔️
-Gadreel ✔️
-Jo ✔️
-Rowena ✔️
-Michael ✔️
-Kevin ✔️
-Benny ✔️
-Balthazar ✔️
-Death ✔️
-Meg 2.0 ✔️
-Samandriel ✔️
-Ruby 1.0 ✔️

-Ruby 2.0 ✔️


-Meg 1.0 ✔️

-Chuck ✔️

-Mary ✔️

-Ellen ✔️

-Bela ✔️

-Cain ✔️



-Jody ✔️

-Adam ✔️

-Dick Roman ✔️


-Claire ✔️





-Castiel Novak

-Osric ✔️






-Rachel Miner





Variations of Sam=
-Soulless!Sam ✔️
-Fem!Sam ✔️
-Lucifer!Sam ✔️

Variations of Dean=
-Demon!Dean ✔️
-Purgatory!Dean ✔️
-Endverse!Dean ✔️
-Fem!Dean ✔️
-Dog!Dean ✔️
-Jensen ✔️

Variations of Castiel=
-Human!Castiel ✔️
-God!Castiel ✔️
-Crazy!Castiel ✔️
-Endverse!Castiel ✔️
-Leviathan!Castiel ✔️
-Fem!Castiel ✔️
-Lucifer!Castie ✔️
-Misha ✔️

Other Variations=
-Human!Impala ✔️
-Fem!Gabriel ✔️
-Human!Crowley ✔️
-Fem!BenBraedon ✔️
-Fem!Gadreel ✔️
-Fem!Lucifer ✔️

-Fem!Chuck ✔️

-Fem!Crowley ✔️
-Dark!Charlie ✔️
-Young!Mary ✔️

And to me it is one of the most odious things in a girl’s life, that there must always be some supposition of falling in love coming between her and any man who is kind to her, and to whom she is grateful… I have no ground for the nonsensical vanity of fancying everybody who comes near me is in love with me.
—  Mary Garth in Middlemarch, George Eliot
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