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The Zodiac Signs Marvel Valentine

Aries: Hawkeye

Taurus: Loki Laufeyson

Gemini: Iron Man

Cancer: Captain America

Leo: Wolverine

Virgo: Thor

Libra: Quicksilver

Scorpio: Bucky Barnes 

Sagittarius: Black Panther

Capricorn: Spider-Man

Aquarius: Vision

Pisces: Deadpool

the signs as x-men
  • Aries: Wolverine / James Howlett
  • Taurus: Magneto / Max Eisenhardt
  • Gemini: Deadpool / Wade Wilson
  • Cancer: Phoenix / Jean Grey
  • Leo: Professor X / Charles Xavier
  • Virgo: Gambit / Remy LeBeau
  • Libra: Beast / Hank McCoy
  • Scorpio: Mystique / Raven Darkhölme
  • Sagittarius: Nightcrawler / Kurt Wagner
  • Capricorn: Cyclops / Scott Summers
  • Aquarius: Storm / Ororo Munroe
  • Pisces: Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff
  • special thanks to tyler for doing this for me. i'm not comic-savvy. check his blog out!
  • requested by anon

Veronica Taylor : Backstage at #C2E2 with @Lil_Henstridge, @IdeCaestecker, and a cheese popcorn eating monkey courtesy of the amazing @EwsNfp.

i think i speak for the entire fandom when i say



Interviewer: Do you need to wake up underground, do you dig out?

Iain: No that would be ridiculous.

Liz: No that would be crazy.


“A wise man once told me that a person can do anything once they realize they’re a part of something bigger” -Agent Coulson

Recap of 4x19 [All the Madame’s Men]

@BrettDaltonOrg : Throwing it all the way back… mad ball skillz 🏀 ft @IMBrettDalton, @ChloeBennet4, Jed Whedon, Iain de Caestecker & @SamPalladio 😁#TBT