mary doesnt take shit

kitseybarbaur  asked:

Hi. Umm I was wondering if you would explain why exactly you love MJ so much? I don't meant to rude or anything but I don't know a lot about her and was wondering what exactly's so great about her. From what I've seen I love Gwen and don't see what's so bad about her.

hi there! 

well gwen is amazing, of course. there’s nothing “so bad about her” i never said that. i love gwen and she’s probably my favourite MCU character. but apart from that i’m not really invested in gwen as a character in the comics (well she’s great in the ultimate comics, i gotta admit and i think the AU in which she becomes spider-woman is hella cool but before that she was not such a great character imo). 

but we’re not talking about gwen right now, we’re talking about mary jane.

i love mary jane, she’s my favourite female marvel character. she’s just amazing. i gotta admit too, that i used to hate her A LOT as a child, when i watched the spider-man trilogy. looking back i dont really understand WHY i did hate her. 

did i hate her for having her own dreams? for having her own life? for wanting love and being “needy”? for kissing harry? for having another guy apart from peter? look how stupid this sounds. like, MJ wasnt obliged to love peter, she doesnt own him shit. people who say she doesnt love her are shit. or people who say that she only loves spider-man and not peter. if u havent noticed she loved peter but peter constantly pushed her away. + of course she wants love. she comes from an abusive home its only natural.

now lets move on to the comics. MJ in the movies was WAY different from the real MJ. i’m not saying that movie!mj was an awful character i’m just saying that comci!mj is different and i prefer her more. she’s an amazing outstanding person, who’s bright and bold and confident. she’s a party girl and she’s fucking beautiful, she flirts with guys and is a hella good friend. a really good friend, especially with gwen. 

/comic!gwen didnt know peter was spider-man. so when she dated him and her father died she blamed spider-man for his death and hated him. once they were arguing because peter took spideys side and gwen was angry/sad about that. idk anymore if MJ had feelings for peter already at that time but i do know that she was such a good friend that she told gwen that peter probably only said it ebcause he didnt want gwen to be bitter about it all the time/

look what a great friend she is. also a supportive friend, who doesnt want to destroy the gwen/peter relationship. 

also MJ always knew that peter is spider-man. that gives their relationship a whole new light. she never ONLY loved peter or only spider-man. there was never the option to only love one for her (not like with felicia and gwen) because she always knew both of his sides and therefor fell in love with both.

mj is a party girl who could smash u in her sleep, she’s a civilian and beat the chameleon, she’s the girl where you think “wow” when she enters the room or when she leaves it and gives a big “fuck you” to all thsoe slut shaming haters out there who judge her on her amount of lovers she had. but she’s not just that. like i mentioned she came from an abusive home, her mom died when she was young and her sister and father weren’t that great. 

and she still manages to do her own thing. she still hold on to her dream- yes acting, or modeling or from which ever verse you’re going- she didn’t gave up on it. she didn’t want to throw her life away for other and if you judge her and say that what she wanted to do was so unnecessary comparing to gwen who’s into science then i want to smash ur head because how many of you really are into science and would change the world? huh yeah. MJ changes her world in her own way and she’s amazing. she struggles with it because she’s a fucking human being.

and when gwen dies and peter is a wreck he’s really rude to her. bUT SHE STILL STAYS. just… this woman is so amazing i dont even understand how people cant love her. she stays and supports him and is there for him. but also doesnt take all the shit because thats mary jane watson.

yeah, she might seem to be just the “stupid party girl” from the outside, but thats the point. everyone (or many) see her as this but she’s not. she’s more than that. she is charismatic and amazing but she uses everything like this as a mask because deep inside she has such a big burden. 

“i don’t stop smiling because if i would i couldnt stop crying” idk the quote from her in parallel lives was kinda like that and i had to stop dont because its so fucking powerful and explains her so good. her smile is her mask and she identifies with peter because he’s hiding against a mask too.

so lets all please appreciate the beauty that is mary jane watson