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Yes, dudes, I’m Bi as fuck and proud.

And who better than Rich Goranski to celebrate it?? He’s the loudest, proud (also, pretty fuckin’ canon) bisexual character I could think of.


For me, it’s more about wanting there to be more female directors. There’s no shortage of women who want to make films. There are so many male directors and so many male-driven films and there are significantly fewer female-driven films and female directors — and that’s not because they don’t exist.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning directed by women by filmography:

I Am Sam dir. Jessie Nelson (2001)
Father X-mas dir. Marie Rose (2001)
Cutlass dir. Kate Hudson (2007)
Hounddog dir. Deborah Kampmeier (2007)
The Secret Life of Bees dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood (2008)
The Runaways dir. Floria Sigismondi (2010)
Night Moves dir. Kelly Reichardt (2013)
Very Good Girls dir. Naomi Foner (2013)
Every Secret Thing dir. Amy Berg (2014)
The Bell Jar dir. Kirsten Dunst (2018)

“Somehow George had managed to get hold of some marijuana while he was away and had brought it back for us to try. Mary and I were complete beginners so George rolled a joint and told us we had to inhale deeply. We passed it round and round, the three of us, each taking drags. It was quite dark in the room, we were listening to music, chatting away, until all of a sudden we were roaring with laughter and realised we were stoned. Then we decided it would be a good idea to go and visit someone – I can’t remember who or why. Outside one of us bumped into a dustbin and we were laughing again – we just couldn’t stop. Everything seemed hilarious.”

Pattie remembers getting stoned with George and Mary Bee. I want to get stoned with George and Mary Bee and Pattie.

Adrinette Month Day 3: Miraculous Switched

I’m always an hour late for these prompts lol

I’m weak for character designs and since I already made another kwami swap, I decided to try a design with these kwami, so here are Bee!Mari and Turtle!Adrien (im also weak for Adrien in boots, sue me).

Lineal art under the cut cause I liked it

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Hey my Followers!!! ((Miraculous Acts of Kindness PSA to Follow))

So, things have been really really bad for me lately. Along with my Aunt dying, my Uncle is now on suicide watch, because he is taking her passing….badly.

And I am not coping well… at all. So I want to do something that always makes me feel good— making someone ELSE feel good.

So it’s time for another Miraculous Acts of Kindness Day!!!

The targets: 

@fuckingchatnoir and @breeeliss

Over the weekend, flood them both with kind asks and messages of encouragement! Draw them fanart! Write them a story! Send them a fluffy headcannon! Just makes sure it is POSITIVE and HAPPY and UPLIFTING!

Poor @fuckingchatnoir has been getting a lot of angst delivered lately, and has been having their emotions wrung raw!

@breeeliss has been dealing with the negative side of fandom in the form of entitled and rude individuals who are so focused on tearing her and content creators down that they forget how much more powerful it is to lift them up!

Both of them need some love— so can everyone help me?

Become their lucky charm, become their miracle, and let’s make every day miraculous!!!