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Cassandra Wilson - You Don’t Know What Love Is

Cassandra Wilson and Band perform at the Funchal Jazz Festival in Funchal, Portugal.
Reginald Veal - acoustic bass
Marvin Sewell - electric guitar
Gregoire Maret - harmonica
Jon Cowherd - piano
Lekan Babalola - percussion
John Davis - drums


Cassandra Wilson Easy Rider 

Marvin Sewell - guitar, Gregoire Maret - harmonica, Federico Gonzalez Pena - keyboards, Reginald Veal - bass, Gene Lake - drums, Rhonda Richmond - keyboard.

Brandon Ross’s “Phantom Station” + Rob Reddy's "Where's Marilyn?” at the cell.

Phantom Station

Brandon Ross - electric guitar, Hardedge - soundesign, Mauro Refosco - percussion, Stomu Takeishi - electric bass

Rob Reddy’s “Where’s Marilyn?”

Rob Reddy - saxophones, Charlie Burnham - violin, viola, mandola, Curtis Fowlkes - trombone, Marvin Sewell - guitars, Ron Caswell - tuba, JT Lewis - drums

Brandon Ross - Phantom Station - Brandon Ross has crafted a personal approach to guitar, and improvisation, that has taken him all over the world, figuratively and literally.  On this special night he will play taisho harp, acoustic guitar and soprano guitar. Mauro Refosco joins on percussion,  Stomu Takeishi on electric bass and Hardedge on “soundesign.”

Brandon has worked/recorded with Cassandra Wilson, Henry Threadgill, Jewel, Tony Williams, Arto Lindsay, The Lounge Lizards, Leroy Jenkins, Butch Morris, Bill Frisell, Me'Shell N'degeocello, Moreno Veloso, Arrested Development, Craig Harris, Archie Shepp, Fred Hopkins, Joan Osborne, Muhal Richard Abrams, Deidre Murray, Mino Cinelu, Don Byron, Graham Haynes, Lizz Wright, Timothy Hill, Myra Melford, Ron Miles, Oliver Lake, Sekou Sundiata, Bill Laswell, Zeena Parkins, Michelle Branch, Wadada Leo Smith, and many others.

“Where’s Marilyn?” is a musical and visual portrait of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, a former state-run institution on Long Island that operated from 1885 until 1996. As the hub of the composer’s hometown, it shaped many generations of Kings Park residents.

Reddy was born and raised in Kings Park. His mother worked as a nurse in the hospital for over twenty years, and he and his five older siblings regularly interacted with patients who would often come into the Reddy family-run deli in the center of town. (This was most common in the early to mid 1970s when rules about patient movement on and off hospital grounds were more liberal than in later periods.) One specific encounter Reddy had with a patient always stood out in his memory. One summer afternoon in 1974, Reddy, eight years old at the time, was playing the piano in his family home when a patient, partially clothed, burst into the house crying out, “Where’s Marilyn? Where’s Marilyn?” The clarity of the event and the impact it made on the young Reddy is what inspired this project. This project is essentially about memory. While it takes as its starting point this event from Reddy’s childhood, it spans out to something much more. It shows not only how memories conflict—how different people record events in all sorts of ways—but also how those memories together are what really make up the fabric of a town, a community.


Cassandra Wilson - Easy Rider (2010)