I was tagged

I love being tagged :D Thanks @yandereplumsim ♥ (and hi back :D)

Rules: spell your blog url with songs (only using each artist once)

k Knights of Cydonia - Muse
e Everybody (backstreet’s back) - backstreet boys 
o One Step Closer - Linkin Park
n Nanana- My chemical Romance
i  Immortals - fall out boy
c Closer to the edge - 30 secends to mars
h Hallelujah - Nick Schilder 
a All Summer Long - Kid Rock
n Nobody’s Perfect - Jessie J

I tag:  @marvelann @elfpuddle @lauratje86, @whentheysim and @vampireacademysims (feel free to ignore if you don’t want to/already did this)

okay so this is the first one of these ive ever done, pls forgive me if i forgot someone haha.  bolded urls are ~the squad~ (ppl who i find xtra inspiring, xtra nice, and/or friends or acquaintances)

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Favorite Simmers

Well I was tagged and I’ll do this, but you have to know, I love all that I follow. This is probably more of a shout out to Simmers that I admire.

@berrysweetboutique @napoleonfrost @nenpysims @a-century-of-fakers @starlightdiner @blackcatsims @simbeeps @sevelii @budgie2budgie @holosprite @soloriya @nixels @risastorm @marvelann @peacemaker-ic @catlover800 @mspoodle1 @beaverhausenx @unzadi @sim4areason @jorgha-haq @ddeathflower @jenba @holleyberry @aikea-guinea @mistyinthebluebox @tumblinrob @w-sims @strangetomato @meetmetotheriver @buckleysims @kaleekalo @simtzu


I downloaded the lovely Marvelann’s Harold, who is a babe!

Whenever I download a Sim made by another creator, I like to have their username as the Simmie’s surname, so I’m always reminded who made my lovely new pixel person.

The opportunity of having “Harold Marvel” in my game was too fantastic to pass up the opportunity to use the TS3 to 2 Comic Book Store conversion!

So, Harold is the proud owner of ‘Marvel'ous Comics !