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One of the reasons that Tony is hesitant to take on the role of mentor with Peter is because of Obadiah Stane.

We all know that Tony has a hard time trusting anyone and that he genuinely does care about Peter. But Obadiah’s betrayal not only as a business partner, father figure and mentor just shattered his faith in himself in that role for Peter.

Setting aside everything that happened with the Avengers in the Civil War, Tony really does care about Peter and taking on the role of mentor and defacto father figure scares him not only with Stane’s betrayal but Tony’s own lack of connection with his own father, Howard. So him embracing this role not only will help him heal from CW but helps him get passed Stane’s betrayal and Howard’s lack of parenting, and shows Tony that he can be that person that people can rely on not just as a teammate but as family.

Great lines from Pokemon main series games:

  • “It’s a switch. Press it?” [Yes] “Who wouldn’t?”
  • “You daft codger, your mask’s absurd!”
  • “This is bad! Badbadbadbadbadbadbad! Bad for Team Plasma! Or Plasbad for short!”
  • “Judge an Egg?! That’s a tall order even for me!” 
  • “The train hasn’t come in… I know! I’ll carry the passengers on my back! That won’t work.” 
  • “The way it works is blah blah… radioactive energy blah blah… blah blah blah infrared technology… blah blah blah…” 
  • [Name] paid an outrageous ¥500 and bought the Magikarp… 
  • “I am at this hotel now.”
  • “I’m the Team Skull boss, and I’ve never been scared of nothing or nobody. Heck, I live my life making people scared of ME! So listen to what big bad Guzma has to say… Y'all are stupid!”
  • “Today’s smell check of our beds is done! They’re fine. They smell good.”
  • “You dim-witted…dense…dumb…daft…dippy…dorky…doltish DOOFUS!!!“
  • “Whoops, dropped my balls.”
  • “Verily has it been our most treasured possession, since I happened to pick it up in a shop a week ago. Or two weeks, mayhap!” 
  • “I need to find a way to get more into the character of a Pokémon… maybe I should get the Day Care to raise me?” 
  • “My Hiker friend was so pleased by your right answer that he simply had to battle you! Come, my fine Hiker!”
  • “This pretty Pokemon looks just like me when I was younger. Right when I said that, my husband spewed the coffee he was drinking. Did I say something funny?” 
  • “You compare ME, Tabitha, the next Chief Admin of Team Magma, to a Makuhita?! You’d better at least make it a Hariyama!”
  • “Truly marvelous! And also a bridge!”
  • “I’m not stuck! It’s just that a pleasantly cool breeze drifts through here.”
  • “Lighthouse Point: The point that has a lighthouse.” 

This is Fort Bourtange, a beautifully designed, star-shaped fort in the Netherlands. Star forts were designed to give guards a panoramic view of any potential attackers, and originated in Italy in the 15th century. The fort remains perfectly preserved, with historic churches, cobblestone streets, wooden windmills, marvelous bridges, and old military barracks strewn across the 11-acre pentagon. 📸: Photo by GEBruiker

Water Under the Bridge (Tony Stark x reader)

Angsty Tony, Song by Adele

If you’re not the one for me

Then how come I can bring you to your knees?

If you’re not the one for me

Why do I hate the idea of being free?

And if I’m not the one for you

You’ve gotta stop holding me the way you do

Oh, honey, if I’m not the one for you

Why have we been through what we have been through?

“So, you’re going?”

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Brooklyn Bridge - Steve x Reader

Hey guys so i have had a hectic few weeks and I've I've I've writers block but I've finally, kind of over come it so i am back online :) i am trying to get through as many requests and ships possible tonight so keep on sending them and if you haven’t seen yours, it will be done but slowly :) love you guys. 

Requested by Anon

Typically, Mr. Americas birthday was on the 4th July - the most iconic day in American history. To avoid parties and tasteless age jokes from Tony and Clint, Steve had taken you to Brooklyn, his hometown. He had only been back a few times but he never got time to see it properly, so naturally, he showed you everything from when he was a kid; sighing and complaining that they had ruined it. It was adorable how his eyes lit up as you took interest in his history - not Captain Americas but Steve Rogers, the scrawny kid.

He showed you the area where he grew up and all the places he got beat up, a lot of the places had been demolished or changed but some places were still more or less the same. “thank you for coming with me, I mean I know this probably isn’t all that interesting for you.” he smiled and took your handing in his, squeezing it slightly, “ you have no idea how much this means to me” you stopped walking and stood on your tiptoes to kiss him,

“Stevie, all of it interests me. Its nice to see how you lived and just to see you so happy - don’t think otherwise. Besides; I could listen to you talk all day” you winked and he laughed kissing your nose and gently pulling you down the street. The two of you walked for a while in comfortable silence until Steve stopped suddenly,

“(Y/N) I don’t suppose you could go see my parents my parents with me would you, I mean, you don’t have to but I haven’t visited them since before the experiment.” he coughed slightly and looked down at his feet

“Steve, you don’t have to ask. Of course I would I don’t know why you thought I wouldn’t.” you smiled at him sadly and he lead you down to their graves. They were next to each other, the headstones were only small but they were still there. Steve went and sat between them, you had never seen him cry before but suddenly he was reduced to a sobbing mess. You sat behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder. You stayed there for a while before he calmed down and he got up before helping you up,

“come on, lets go somewhere yea - anywhere but here” you smiled up at him as he pulled you away

——————————–time skip - that night——————————-

The two of you couldn’t stop laughing as you walked across Brooklyn bridge towards the city, the buildings and bridge were all lit up and it looked like something from a movie.

“it seemed like a good place to grow up”

“it was,  ya know” he smiled “A lot of good memories”

“Like what” you looked up at him, he was looking away and over the city

“Like running through the city with Bucky as kids, becoming a soldier, the time I asked you to marry me” he finally looked down at you before stopping and getting down one knee. His cheeks showing a slight blush and a nervousness in his eye but he still smiled, “I love you (y/n) more than you could ever understand, so would you do me the honour of being mine?” you nodded furiously as he took your hand and slipped a simple diamond ring on your finger. You admired it as he stood up before he took your hands in his again and kissed them lightly. “It was my mothers ring, I always carried it with me - it was frozen with me”

“Oh Steve” you breathed, hardly able to form words, “I love you” you whispered and he smiled at you

“I love you too, doll” he gently kissed you, your hands still in his between you. All you could think of was simply being his.