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Okay don’t make fun of me but I just spent like an hour coming up with a Percy Jackson dream cast because they messed up that movie six ways to sunday and I just needed to fix it alright

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman. Yup, the only part of the movie that was actually done right.

Annabeth Chase: Skyler Samuels. 

Hazel Levesque: Zoe Soul.

Frank Zhang: Ki Hong Lee. Do you know how difficult it is to find overweight Chinese actors??? Perhaps it is the media stigma against anyone who isn’t white and shaped like a stick. But whatever. Imagine Ki Hong Lee would gain weight for the role.

Piper Mclean: Mary Galloway. Again, it’s super hard to find young Native American actresses. But I did it. And she’s actually pretty perfect so in your face, Hollywood whitewashing!!!

Jason Grace: Lucas Till. Yes, the guy from X-Men. Don’t judge, those movies are life.

Leo Valdez: Joaquin Ochoa. This one took a really long time, and I’m still not thrilled, but oh well. The only perfect Leo is the one in my head. Also, i included two pictures because there are no good pictures with both the right haircut and the right age??? Ugh. Struggle.

Last but certainly not least, Nico DiAngelo: Asa Butterfield

So, what do you people of the internet think??? Any you hate, anyone you think would be better??? Let me know because for some reason the perfect casting of a pjo movie would make me immensely happy so… Yeah. Perhaps suggestions for like, Grover, or Tyson, or Rachel…. Add to thisss!

chrisschambers  asked:

are there any female impressionist artists you would suggest looking into??

Yes I’ll list a few impressionists, american impressionists and a few post impressionists, because i think the line between the those movements is extremely close. 

Berthe Morisot, Eva Gonzales, Mary Cassatt, Lilla Cabot Perry, Madeleine Jeanne Lemaire,  Lillian Westcott Hale,  Helen Galloway McNicoll, Mary Rogers Williams, Olga Boznańska, Rosamund Smith Bouve, Helena Dunlap, Annie G. Sykes, Isabel Bishop, Bessie MacNicol,  Donna Schuster, Helen M. Turner,  Alice Pike Barney, Ada Walter Shulz, Anna Lee Stacey, Lillian Mathilde Genth, Lucy Taggart, Pauline Palmer,  Elizabeth MacNicol, Florence Carlyle, Mary Fairchild MacMonnies,  Rose Barton

I’m sure there are many more, If you want you can go through my tag, female artist and see some of their work, I posted a lot of impressionism when I first started my blog, so they are further down the list. There are also a lot out there that I haven’t discovered yet, so keep your eyes open! 

St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral was designed as a parish church by Sir George Gilbert Scott and built between 1871 and 1874 on the north side of Great Western Road in Woodside. In 1893 Scott’s second son John Oldrid Scott added the magnificent spire which dominates the local landscape. In 1908 St Mary’s became the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.