mary (chracter)

Why I loathe Hinata

People ask me why I hate Hinata. Well, I want to ask, Why do you love her? She’s annoying, pathetic, selfish, useless, a moe chracter, a mary sue, a fanservice, an unrealistic portrayal of women, the very embodiment of SP’s perverse and misogynistic tendencies, looks ugly and creepy with her eyes, a stalker, oversexualized, unable to stand up for herself, doesn’t care about her clan Neji or Hanabi, was trained since birth, was given a powerful bloodline but remained useless, was given potential but ended up not being explored, one dimensional, ruined the manga, irrelevant, was overglorified by her fans to the point they mistake her for a main character and attacks any one who points out the facts. WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE ABOUT HER? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.