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You cannot argue with fascists, there is no winning over of fascists. “Civilized debate” is meaningless when these people are advocating genocide AND ACTUALLY DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO CARRY IT OUT!
Fascists are enemies to the international working class, fascists are the enemies of national liberation, fascists are the enemies of socialist revolutionaries, fascists are enemies of all people of color, fascists are enemies of the queer community! They stand in the way of revolutionary action and all endeavors to liberation! There is nothing redeeming about them.

And if you say some “we’re all human” “respect peoples rights to opinions” bullshit you are on their side. You are just as much guilty for the blood they spill as they are.


Marxists in the West, particularly because they call for a social politics, must acknowledge their implication in undercutting class struggle… Their quick dismissal of much popular anger at social injustice as peripheral to anticapitalist or class struggle leads them down a path that cannot bring “real” social transformation… Theorists of the Left or Marxists have no reason to fear “identity,” because there is enough ground in Marx’ works to create social movements that need not choose between culture, economy, and society or “race,” class, and gender to organize politics of social revolution. Going beyond gestures of intersectionality, coalition, and social cohesion, Marxists have recourse to a non-fragmentary understanding of the social that could change the world as we know it.

“My People, Sons and Daughters of France. 
For many years we have been a broken nation. Shunned. Oppressed. Infiltrated by the Marxists we sought to escape! Now I ask you for time.
You, the strength in my arms!
The holders of my dreams!
In the time you will grant me, I will rebuild our nation. I will rebuild our strength. And I will! Rebuild OUR PRIDE!
Our enemies at home will be re-educated.. we will give them new insight into our cause. We will stand united once more. Those driven to divide us will hear our voice! We shall act as one! We shall be ignored no more!!
NOW!!!! IS!!!!!! OUR!!!!!!! TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- Marine Le Pen in a parallel universe (polling 1st in upcoming elections!)

What your leftist ideology says about you.
  • Marxism-Leninism:You've probably defended the USSR in an internet argument. Everyone but you is sectarian and revisionist.
  • Left Communism:You offer no real solutions to anything except that everyone else is an idiot and should check their dialectics.
  • Democratic Socialist:You're still new to the whole "Marxism" thing but you're afraid to make a full commitment.
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism:You have a huge boner for the Wobblies and Republican Spain. Other leftists think you're kind of annoying.
  • Syndicalism:Same as anarcho-syndicalism but add in Daniel DeLeon into "things you get a boner for"
  • Luxemburgism:What Democratic Socialists become after they hit puberty.
  • Trotskyism:You like Lenin but you can't fucking stand how authoritarian Marxist-Leninists are. You're part of one of the dozen groups claiming to be the fourth internationale. All the other leftists make fun of you behind your back.
  • Maoism:The same as Marxism-Leninism but you're even more of a tankie somehow.
  • Social-Democrat:You truly believe you're a socialist but you're not. You get a raging hard on whenever someone says "Nordic Model". You probably vote democrat.
  • Post-Leftist:You're a pretentious white petty-bourgeois asshole. Get the fuck out of my office.

Communist Album Covers #1-8 [by Tumblr user thecuddlefiend]
Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin
Blizzard of Ozz by Ozzy Osbourne
Punk in Drublic by NOFX
The Lonesome Crowded West by Modest Mouse
Angles by The Strokes
Riot! by Paramore
Marcy Playground by Marcy Playground

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