Since we’re all in an Avengers frame of mind, here are some images that show the process behind creating a Cap cover. Mind you there were several other steps in-between, but this gives a good sense of what it’s like going from the blank page with logo treatment to rough layout, to tight layout, to finished pencils, to inks by Danny Miki and final colors by Richard Isanove. 

So, people have been sending death threats to Joss Whedon, which is just fucking disgusting.

Regardless of your opinion of Age of Ultron, it is despicable that people feel entitled to send hateful messages to a man they don’t even know - messages hateful enough to make him delete his Twitter.

He has worked extremely hard on both films, and he is a brilliant man who does not deserve to take half the bullshit he is dealing with right now.

So, I propose the following: send a message - or anything you want to submit - to this blog to let Mr. Whedon know he is very much appreciated. We will let cast members such as markruffalo know this blog exists so that they can let Mr. Whedon know.


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