I downloaded the lovely Marvelann’s Harold, who is a babe!

Whenever I download a Sim made by another creator, I like to have their username as the Simmie’s surname, so I’m always reminded who made my lovely new pixel person.

The opportunity of having “Harold Marvel” in my game was too fantastic to pass up the opportunity to use the TS3 to 2 Comic Book Store conversion!

So, Harold is the proud owner of ‘Marvel'ous Comics !


I thought about making a ‘follow’-forever post for a good while now.
I really don’t want to upset anybody by not being on here.

The thing is, I am in my third year in this community and there’s some blogs I follow for ages and would like to say thank you, to, in this little, special way.

So please see this as a thank-you and as an inspiration to maybe discover new blogs to follow, and don’t be sad, if you are not on here. I love you anyways!

♥ ~TiTo

Part 2 - G-N

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