The existence of an armed struggle shows that the people are decided to trust to violent methods only. He of whom they have never stopped saying that the only language he understands is that of force, decides to give utterance by force. In fact, as always, the settler has shown him the way he should take if he is to become free. The argument the native chooses has been furnished by the settler, and by an ironic turning of the tables it is the native who now affirms that the colonialist understands nothing but force. The colonial regime owes its legitimacy to force and at no time tries to hide this aspect of things. Every statue, whether of Faidherbe or of Lyautey, of Bugeaud or of Sergeant Blandan-all these conquistadors perched on colonial soil do not cease from proclaiming one and the same thing: “We are here by the force of bayonets…
—  Franz Fanon (1925 -1961) From THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH (1961) ‘Les Damnés de la Terre’

Liberal documentary: Things are bad in this one industry because hierarchical profit-seeking entities are corrupting it and we’re making this documentary to shed light on the problem and maybe we can use government effectively to regulate the corporations in this one particular area – a well-placed bandaid will fix this third-degree burn.