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CBS Summer Press: Mary E. Winstead & Aaron Tveit for BrainDead
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…or as Aaron puts it: “That thing where they say to use the confetti for a quick video thing and you think it’s smart to eat it but then you get confetti in your mouth. You know. That thing / BUT #braindeadcbs is one week away!” (x)


Braindead - Promo Photos on Mashable (x)

Feat. in order: Aaron Tveit, Mary E. Winstead, Danny Pino, Nikki M. James, Tony Shalhoub, Johnny Ray Gill, Charlie Semine, and Jan Maxwell.

Now to ask the important questions…like why is he the only one without bug spray…what’s that supposed to mean…?!


CBS Summer Press: Mary E. Winstead & Aaron Tveit for BrainDead
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“’I keep telling people–this show is nuts. It’s really nuts!’ @AaronTveit on CBS summer series @BrainDeadCBS” - @BCMikeMalone (x)

“The Kings have a 4-season plan for #BrainDead: D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood. #CBSSummerPress” - @MattMitovich (x)

BrainDead - The Story Behind BrainDead: Aaron Tveit Portions Only (x)

“I play Gareth Ritter - I start off as a legislative director. He’s been in DC for a while, he knows how this game works, he knows how to…kinda use both sides. I’m not afraid to let other people know how smart I am.”

Cut for every scene and interview segment that Aaron appears in. Several hitherto-unseen scenes, including with Danny Pino and Tony Shalhoub. Click on the link for the original video, which includes interview segments with Mary E. Winstead, Danny Pino, Tony Shalhoub, and the Kings.