james bond: i dont understand. why cant we just let agents mulder and scully tell the people the truth?

cigarette smoking man: *strikes a lucifer and holds it up to the cigarette dangling from his lips, puffing* if people find out that god is real, wicca is true, and smoking weed is good they won’t want to do economy-related stuff anymore. capitalism will be over and the world will be a marxist-leninist utopia

james bond: fuck


your fetish…

elevator music
Taurus: being right
Gemini: trainspotting 
Cancer: watching anne coulter debates on youtube
Leo: practicing standardized test questions
Virgo: self-help books
Libra: the freezer section 
Scorpio: garden gnomes 
Sagittarius: arguing about whether or not the glass is half-empty or half-full
Capricorn: lying in a bathtub full of moon jellies 
Aquarius: nature documentaries 
Pisces: a marxist feminist utopia 

adhdahri  asked:

I'd love to be an intellectual house bunny that eats lettuce and carrots and talks about Foucault or Marx all day

“Foucault was accurate in his observations about the bourgeois state” Princess Nellabun said while she delicately nibbled on a piece of lettuce.

“Perhaps,” said Geekandbunandry as she wrinkled her nose at the plain lettuce and began to smear some ranch dressing on that shit, “but his ideas about some kind of Marxist utopia seem like a weird anarchist dream to me.”

“BERNIE SANDERS!” screamed Fullbun, smacking the lettuce out of their hands, “stop talking in hypotheticals and deal with the economic vision of now!” She shat bun pebbles on their lettuce as a form of socialist protest. 

When people speak of TMNT 2k3, one of the most disliked episodes seems to be The Garbageman, Season One Episode 9. However, I think this episode is underrated, and I kind of think this might be the best shitty filler episode of all time.

I wrote a terrible all-text review a while back on this episode where I decided it was an anti-capitalist polemic, a story of triumph of the laboring proletariat against the the very embodiment of capitalist greed, and it’s totally true. 

The episode starts out with a couple of homeless men rummaging through the garbage, having a moment of camaraderie, discussing the inability of the bearded one to handle glass without breaking it. However, next thing you know, they are hunted by an ominous machine, and plucked from the streets by their heads and kidnapped.

Some pretty disturbing imagery, if you ask me, and evocative of the previous conversation, as all that’s left of the men is the prognosticated shattered glass. That’s foreshadowing right there.

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