mary bee

“Somehow George had managed to get hold of some marijuana while he was away and had brought it back for us to try. Mary and I were complete beginners so George rolled a joint and told us we had to inhale deeply. We passed it round and round, the three of us, each taking drags. It was quite dark in the room, we were listening to music, chatting away, until all of a sudden we were roaring with laughter and realised we were stoned. Then we decided it would be a good idea to go and visit someone – I can’t remember who or why. Outside one of us bumped into a dustbin and we were laughing again – we just couldn’t stop. Everything seemed hilarious.”

Pattie remembers getting stoned with George and Mary Bee. I want to get stoned with George and Mary Bee and Pattie.

order / chaos - showtunes about sticking to the rules and descending into discord

around here - 9 to 5 // the speed test - thoroughly modern millie // practically perfect - mary poppins // could you? - little women // the hammer - matilda // like other girls - daddy long legs // don’t break the rules - catch me if you can // learn your lessons well - godspell // spooky mormon hell dream - the book of mormon // pandemonium - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers: the musical // why are all these heads off? - lizzie // the destruction - carrie // the world was wide enough - hamilton // totally fucked - spring awakening //


Current status of a lot of cartoons right now:

Gravity Falls: Honoured death after saving the Universe
Over the Garden Wall: Lived intensely, died young
Steven Universe: recovering from the (Steven)bombing
Star vs the Forces of Evil: In coma after the Great Castle Nuke
Rick and Morty: Planning to break out of hiatus jail
Miraculous Ladybug: Might have killed half the fanbase and is now in hiatus jail
Adventure Time: Somebody please hand me a report I lost track of what’s going on here

Returning titles from ancient times:

Samurai Jack: “In the year -1 000 000 000, Jack might not have been here. In the distant future that is Aku, Jack was here, and he tried to change things.”
Powerpuff Girls: there’s something really different about you but I can’t put my finger on it and it’s really unsettling but whatever
Teen Titans Go: away. Please.
My Little Pony: in hiatus jail due to overdosing a foal with Mary Sueness

Internet celebrities:

Bee and PuppyCat: not quite existing in some interdimensional rift between eternal hiatus and imminent cancellation
Bravest Warriors: showed signs of recovery after a long time in the UPS. We hope for the best.

Episodic comedy middle school students:

Gumball: still the classroom’s clown that occasionally offends someone with darker humour
We Bare Bears: still the adorable nerd with a furry obsession
Clarence: still the kid that gets good grades even though they don’t pay attention to the class because they’re too busy laughing at the classroom’s clown

And then there’s:

Uncle Grandpa: That weird middle aged man in a trenchcoat selling illegal stuff at the shady alley next to the Toon School that manages to stay out of jail for unknown reasons
Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents: used to be cool kids but bought the stuff from the trenchcoat man and now they’re addicted hobos
The Other Kingdom: some weirdo who escaped Live-Actionville, Nickelodeon and is trying to take Star vs.’ place, what are you doing here please go away


@bullysquadess I saw a while back that you wanted Adrien freaking out in this scene and it is a good coincidence because I wanted to draw parts of that scene from both sides. ;D These are a few sketches I have.