Favorite Superheroes [TMNT]

Leo- Captain America

You know Honor Boy is gonna love him some Cap. He loves any superhero that fights for truth, justice, and the right thing. He admires the Captain in a way, almost like he does with his father. But, boy was he mad when Marvel announced that Cap was Hydra. That was the maddest his brothers had ever seen him. (I feel like Leo would also like the fact that Steve’s from Brooklyn. Just Saying.)  

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Raph- Batman

Oh, Raphie and his Batman.He loves Batman. He loves the way he handles villains (beating the crap out of them, hurting them, etc.), but also loves the way he does it for the right cause. Sometimes he likes to pretend he is Batman. That’s where we get his, “Batman Voice” from. (He also has a small crush on Harley Quinn, but don’t tell anyone!) 

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Donnie- Starfire

Alien? Check. Bad-ass powers? Check. Intelligent? Check. Redhead? Check. Basically, Donnie loves Starfire. If he had a second favorite superhero, it would be Cyborg, but the red hair, man, he’s sold. He also ships Robstar, alllooooot. I think this ship is how he found Tumblr and started writing secret fanfic.  

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Mikey- Spiderman

Mikey watched the 60′s Spiderman cartoons when he was younger, and it kind of stuck with him. He loves Spidey’s corny jokes and definitely loved the costume. He likes all of the adaptations of Spiderman (Even the Tobey Maguire Version) but absolutely loves the Tom Holland version. (He definitely supports Zendaya as Mary-Jane Watson, BTW)   

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April- Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel, a teenager that got strange powers one night and ends up meeting new friends and teaming up with them, while learning to control her abilities and still make good grades and go to school. April can relate. Though, there not exactly the same, April can relate Kamala Khan in many ways, and loves that she is different from many other female superheroes.

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Casey- Punisher

Hmm… A vigilante with a love of weapons, the color black, and has a skull in his costume? Am I even talking about Punisher any more or am I talking about Casey? Either way, Casey loves the Punisher. He loves how Frank is taking action into his own hands and actually taking down the baddies. Sounds like something Case would do if it wasn’t for April stopping him. 

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Latinx Heroes in Comics


  • Ms America- America Chavez
  • Ghost Rider- Robbie Reyes
  • Spider-man- Miles Morales
  • Nova- Sam Alexander
  • White Tiger- Ava Ayala
  • Power Man- Victor Alvarez
  • Spider-Man 2099- Miguel O’hara
  • Sunspot- Roberto Da Costa
  • Becca Rodriguez (Weirdworld)

D.C Comics

  • Blue Beetle- Jamie Reyes
  • Green Lantern- Kyle Rayner
  • Vibe- Francisco Ramon
  • The Question- Renee Montoya

This list will hopefully continue to be updated and if there are any I missed please let me know. The more latinx heroes out there the better

Can I talk about Marvel Puzzle Quest for a moment?

I started playing very late in the game (about a month ago) and one thing has stuck out to me immediately.

This game shows just how effortless inclusion actually is.

Not only do they have a roster that includes:

Squirrel Girl

Invisible Woman



Black Widow

Yelena Belova

Captain Marvel

Ms Marvel


Thor (Female Thor)




But a good half of the henchmen style characters are female.  Why?  Why not?

It’s literally that easy in a game like this.  Just make a single barely noticeable change to your way of thinking and you can make the whole game more inclusive.


So I’ve been thinking a lot about this project and I decided that it’s time to explain what it really is. XVII is the number 17. And for some unknown reason that number has always fascinated me. It’s like, speaking in terms of age, this is your last year before you’re an adult. It’s a time of self-reflectance, freedom and discovery. It’s uncovering the truth and lies that lay within all of us. It also represents simplicity and complexity and the matte colours and shiny finishes. It’s artistic expression. It’s flashes of light grey, beige, blue, black, white, green and red. There are many concepts of which I will be exploring throughout this project. This is nay a musical project nor is it a project of a singular description. It is a photo series, a writing series … a journal of both textual and visual representations. XVII is coffee stains and cigarettes. It is sharpie tattoos and shaving cuts. It is everything that I find beauty in and everything that people are too scared to dig within themselves to find. It is everyday life and a way of style and expression. It’s concepts and scribbles that I come up with in the back of my mathematics class. It’s regular people and dumb photos. It is art … In its purest and simplest form with an underlying meaning that is of the deepest kind.