bigender-lizard  asked:

3 and 21

ashjhafhslhfll i said i was goin to sleep but that was a lie <3

(ok ive already gotten 3 twice so ill do the dare in this one and the truth in the other hah oh boy…)

3: (truth) What are your three favorite things about your appearance? (dare) List all nine of your tumblr crushes, and describe each blog/blogger in one word.

IT DOESN’T SAY I HAVE TO TAG THEM (hah loophole) (they’ll never know) (maybe) (one word is hard wtf it couldn’t be like three words??)

omgjustinoluransi: duuuuuude
star-born: aesthetic
weenies: kind
reytistic: shitposts
redporkpadthai: ART
demijack: jacques
luke-is-very-gay: GAYEST
nbcharlesxavier: marvellll
anthxnystarks: recovery

(i just realised they’re all mutuals except for nbcharlesxavier…. who i do not remember following but who has a rad af blog) (and my top two are literally the same fuckin person jfc im so far up summer’s ass TBQH I WOULD DIE FOR HIM)

21: (truth) What three fictional characters would you most like to meet? (dare) Write your name down on a piece of paper and draw a quick picture of yourself. Take a photo of it and post it.

done :)