Some days I feel like Zaphod Beeblebrox and I feel flawless because hey I am one cool frood

Other days I feel more like Marvin and I feel really depressed because everyone else is an idiot

But most days I feel and act a lot more like Arthur Dent because I spend all day in my jim-jams and dressing gown and I have no idea what’s going on

Zaphod sat up sharply and started to pull clothes on. He decided that there must be someone in the Universe feeling more wretched, miserable and forsaken than himself, and he determined to set out and find him.
Halfway to the bridge it occurred to him that it might be Marvin, and he returned to bed.
—  Douglas Adams, Life, The Universe and Everything

sup binch!!!

i stole marvin’s design from @cptnhanni because i really hate designing robots uhhh, like hes theres for 2 seconds so i hope thats all ok.

well heres this :-)