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Nintendo Direct ARMS [5/17/17] Thoughts

Alright, we had another Nintendo Direct for ARMS, and a new Splatoon trailer.

Okay, so we got new characters, Kid Cobra, Twintelle, and Byte & Barq. All of them looks fantastic, especially Twintelle (I can smell the fan arts already coming lol). They gave us more details of what’s to come in the game, such as Ranked mode, of course there would be one, Party mode, Online, and Local multiplayer. They even gave us a little back story on the history of how the players got these arms, but no one seems to remember how. Maybe there’s more to it once we get the game.

I just love the looks of the game, it’s fresh, new IP, and we’ll be getting more arms, characters, stages for FREE after the release. THAT’S SMART! 

The game is coming out on June 16, 2017!

But that’s not all, because we got a NEW SPLATOON 2 trailer, and finally, it involves story!

It shows that Marie is the one gonna guide us to whatever she needs from us. But apparently, we don’t know Marie, we never heard of the Squid Sisters! IS THIS A JOKE?! Maybe 2 years has gone really quickly and they must’ve been forgotten after the last Splatfest. This is gonna be interesting. I assume, and I’m pretty sure I’m right, that Callie is missing and we’re gonna rescue her from the Octarians. I honestly can’t believe this is happening. Could it be that Callie might be the antagonist?

As for the campaign, it’s looking better. It won’t be just one weapon to use throughout the campaign like the first one, there will be other weapons too, and Sheldon is gonna assist us! That’s neat. Also the Octolings are back and they’re gonna be using other weapons too(makes me sad to see that they still don’t get enough love since the first, WE NEED TO SHOW SOME LOVE FOR THEM GOD DANG IT!!). Anyway, there are a lot of mechanics that was presented, such as we can ride a rail like in Jet Set Radio (reference much?), the specials are back, but the new ones were shown. 

All I can say that this trailer got me SUPER HYPE! I want to know more, and we can finally be with Marie! Doesn’t she look cute in that Kimono? I LOVE IT!

The direct is great, as I said. It’s only a couple of months away before they come out. Let’s get ready guys for the best Summer EVER!

Why I loathe Hinata

People ask me why I hate Hinata. Well, I want to ask, Why do you love her? She’s annoying, pathetic, selfish, useless, a moe chracter, a mary sue, a fanservice, an unrealistic portrayal of women, the very embodiment of SP’s perverse and misogynistic tendencies, looks ugly and creepy with her eyes, a stalker, oversexualized, unable to stand up for herself, doesn’t care about her clan Neji or Hanabi, was trained since birth, was given a powerful bloodline but remained useless, was given potential but ended up not being explored, one dimensional, ruined the manga, irrelevant, was overglorified by her fans to the point they mistake her for a main character and attacks any one who points out the facts. WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE ABOUT HER? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.