mary euince

Signs as American Horror Story characters

Aries: Sister Mary Euince
Leo: Viv Harmon
Sagittarius: Bette Tattler
Taurus: Cordelia Foxx
Virgo: Tate Langdon
Capricorn: The Countess
Gemini: Misty Day
Libra: Pepper
Aquarius: Dandy Mott
Cancer: Madison Montgomery
Scorpio: Violet Harmon
Pisces: Liz Taylor

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Updated Fallen. Finally Finished!!!!


Jude stood before the mirror in her apartment as she tried to decide how she looked in her red dress. It was just a simple long sleeve dress that came down to her knees. She was invited to dinner tonight and wanted to look nice.

“Coming!” she cheerfully called as soon as she heard a knock at the door. She took one last glance at herself before going to get the door. She was hoping it was her date to pick her up for tonight. Maybe he got there a bit early.

“Mary Eunice?” she asked with concern, her happiness visibly fading. The girl stood out in the hallway crying, hugging her purse as if it were a security blanket.

“I need to talk to you,” Mary Eunice announced, rushing past the woman. She didn’t stop to notice that Jude was getting ready. She was only concerned with the fact that she needed to talk to someone and get the problem cleared up somehow.

Jude quickly stepped aside, watching Mary Eunice enter. She did have to get going in a little bit, but she knew that this was pretty important. “What happened?” she asked, closing the door. Her eyes were glued on her, wondering what could have gotten her so shaken.

Mary Eunice sat down on the couch, desperately looking to Jude. “I don’t want to raise a child alone,” she cried, nearing the sobbing that she used to do.

Jude looked to her for a second as if she were crazy. “Oh,” she said, figuring out what was happening. She remembered waking up in Kit’s house and finding the two together out by the pond the next morning. “You’re in trouble,” she stated, starting to worry about her. Considering that the only reason Mary Eunice allowed herself to get that close to Kit that night was because of the alcohol, Jude felt a little at fault.

Mary Eunice nodded. At the moment, she was just relieved that she didn’t have to explain the entire situation to her. She still felt embarrassed talking about it.

“Does he not want it?” Jude questioned. She found it odd that Kit would turn anyone away. Surely there had to be a misunderstanding here.

Mary Eunice shrugged. “I don’t know,” she confessed. “I never told him.”