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Hey guys more reminders!!!

-Thrill of First Love is mutual, they both love fighting. In Act 1 this is the only way they can seem to express their quote unquote ‘love’. 'We like fighting.. most.’

-I know Marvin is not a good person in Act 1! But surprise! No one is! He goes through character development just like e v e r y o n e. Do 👏 not 👏 demonize 👏 him 👏 after 👏 the 👏 growth 👏 he 👏 has 👏

-I’ll say it again. Everyone is not good in Act 1. And even in Act 2 there is still development! You cannot pretend that Marvin is the only flawed person!

-Don’t make AIDS jokes. Don’t call Whizzer your 'dead gay son’. Don’t say Marvin should have died instead.

Thank you.

        ┃┃╱╲ in this
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        ▔▏┗┛▕▔ appreciate
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that glasses hc i was talking abt earlier

Whizzer wears contacts because he’s insAnely nearsighted. It’s a physical imperfection of his. He wakes up one morning and, for some unknown reason, can only find ONE contact. So he puts it in and tries to make it through the day.

By the time he gets to English Lit, Mendel notices he’s acting a little off, holding his book three inches from his face and squinting one eye. He asks Whizzer if he has glasses, and so Whizzer (reluctantly!) puts them on.

They are actually the ugliest things ever. Rectangular wire frames. Even Marvin (ESPECIALLY Marvin) makes fun of them, and we all know Marvin’s fashion sense. Mendel’s the only one who doesn’t bug him for it because he doesn’t want Whizzer to go blind again.

what i think kills me the most about this is jason. like…his fACE. he’s so shocked and looks so lost??? like I WILL PROTECT U JASON BBY DONT U WORRY :’(((((

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Marvin is a huge tease and will kiss and nip at Whizzer's ears and neck in the morning. He leaves hickeys along Whizzer's collarbones and then backs off. He'll trace them throughout the day as he gives Whizzer little pecks on the cheek. Whizzer's face flames up each time but he tries to act nonchalant about it. Whizzer secretly admires them when he can. That's why his shirt is always slightly open at the collar.

Yes, yes, yes, that’s completely true. He’s always covered in hickeys and isn’t afraid to show them off, and he loves when Marvin traces them. He sure acts like it’s no big deal, but it’s obvious he’s hiding that it is a big deal.

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Who's the little/big spoon in each couple?

Whizzer: Marvin is always the little spoon, no matter what.

Marvin, pouting: Because it is warm and comfortable.

Cordelia: My beautiful doctor is the big spoon, and is super warm!

Trina: Mendel is the little spoon.

Mendel: Because it makes me feel safe! Who wouldn’t want to be the little spoon?

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Marvin convinces Whizzer to read The Outsiders after a lot of effort. Whizzer reads the entire thing in a week. He almost breaks up with Marvin because of the ending.

Honestly, Marvin is just always trying to convince Whizzer to read, and I’d say The Outsiders would be one of the first books he actually reads, but in secret, until one day he just throws the book at Marvin and shakes his head.