AHhhhhhhhhh~ AL FIN HICE ALGO BIEN!!!! ;7;/ Y aprendí a…a darle mas brillo al pelo LOLLLLL

Fem!Caballo-senpai y su adorada aprendiz, Fem!Sagiii!!! 

Espero les guste, va con todo mi amor salvaje que no he podido darles en este tiempo!

Ahora, iré a escribir y practicar bocetos de los signos con las canciones K-pop~ La ultima vez me quede en Cáncer <3 


here’s a good video about making fake ‘80s anime


Post graduation post x3

1.Taro and Ayano going out for a walk in dem hipster clothes.

2.Taro and Ayano being cute >3<

3.Info-chan with some dope ass handsfree + Midori holding all the important books.

4.Cute Midori ^w^.

5.Cute Info-chan ^o^.

6.Kokona and Riku hitting the gym. They be getting dem muscles ;D.

Let me know what you think about them!

(Ill probably do more of these :3)


Wow ya’ll, I can’t believe Jack adopted Ashi as a kid and is raising her. So beautifuuuul~