Some nerds spaceship just crashed into my backyard halp.

Fem!Gil Marverde. Makeup test for andreaharumonia’s Gil makeup he’ll do with me and Coky in May. (I’ll be Wrathia <3)
It will basically be the same but with less eye makeup. Also having no lenses makes this bad, ugh. Anyway!-



finally i’m done with these!! they were fun, but a lot of work! all of the sprites i used as a base can be found here, as can the cards, though they were all edited by me, some quite heavily. i messed up with the proportions, heights and poses, and i tried to stick to canon heights, though i’m sure i flooped here and there.

you can click the pics to see which type of trainer they are (as in grass, fire etc.) and their pokémon were chosen by me. you can totally disagree with me on these! in fact, please give me feedback, that’s appreciated! i was super indecisive on ava, for example (and that’s why she only has three pokémon). also the empty slots were left because of many reasons, like if you rly like my idea for their team but you’d like to give a touch of your own

anyway TiTAN is the ~villanous team~ this time, and i put official and casual clothes versions of prudith and six. and everything is transparent! enjoy!!