marvin gaye photo

October 4, 2015

Today We Honor Marvin Gaye

‘The magnitude of Marvin Gaye’s influence on R&B and soul music continues to influence and inspire singers and songwriters today. “Let’s Get It On” is considered one of the top romance songs of all time. “Sexual Healing” reached #3 on the Billboard singles pop charts, spent a staggering ten weeks at number one on the R & B charts, and won two Grammy Awards in 1982 for Best R & B Vocal Performance and Best R & B Instrumental. “What’s Going On” is listed as the fourth greatest song of all time in 2004 by Rolling Stone Magazine. The inspiration for the song came from Gaye’s brother Frankie, who told him stories of his service during the Vietnam War.’

(photo: Marvin Gaye)

- CARTER Magazine