Imagine Dragons songs that remind me of the egos

So a while ago I made this post talking about how Imagine Dragons’ recent single (at the time bc they just released a new one for the new Wreck-It Ralph movie) reminded me of Jackieboy Man in a way. I then replied to someone that there were other songs by this band that reminded me or I associated with the other egos (both Mark and Jack egos (well just Dark and Wilf because those two are the only ones we know a lot about)). So I decided to compile a list of what songs I associate with or remind me of the egos, and I decided to add Mark and Jack into this list as well.

Markiplier-Look How Far We’ve Come, It’s Time, Demons, Rise Up, Yesterday

Darkiplier-Monster, Radioactive, Natural, Gold, Battle Cry

Wilford Warfstache-I’m So Sorry, Shots, Demons, Theif

Jacksepticeye-Look How Far We’ve Come, Mouth of the River, Rise Up, Yesterday

Antisepticeye-Monster, Gold, Radioactive, Friction, Battle Cry

Dr. Henrik Von Schneeplestein-Amsterdam, I Bet My Life, Leave Me, Theif, Walking the Wire

Chase Brody-Polaroid, Shots, Nothing Left To Say, Demons, Next To Me, Leave Me, I’ll Make It Up To You, Walking the Wire

Jackieboy Man-Natural, Bleeding Out, Whatever It Takes, Rise Up

Marvin the Magnificent-Smoke and Mirrors, Hopeless Opus

Jameson Jackson-Hear Me, America, Amsterdam, Theif

I literally was listening to ID songs and paying super close attention to what the lyrics were about and the whole style of them to see which one fitted which ego. As you can see some songs are on there more than once because as I was listening to them I would just think ‘huh this song fits this ego but it can also fit this ego.’ So that’s how that happened.

Another thing that I found was really interesting while I was making this list was that each ego has a certain amount of songs from one specific album. And each album had their own theme and style of music like S+M was more rock heavy and dealt with a lot of internal struggles, while Evolve was more upbeat and motivational(at least that’s how I interpreted them).

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Give a big round of applause to: MARVIN THE MAGICIAN

The magnificent entertainer Mini Marvin is finished :D

Alright so both the body + head + arms are all based on the Mini Anti one. The cape is behind him has the same pattern as Mini Jackieboy Man´s cape.

I added a little magician wand so he will be able to wield his magic powers :3 Its simple made by a toothpick that I painted black & white :)

The cat mask I hade a huge trouble with. Mostly because Im really bad at drawing so it took a couple of times to make it right. The mask was originally going to be made of felt but I changed my mind & printed it out on paper instead :D

Anyways moving on to maybe the most noticable thing in him: the hair. So I going to be honest and say that I did not plan on making the hair that super ultra extra fluffy but I like it ^^ You might also notice that his hair has waves on it which is a result of seperating yarn strings. I got inspired to make the hair long and wavy since I have seen a couple of fanarts of him having just that and I thought it suited him :3

Ahahaha I love making short scenarios with them! Anyways I will always say it but making these jse egos is a ton of fun & I get to be so creative when it comes to making accesories and stuff :D

Thank you all so much for the continued support! I hope you all like it & you as well @therealjacksepticeye ^^ With that said I hope you guys will have a continued magical evening ☆゚.*・。゚

“I’m always here…
Always watching…
SUH dudes~
In haven’t been able to upload anything new because of recent exams that have taken waaaaay too much of my time so I wanted to show you guys a piece I did a while ago for a project!!
Enjoy Boss Anti And has mini bosses the puppet Egos