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Imagine your father, Tony, relentlessly teasing your boyfriend, Bucky

“Oh Barnes, you really do love my daughter don’t you?” your dad chimed for the thousandth time this hour. Bucky shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he moved his hands to grip the armrest so he could quickly stand.

“I’m gonna head out, I think. I’ll see you later. I love you…” Bucky started as he smiled at you, but what cut off as Tony kissed Bucky on the cheek.

“I love you, too, Buckaroo,” Tony chimed, making you roll your eyes but your boyfriends cheek flame a fiery red.

Marvel Studios Unveils First Black Panther Footage

On Monday, Marvel Studios opened its doors to select members of the press for the first time.

Jungle Fight

One of the first clips shown followed Lupita Nyong'o’s Nakia character as she approached soldiers in a jungle. As the soldiers opened fire, presumably aiming for the Dora Milaje, Nakia snuck up on several of them and beat them until they were not only disarmed but unable to fight back.

She did this with several kicks, punches, and hip tosses, all in one smooth, well-choreographed effort.


A later clip saw Ulysses Klaw, as portrayed by Andy Serkis, entering a casino. Being narrated by Danai Gurira’s Okoye, the audience hears that he has eight men with him.

After marching down the stairs, Klaw later comes to a meeting with Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross. Ross jokes that Klaw brought so many people they might as well be dropping a new mixtape. Klaw jokes back, clearly not taking the insult seriously. He wants a brieface.

After a cut, an action sequence ensues. T'Challa is protecting Freeman as they hide behind a table. He uses guns to take out several enemies, providing Ross with enough cover to take his briefcase and escape the casino.

En Route

A pair of clips showed two boats approaching Warrior Falls for T'Challa’s crowning as King of Wakanda.

The first clip had Gurira’s Okoye at the lead of a ship. She was wearing gold while the rest of the Dora Milaje was wearing a light red color. As they camera crept towards the group, they chanted and stepped together, lead by Okoye.

In the following clip, a similar angle sees a group of Wakandan citizens, many dressed in extravagant colors, celebrating and dancing together as they approach Warrior Falls to see T'Challa become King.

Both shots were surrounded by huge walls of blue screen which might be replaced with additional boats, endless ocean, or land.

Warrior Falls

Upon arrival at Warrior Falls, it is time for T'Challa to take on the mantle of King.

The first shot follows Chadwick Boseman’s character down a set of steps and into water at the bottom of Warrior Falls. As the camera follows T'Challa’s sight line, it pans up to reveal the people of Wakanda dancing in celebration of his arrival. He joins in and steps to a beat with a spear and shield in his hand.

The second shot was a reverse, medium close up, focused on T'Challa as he approaches the crowd.


‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ just made $22million in China in a single day putting it’s global box office total at $770million. So unless it drops dead in China after a day, it’s pretty much guaranteed to cross $800million. If it holds up the rest of the weekend as strongly as it did today, it might even pass that milestone by Monday. 

Title: Subtle Jealousy
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: I didn’t wanna make it exclusive so the author character in this is totally made up.

“So, what’s happening again?” Danny asked as he watched you run around the main floor of the shop, shoving books into shelves with impressive speed and accuracy. He had offered help, but you refused, wanting to get it done as soon as possible.

You huffed, placing the last few books where they needed to go and turned to him. “One of my favorite authors came in earlier today, him and I started having small talk whenever I ran him up and he invited me out to coffee whenever I was finished here.”

Danny looked up at you. “I thought you always locked up the shop? Unless it was an emergency.”

“I told Layla about what happened and she offered to cover for me,” You explained, smiling at whenever you were finally finished. “Besides, I think I’ve earned a night off to myself don’t you think?”

Danny gave you a small smile, watching you hop about the shelves. “What’s his name?”

“Neil Melville, he wrote these great couple of books a couple years ago when he was still in college,” You explained, your fingers flittered around a couple shelves until you located the first one and tossed it to him. “But he’s really great, you’d like his stuff.”

Danny looked down at the cover, it was brightly colored and showed various mystical creatures all over it, so he knew it was fantasy.

“Where are you two going?”

There a short humming noise from your end while you tried to get the store situated before you left. “I don’t actually remember the name, I’m gonna give him a ring before I go.”

“You have his number?”

You gave Danny a short smile before passing him with a short nudge on his shoulder. “Listen, I’ll make sure to call you if anything happens. But you really shouldn’t worry.”

Danny looked over to you and saw that you were adjusting the collar of your shirt over your cardigan and fixing up your hair. He didn’t even notice he has started to frown whenever he looked up and saw how grumpy he looked in the mirror.

He hopped down from the counter, sliding the book on to it. “I think I’m gonna head out,” Danny said, placing his hands into his pockets and giving you a small smile. “But lemme know how it all goes.”

“Why exactly does this matter to you so much?” Colleen asked as she tried to measure up how much duct tape she would need to fix the one arm of her punching dummy. “And more importantly, why did you think to come to me? I get I’m your friend, but relationships aren’t exactly my specialty.”

Danny, who was sitting crossed legged on the floor, looked down at the mat and shrugged. “I dunno, you’re the only person besides (Y/n) that I talk to.”

Colleen tore a long peice of duct tape from the roll and turned back to him. “From what I’ve heard, this seems like a textbook example of jealousy, my friend.”

Danny’s posture straightened up and he frowned. “Why would I be jealous? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Colleen gave him a coy smile. “Yes it does. You have feelings for your old childhood friend, simple.” She turned back and began taping the wooden arm to it’s proper place.

Danny jumped to his feet. “No I don’t! I’m just concerned about her well being!”

“Mhm,” Colleen looked up at him skeptically. “Alright then, answer me this,” She started, leaning against the center of the training dummy once the arm was secure. “If (Y/n) were to continue to see this guy,” She instantly saw the shift in Danny’s eyes but kept going. “And eventually she starts spending more time with him than you, how would you feel?”

Colleen smriked at the grumpy frown that started to take up his face. She knew all about Danny’s feelings for you when she saw the way he looked at you when he brought her to your shop one day.

You and her got into a lengthy discussion about some novel and while you were going on a tangent, Colleen glanced over at Danny and saw him giving you the most enamored expression she’d seen on a person that wasn’t in a film.

Danny thought about it, and the answer was pretty simple. He hated the thought, it was bad enought that tonight was when the two of you usually went out into the city to do something together, but now the idea that someone would take up all of your time made him upset.

“I wouldn’t like it at all.”

Colleen nodded, pointing the roll of duct tape at him. “Then I hate to break it you, but you’re jealous.”

Still in denial, Danny looked up at her. “I don’t think she’d start going off with someone all the time, she’s not the type.”

“People change when they’re in love.”

“Who said anything about love?” Danny’s tone might have been a tad more sharp than be anticipated because Colleen was smirking again.

“Oh yeah, classic case of jealousy.”

Danny looked across the street at the coffee shop where you were seeing Neil. Not long after you got there, you sent Danny a small message letting him know where you were and that everything had been fine so he shouldn’t worry.

Still, everything about the situation seemed off to him. There was a nagging feeling in his chest that screamed that it didn’t like what was going on.

But it was all new to him, he had never felt this sort of way before.

But he knew he didn’t like it.

Especially since even across the street he could easily you and Neil sitting at a table next to the window. You and him appeared to be chatting up a storm, and Danny had never seen your eyes light up so much around another person.

Deciding to take the initiative, Danny crossed the street and entered into the busy coffee house, hiding himself behind a tall bookshelf so he could see exactly what was happening.

You two must have been discussing one of Neil’s books, because you began bringng up character arcs and other literary terms Danny didn’t fully understand.

But then, there was a brief moment when Neil’s hand brushed against yours and it prompted Danny immediately to walk over to the table without even thinking.

You saw him instantly due to your seating, and you gave him a confused expression when you did. “Danny? What are you doing here?”

Danny blinked, not exactly sure why he came over or how he was going to talk his way out of it.

“Are you a friend of (Y/n)?” Neil asked, prompting Danny to turn his attention to him instead.

“Yes! I am! A very close childhood friend!” Danny said, introducing himself as the two of them shook hands.

“I hate to interrupt, but Colleen had something happen at the dojo and we could really use another hand.”

You turned back to Neil and gave him an apologetic smile. “I’d hate to cut this short, but would you mind if I stepped out?”

Neil shook his head. “Of course not, we can always make time to talk again.”

Danny watched the two of you bid each other goodbye before Neil left the coffee house.

“So, what’s up with Colleen?”

Danny’s eyes widened for a moment when he remembered his small white lie. But his phone went off and when he looked at the screen it was a message from her asking where he ran off to.

“Actually, she just let me know that she called a guy to come over to look at the thing.”

You looked puzzled again. “Really? Maybe I should call Neil again then.”

Danny perked up. “Well on my way here, I saw that the movie theatre down the street is showing your favorite film, thought you might be interested in going with me since we’re already here.”

You smiled at him. “Today’s when we usually go out isn’t it?” You asked, to which Danny eagerly nodded and held his hand out to you, making you chuckled and placine your hand in his. “Lead the way.”

Danny laughed and the two of you left the coffee house, once outside you gave his hand a small press.

“You don’t have to go through all that trouble and lie to hang out with me, just let me know next time.”

Danny flashed you a guilty smile. “It worked though, didn’t it?”

The First Dance

You blushed when you now-husband’s eyes focused on you for the millionth time that night.

Four years together and he still gave you all the good chills and stomach butterflies. Now you were husband and wife, just an hour you two had said ‘I do’ before your friends and family, and it still felt like a dream.

“Mrs Rogers.”  He approached you.

Steve was wearing a fancy military uniform like the captain he was and looked perfect.

“Mr Rogers.” You said back.

In response, he reached out to you and held your hand.

“Come on.”

You moved your eyes from him when Bucky’s voice attracted everyone’s attention, announcing your first dance as husband and wife, and Steve guided you to the dance floor.

She’s a yellow pair of running shoes, a holey pair of jeans
She looks great in cheap sunglasses, she looks great in anything

The first notes of a song you knew too well made you chuckle. Steve was the one responsible for choosing it after saying he wanted to surprise you.

You felt his touch on your waist, holding tightly and carefully.

“And she’s everything I ever wanted, and everything I need.” He sang into your ear. “I talk about her, I go on and on and on ‘Cause she’s everything to me.”

You closed your eyes, resting your head on his chest and hearing his heart beating fast. Steve was your dream coming true all you’ve lived in life. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

The song was coming to an end and he only held you, not moving, still singing with the singer.

“You’re everything to me.”  He finished.

When the tune was over, you just stood there, breathing each other calmly. There was only you and Steve now. The rest of the world could wait.

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