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The Perfect Cast of “The Proud Family”.


Lorraine as Penny Proud!

Brian White as Oscar Proud!

Beyoncé as Trudy Proud!

Mónica Alvarez as LaCienega Boulevardez!

Gabriel Iglesias as Felix Boulevardez!

Constance Marie as Sunset Boulevardez!

Patricia Belcher as Suga Mama! (Because it wouldn’t be right to choose Madea)

Tony Plana as Papi Boulevardez!

August Alsina as Bobby Proud! (Surprisingly not Trinidad James)

Will Smith as Wizard Kelly!

& Jaden Smith as Wizard Jr. a.k.a Little Wiz!

If you need a description for this perfect cast, you do not deserve to reblog it. It’s all in the theme song. The Proud Family.


Supernatural Season 12 Episodes 22 & 23: “Who We Are” and “All Along The Watchtower” Promo


2 Hours after the ‘pajama party go awesome nerd club”

homaygahd anyway I’m so happy i finally got to draw peter’s adorable nerd gang like i love these kids <3 ALSO TONY CONCEAL THAT FEEL (twitter link-o) (One | Two | Three| Five)

During "The Avengers"
  • Steve: Tell me about Stark.
  • Fury: Tony Stark is one of the best. He likes putting away bad guys and he loves solving puzzles. The only puzzle he hasn't solved is how to grow up.
  • Steve: That was very well put.
  • Fury: I've talked a lot about Stark in my S.H.I.E.L.D-mandated therapy sessions.

Here are some Black celebrities that have went blonde in the past (some are still blonde now). Yet, only Beyoncé wants to be white?

Your Fave is Problematic: Spiderman Homecoming

-Too much diversity
-Too comic accurate
-Peter Parker needs to be protected at all costs yet he insists otherwise
-Tony and Peters father/son relationship is too pure
-Love interests are too gorgeous and smart
-consumes my life and not even out


“Tony thinks creating an A.I. that is exactly like him with no mute button is a gift”

Invincible Iron Man vol. 3, #3 (2017)

For those of you wondering about why people speak lots of French and basically no Russian in the Great Comet, it’s because back in the day, pretty much only the peasants spoke Russian, and the entire aristocracy spoke almost exclusively French (though often English or German as well). Many would be fluent in Russian, but you could easily get by not speaking a word. So since the only characters in the Great Comet are aristocracy, they speak French, not Russian.