Things to do:

1. mbf lady deadpool of course
2. reblog this
3. tell me something you love about yourself
4. tell me which character you want to be after checking who’s in the marvel     family and/or supernatural family
5. once ive given you the blog rate, send me an icon of the character you’ve     chosen and a short description to put to the family!

Blogrates will look something like this:

Icon: uhmm | okay | cool | woah | chimichanga
header: uhmm | okay | cool | woah | chimichanga
posts: uhmm | okay | cool | woah | chimichanga
theme: uhmm | okay | cool | woah | chimichanga
overall: uhmm | okay | cool | woah | chimichanga
comment(s) if any:
following: nope | yup | i am now | id share my pizza with you forever

makin this shit official

Okay! so if you go to youre gonna see somethin cool as shit and you can be a part of it!

Basically you choose your fav character from marvel (currently im just doing avengers and affiliated people and possibly guardians because im too lazy to do icons for all the xmen so sue me) and send me a quote u like from them and i’ll make u a part of the family!

then when u post seflies or marvel related stuff you can tag it with Rhi’s marvel family and we can all check it out. basically a network…but cooler…



  • must be following me
  • reblog this
  • send me the character you want (note: its first come first served so be quick)
  • and a quote from them
  • and i’ll add you to the page!
  • and track the tag #rhi’s marvel family so whenever u post things we can be a cool family and get u notes ayy
  • simple really so go do it go go g o

#Repost @spnscreamsavengers with @repostapp But ummm…goodnight peeps!