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ND Characters Ask Meme~
  • Nancy Drew: What happened to your mom?
  • Ned Nickerson: On a scale of 1 to 10, how worthless are you as a human being?
  • Frank Hardy: Have you ever been friend zoned?
  • Joe Hardy: What's the weirdest thing you own?
  • Bess Marvin: Who's your celebrity crush?
  • George Fayne: What's something that you are a complete nerd over?
  • Carson Drew: Do you ever wish that you could escape reality and become a golf ball?
  • Hannah Gruen: Do you have any "old person" tendencies?
You have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday. You know those people who live for the weekends? They’re wishing their life away. You have to find something worth living for or else you’ll look back and realize you’ve wasted your life away.
—  Drew Marvin, English Teacher
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I really don't understand Nancy's letters at the end of the game. She always seems to write them when she solves the mystery, meaning right when she's about to go home, but that doesn't make sense for several reasons. First off, people tend not to write paper letters anymore. Most people will use email because letters are slow. Not to say that Nancy can't be old school, but if she's really writing these letters right when she finishes the mystery, before she goes home, chances are Nancy's going to hop on her plane, get to River Heights, and see Ned/Bess/Hannah/whomever in person long before the letter arrives, making the letter useless. Unless she gets home and her friends are like "Nancy, what happened with that case of yours?" and she's like "Well I have a letter explaining the whole thing heading to you in the mail, so you'll just have to wait and see!" I suppose there are a few cases where Nancy stays for a couple days after solving the mystery, so the letter would make a little sense in that case, but this is pretty rare. Second, there are a bunch of instances where Nancy talks about what happens in the aftermath with each of the characters. Mostly this is fine, sometimes she'll talk about what the person is doing months in the future. Like "______ moved here," or "______ got a new job," "_______ has been really successful," or whatever, and then she talks about how they're loving it, but like?? Nancy??? How long have you stuck around to know how their doing in their new job/home/relationship? I don't think she usually stays for months later so how would she know this information? Or is Nancy for some reason writing these letters from home, months after the mystery? But if this is the case, why write a letter at all when she is in the same town as the person it is addressed to? She could just tell them in person. No need to write a letter. Or even if she did, wouldn't her friends already know most of the letter's contents, assuming Nancy told them about the case? Third, all the letters where Nancy goes into great detail about things she uncovers in the mystery and then follows up with, "oh and by the way, all of this is top secret and I took an oath to never tell a living soul what I just told you, so maybe don't mention this to anyone else :)". She just gives her friends classified information like it's nothing. She doesn't even tell them in private, she just writes it down where anyone could later get their hands on it and read it. And don't even get me started about the photos Nancy sends her friends! Some of them are just awkward pictures of people from the case. So did Nancy just ask, "hey, can I take your picture to send to my boyfriend?" That's weird, Nancy! Or some are pictures of random objects. Does she think to herself, "Yeah, my housekeeper would really like to see this picture of this footprint I found"? And then of course there are the pictures where there would be no way Nancy could ever get the picture in the first place. Like pictures of the culprit smirking evily. Nancy would either have to get that picture before she solved the mystery, in which case why would they be smirking evily if they're still pretending to be good, or she would have to ask them to pose for the picture as they're being arrested or something. Then there are the pictures of the culprit doing something shady or actually committing some crime. If Nancy had a picture of that, she would have had the mystery solved long ago. Or she asked them to pose, which is pretty unlikely. All in all the letters just don't make sense and there are so many problems with them.

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Nancy Drew Characters and Pokemon Go
  • Nancy: Hits every pokestop in the world(literally) yet still forgets to actually catch pokemon or leave the app open to hatch eggs.
  • George: Owns every gyms in River Heights, hatches eggs like their no tomorrow.
  • Bess: Only catches the pokemon she thinks are cute, has ten million weedles, pidgeys, and rattatas because no one wants them and she feels bad. Drives slow to hatch eggs.
  • Ned: Is like level 100 cause theres a million pokestops on campus and even more pokemon. Post pictures of all his pokemon because he's proud of them
  • Joe: Tried the ceiling fan trick and regretted it, nearly crashed the car because their was a pikachu.
  • Frank: Caught them all, literally all of them, no cheating but probably done in a very nerdy and strategic way. Also had to bring Joe to the hospital after the ceiling fan incident.

GTH is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to what I consider the “newer” games. Here’s why:

  • The ambiance created by this game is absolutely beautiful
  •  It has that basic “ghost” concept that every ND fan loves, except the game really takes that idea and puts its own spin on it
  • The plot has so many elements and twists to it
  • All the characters are unique themselves, but they also have interesting connections to one another that add to the story line
  • There technically is a culprit, but not exactly in the way we are expecting to find one as we believe it will be someone who kidnapped Jessalyn 
  • The tangled web of the Thornton family that we as Nancy get to sort through is so captivating
  • Charlotte’s “ghost” is so beautiful and intricate
  • There’s a crazy lady in the basement
  • There are crypts and a graveyard
  • Savannah Woodham is back
  • Nancy can drink as much tea as she wants 

welp here’s all my kids here together

glad to have brought u all on this “nancy drew goes to a boarding school in river heights and is largely unliked by the student body for being a know-it-all but her and the only three other members of the river heights academy detective club (bess; for emotional support; george; for the chance to get in trouble; and ned; who would join a ‘jumping off of the george washington bridge’ club if nancy drew was going to be part of it) solve mysteries that would have largely gone unsolved otherwise” journey