Marvel Movies In Order of Least to Most Favorite

14. Ghost Rider

13. Spider-man 3

12. X-men : The Last Stand

11. Daredevil

10. Spider-man 2

9. X-men : X2

8. Wolverine Origins

7. Spider-man

6. X-men

5. Iron Man 2

4. Captain America : The First Avenger

3. Iron Man

2. X-Men : First Class

1. Thor

It’s almost a tie between Thor and X-men : First Class for first.  And also, if placing Thor so high and Captain America so low is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.  I LOVED Thor, man, it was awesome!  But so was X-men : First Class. :3

Also, I think I failed at grammar in that last paragraph.  Meh…

But I also, find it weird that Thor doesn’t places as high for others on their lists (I’ve seen it placed at third or fourth.).  Am I missing something, or was I blinded by the gods or something?  Meh, to each their own.

One more thing.  Am I the only one dreading the fact that they made another Ghost Rider movie?  Ugh.

Just a quick note on my last graphic. I know I’ll probably end up pissing someone off for leaving out character A, B, or X and so on, but come on, I only had so many squares without it getting crazy. Also, I used this list and wanted someone represented from most of the movies (not counting the first Captain America, or Howard the Duck which I refused to add - oh, and Man-Thing which I haven’t actually seen but kind of want to now - also, did we really need three Punisher movies? - and it’s movie ‘verse which isn’t strictly comics 'verse for those playing at home). Anyway, there’s a ridiculous number of people in the Marvel movie 'verse (particularly X-Men characters) and it was hard enough finding decent pictures without resorting to screencaps, and I am at heart, a very lazy person, so it’s a condensed list. Note the 'vol. I’ part.

The point of this being that if there was someone you really wanted to see and didn’t, just drop me a line, and I’ll try and incorporate them in vol II (because I really wanted to include Aunt May anyway, and I just couldn’t fit her in).

Also, before you ask, there is one for the men (actually, since yesterday had the crappiest weather and I was stuck indoors for most of it (and, again, lazy!) I spent the day making them while alternatively watching Arrested Development and Touch, soI’ve already done a vol. I and vol. II for the men). I’ll post vol. I of the men this afternoon and vol. II tomorrow probably - don’t want to spam your dash.

Oh, and I’ll probably do a DC one as well (non-animated versions) so let me know if there’s someone you want and I’ll start a list.

… and back to your regularly scheduled spamming. Thanks for reading!