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I’d like to know where the source link I shared got this information from for this trivia. I tried searching on Google about it, nothing pops up. They never even state on their page where they got the information from. Then again, ever since this drama I had with one of the contributors to the page for when it came to crediting, they haven’t been giving credit more than usual.
I’m surprised even the Wiki page of Devil May Cry doesn’t have this information (Wikis are supposed to be good with trivias…). Not even the art books mention about it…So, I’m not sure if they just pulled this trivia out of their arses, or if there IS information about this somewhere…


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41 facts about the DMC series.

1. Dante is both right-handed and left-handed, Vergil is right-handed, Nero is left-handed.

2. The first Devil May Cry was originally gonna be Resident Evil 4. Almost all of the enemies in Devil May Cry are a reference to Resident Evil.

For example, the Marionettes represent the zombies since they’re slow, the Blades represent the Hunters, and the Beezlebubs, Cyclopses, and Phantoms all represent the giant bugs.

And to add, Dante represents Leon, and Vergil (Nelo Angelo) represents Wesker.

Then later, Leon got changed to a guy named Tony, which is the Dante we know, then Tony’s name because an alias for Dante.

3. The reason Dante wears red and has white hair is because it’s a Japanese tradition of how they create their rolemodels/superheroes (they usually wear red). And the white hair is from a Japanese folklore that has something to do with demon possession.

4. The order of the series actually goes by:

- Devil May Cry 1 Novel (Dante is 16-18)

- Devil May Cry 3 Manga (Dante is 18)

- Devil May Cry 3 (Dante is 18-19)

- Devil May Cry 1, Marvel vs CAPCOM 3 and Viewtiful Joe (Dante is 28-29 years old)

- Devil May Cry Anime (Dante is 29-30 years old)

- Devil May Cry 4 (Dante is 36 years old)

- Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Devil May Cry 2 Novel, and Devil May Cry 2 (Dante is between 38 and 40 years)

5. The Devil May Cry story was based off of the old poetry book, A Divine Comedy/Dante’s Inferno. Dante was named after the author and character, Dante Alighieri. Vergil was named after Vergil, and Trish and Eva were named after Beatrice.

6. The reason they added Patty Lowell into the Devil May Cry Anime was because all Anime companies keep a tradition, where they have to add approximately 1 cute thing in a series, including horror genre type Anime O_o Plus they wanted to add a bit of comic relief, showing how Dante reacts towards kids.

7. Daniel Southworth (Vergil) did NOT do the voice of Credo in Devil May Cry 4, but he did the mo-cap of Credo. And he also auditioned to be the voice of Dante for Devil May Cry 4, but didn’t get the part.

8. Stephanie Cheeva did NOT do the voice of Lady from Devil May Cry 3 because she has an Eastern European accent and can’t get rid of it. But she did the mo-cap of Lady, while Kari Walhgren did the voice.

9. Laura Napoli did NOT do the voice of Lady and Kyrie in Devil May Cry 4, but she did the mo-cap for them.

10. On Mission 19 in Devil May Cry 3 when Dante and Vergil defeat Arkham, notice that when they swap weapons, Dante does attacks similar to Vergil’s, while Vergil does attacks similar to Dante’s.

11. Notice how Vergil’s deadly cuts are activated when he sheathes his katana.

12. Episode 7 of the Devil May Cry Anime is the only episode that has the f-word.

13. Vergil is actually Nero’s father….No joke because there was a press conference with CapCom years ago explaining all the novels, and they confirmed Nero to be Vergil’s son. Plus in one of the latest art books (Japan only), CapCom wrote for one of the concepts, hinting that Nero is related in some way.

14. In Devil May Cry 4, CAPCOM was originally gonna give Nero and Dante a 2nd devil trigger form called “Perfect Devil Trigger”, where their demon side controls them, making them more powerful and wreaking havoc, but Nero controls his demon side more.

15. Cerberus appeared in one of the circles of Inferno which was the 3rd one in Divine Comedy/Dante’s Inferno, and Cerberus was the third mission’s boss in DMC3. Also in the 3rd circle of inferno, there is a heavy rain mixed with hail, and one of Cerberus’ heads shoots ice to the roof, which later falls like rain, explaining why he’s ice element.

16. Lady/Mary was named after Jesus’ mother, Lady Mary/The Virgin Mary.

17. Devil May Cry 4 Mission 11’s name: “The 9th circle” makes reference to Lucifer’s circle in Dante’s Inferno/Divine Comedy. Thinking about it, it’d be more fitting to say the “8th”, since that’s where most of the giants are. In the 8th circle, giants are kept “encaged” inside tall, circular towers, some almost at their height, some not, and the Saviour from DMC4 is a giant inside a large tower where only the top of its head goes further than the tower.

18. Beowulf in Devil May Cry 3 is a reference to Divine Comedy’s/Dante’s Inferno’s Geryon who is the angel that carries Dante and Vergil at some point of inferno. It keeps most of the features Geryon had: Shining wings, large body and scorpion’s tail. They named him Beowulf though due to his creature concept.

19. Geryon in Devil May Cry 3 is a reference to the horse that carried Beatrice’s vehicle in Dante’s Inferno/Divine Comedy. They have moved the name Geryon to the horse for some reason.

20. The Scarecrows from Devil May Cry 4 are filled with black-misty bugs, like in the first circle of inferno in Dante’s Inferno/Divine Comedy.

21. Jester was originally gonna be named Joker.

22. Arkham’s name was originally gonna be named Hyne (pronounced Hai-neh.)

23. Due to restrictions on the PS2’s technological capabilities, there could only be as many as the Abysses showing on screen at once in Vergil’s prologue.

24. All in game animation (except the taunts, cutscenes, and all of DMC4) required no motion capture.

25. The Bruce Lee-like taunt that Dante does before he fights Cerberus was actually going to be one of the taunts in the game.

26. Lady’s school girl design was for the purpose of “moe”, a Japanese term which in this case refers to “sex appeal”, or an effect that brings about “excitement” in that sense.

27. At the beginning of the first mission 9 cutscene, they had to remodel/reskin Dante just for it due to getting soaked in blood.

28. On mission 13 after defeating Vergil for the 2nd time, the battle scene when Lady steps in was going to be longer, having Lady fight against Dante and Vergil. Unfortunately, they had to cut it short due to the fact that Lady (who is human) has no chance of defeating them (half demons.)

29. In the 1st scene of DMC1 where Trish falls from the sky, there’s a shop to her left with a sign that says, “Dino Crisis 2.”

30. In the Devil May Cry Anime, Reuben Langdon (the voice of Dante) changed his name to Justin Cause in the credits. Justin Cause is a reference to the stunt studio he works at called Just Cause. Also the other reason he changed it to Justin Cause was because it had something to do with a contract from the studio, and he also didn’t like the idea of how they made Dante’s character in this anime, so Reuben couldn’t really be himself.

31. Notice how for the Order of the Sword cult from DMC4 wears only white and red, while Nero’s the only one who wears a different colour, violet.

32. Sanctus’ name has never been said in DMC4….Ever. He’s only called “His Holiness”, or “Your Holiness”. Then again, Sanctus means Holiness in Latin.

33. In this video, go to the 25 second mark and listen carefully -> Sound familiar? That part of the song can also be heard from the Devil May Cry anime when Dante battles some enemies sometimes.

34. In the DMC1 novel, Tony/Dante goes on a date with a certain someone by the name of Claire. Remember how I mentioned about how DMC1 was gonna be Resident Evil 4? (See fact #2)

35. After Devil May Cry 1 or Devil May Cry 2 was released, CapCom was gonna make a Devil May Cry game for the PSP called Dance of Sparda. And then it was rumoured to be for the DS afterwards but that never happened either.

36. In Bayonetta, there are a few Devil May Cry references such as Bayonetta saying Dante’s one line, “Let’s rock baby”. Even the gameplay style is a reference, Luka’s one pet cat is named Trish (or girlfriend he calls her), and there’s a thing at the end of the credits that says, “Team Little Angels” instead of “Team Little Devils.”

37. There are some hints that Lady probably is not 100% human:

- she does acrobatic abilities that no Olympic gymnast can do.

- after getting stabbed in the leg by her Kalina Ann on mission 13, she does not scream in pain nor cry. Like, I understand that she’s in shock and wouldn’t scream nor cry but after awhile, she SHOULD be crying and complaining a lot.

- with the state of her wounded leg, it seems like it’s already healing, and she should NOT be walking. If someone had an injured leg like that (especially a skilled soldier or survivalist), they should be using a crutch/cane and not able to walk.

- her father Arkham has the ability to transform into a demonic Mad Hatter in the DMC3 manga, which is a prequel of DMC3, and before the incident of his wife that he brutally murdered, then was able to transform into Jester in DMC3.

38. Besides Divine Comedy/Dante’s Inferno, and Resident Evil, Devil May Cry was also inspired by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:

- Nevan in DMC3 is a reference to the Succubus boss.

- Dante is half-human, half-demon, while Alucard is half-human, half-vampire, and both men have white hair.

- the music has some dark Gothic-like music playing, then changes to heavy metal/rock in both games.

- Shadow from DMC1 is a reference to the one enemy in the inverted castle, Black Panther.

- both Dante and Alucard have a doppelganger-like boss. Before Alucard’s doppelganger emerges, there is some sort of door that has a certain symbol or pattern on it that is similar to the lights in the DMC3 doppelganger battle.

39. In DMC4, the Saviour was not originally gonna be Sparda, it was originally gonna be Kyrie or Eva.

40. Besides Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance had some references to Devil May Cry as well. Raiden’s human concept has a similar facial concept and hairstyle like DMC2 Dante. He even taunted a couple times like Dante would do before the Blade Wolf Fight and fight against the officers of the one city. And some of Raiden’s movesets are very similar to some of Dante’s moves when he uses Ifrit.

41. Dante’s Rising Dragon ability is a reference to Ryu from Street Fighter’s Rising Dragon.

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