mary crawley is my favourite character

Dan stevens appreciation week day 3 Favourite TV character.

I feel like this is gonna be me each time, I just cannot choose! So again here are my 4 favourites..

1. Obviously Matthew Crawley. What an absolute puppy of a man. Stupidly beautiful and with morals that sometimes annoyed me (f lavinia get with Mary now not at Christmas!) Funny and intelligent with a heart of gold. Just a brilliant character..I still haven’t watched his death scene and I never will!

2. David Haller Legion. Oh this man. I just want to hug him and tell him he is loved and he is pretty!!! What a phenomenal performance he gives so believable and heartbreaking as a man struggling with his mental health and finding out he was adopted and also is a mutant… he’s just breath taking in this program. Dan was totally born for the part.

3. Edward Ferrars. Swoon. Noble and heart wrenching I loved him in sense and sensibility and in my opinion he was better Edward than Hugh Grant.

4. Lord Arthur Holmwood Dracula. I only watched Dan’s scenes but my God was he a hot mess in this… the desperation and guilt he felt was written on his face. The thing about Dan is he can make me feel for the characters who aren’t that nice just through his eyes and his wonderful acting skills.

Dan rocks. That is all.

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Relationship status: 5 year anniversary is next week- pretty wild! I feel old. 

Favourite colour: mint green, carolina blue! 

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song you listened to:  Above the Clouds of Pompeii, by Bear’s Den

Last movie you watched: 6 hr BBC version of Pride and Prejudice… Colin Firth cures all ailments

Top 3 Characters: Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey), Betty Cooper (Riverdale), Elinor Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility) 

Top 3 Ships:

  • Betty/Jughead (even though, let’s be real, I love most ships on Riverdale)
  • Mary/Matthew (Downton Abbey)
  • Seth/Summer (The OC- my original ride or die OTP, I will be loyal forever)

Books you are currently reading: Currently finishing my undergrad thesis on The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen. so I am reading it over and over…. and over…. forever

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@queeniegoldtsein tagged me to list my 10 favourite fictional characters, thank you!! ♥ Oh god this was sooo difficult….

1. Remus Lupin, HP
2. Galadriel, Tolkien
3. Aredhel, Tolkien
4. Sansa Stark, GOT/ASOIAF
5. Luna Lovegood, HP
6. Mary Crawley, Downton Abbey
7. Gansey, The Raven Cycle
8. Cersei Lannister, GOT/ASOIAF
9. Charles Macaulay, The Secret History
10. Marshall Eriksen, How I Met Your Mother

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