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What would figure skating be without Kiss and Cry? Some golden moments I edited together. 

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i gave trans whizzer and you raised me trans marvin. let me go all in and give you trans whizzer and trans marvin coming out to each other. let me get those hcs. please. i love trans rep. i love seeing me in media.

-So Marvin plans this for weeks. He rephrases it again and again and doesn’t know exactly what words to use. Should he be blunt? Should he provide context? This isn’t as simple as revealing his favorite color or his deepest fear.

-Wait, maybe it is like his deepest fear. What if Whizzer doesn’t like him anymore?

-Then Whizzer calls him one night around 1:00 A.M., and Marvin picks it up on the first ring. Something strange in his stomach tells him that tonight is the night that he’ll tell him. He has to.

-Before Marvin can even say hello, Whizzer spits out “So I’m trans,” and Marvin can’t believe it. He must be joking. He must be making fun of him. How would he know?

-”Uh, me too.” All planning had gone out the window, all of the countless hours he’d put into saying the right thing. All he said was “me too.” Out of all the words in the English language, he never thought those two words would come out of this conversation. 

-And this large weight lifted off both of their shoulders, and they smiled on each side of the phone, and they could almost feel each other’s happiness. So this… is acceptance?

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So we got trans Marvin and trans Whizzer but what about trans Mendel????

TRANS MENDEL how fucking sweet

-He tells the aunts immediately when he realizes it and they’re legit the best people ever. Helen and Karen are like “FUCK YEAH WE HAVE A SON!”
-They help him figure out his name–“Mendel”–since “Elizabeth” wasn’t going to work for him.
-Like they sit around the fireplace with a Scrabble board, putting letters together until Mendel finds a name he likes.
-The next day, Karen cuts off all of his long, LONG, curly hair and go clothes shopping for him.
-They get him a nice binder and educate him on how to use it and always remind him to take it off bc they are Good Aunts.
-This all happens before he moves, so he didn’t know the TKF then.
-But once he finally comes out to Trina and tells her, he’s worried like “Do you not like me anymore bc I’m not, like, a ‘real boy?’”
-“You’re the realest guy I’ve ever met. What the fuck do you mean by that?”

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ok i love trans whizzer literally to pieces but do you have any trans marvin headcanons???


-Since Marvin’s parents are the definition of conservative, he was super scared to come out as trans and tell him, except for his sister Abigail. He told her immediately.

-For weeks, she apologized sincerely for messing up his pronouns and calling him Lauren on accident. She’ll get it, she promised. And she did. :)

-Marvin and Trina were best friends long before he transitioned. Obviously she was taken aback when he told her, but they stayed friends. Very close friends. Very close friends. About two months later, they started dating.

-He had very long, beautiful hair that he hid under a hat every morning once he got to school because he felt way too feminine with it. Since he had no access to binders, he wore two sports bras to school every day. 

-Maybe the most “rebellious” thing Marvin ever did before he came out was completely shave his head. Of course, he grew some of his hair back because he looked like a fucking egg when he went bald, but hey! He felt more masculine than ever. 

-Let’s be real: trans Marvin is A1.