Some nerds spaceship just crashed into my backyard halp.

Fem!Gil Marverde. Makeup test for andreaharumonia’s Gil makeup he’ll do with me and Coky in May. (I’ll be Wrathia <3)
It will basically be the same but with less eye makeup. Also having no lenses makes this bad, ugh. Anyway!-

if the avas demon babes we all know and love had tumblr blogs sasstronauuut edition
  • ava:shitposter who reblogs a lot of corgis
  • maggie:main blog is a food blog. probably also has a porn side blog
  • gil:has the default theme. blogs like a middle aged soccer mom
  • odin:also shitposter
  • six:sixpenceee basically
  • wrathia:anti sjw blog
  • pedri:sjw blog
  • nevy:pastel/fashion blog. everything is tagged as !!!! cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • tuls:~.strictly nature.~
  • prudith:do you really think prudith has a blog