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“So who gave you the first beer?” You ask Peter as you dig through his closet to find him some pajamas. “Uh, Steve” he says while messing with his web shooters. You stop to look at him “Um no, Steve did not give you a beer”. “Uh, yes he did” he says giving you a look like your stupid. You roll your eyes and go back to looking “Okay, why did Steve give you a beer?”. “Because I was nervous about tonight and he told me it would loosen me up” he says still messing with his web shooters. “Why were you nervous?” You ask, while throwing some pajamas at him “Hey, stop messing with those” you add, swatting his hands away from the web shooters. He looks at you like you just beat him and then gets up to change, you turn your back to him “I was nervous because I was going to tell you how much I like you and how I would like to take you out on a date”. “What?” You say turning back around before he can get his shirt on. “Hey! No looking, it’s naughty” he whispers the last part to you. You roll your eyes again and help him get into bed. “You we’re going to ask me out tonight?” You ask. He sighs as he lays in his bed “Yes, but then I had to many beers, got a tiny bit drunk and that made me more nervous” he says looking up at you. “Oh wait I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, it was a secret, promise you won’t tell anyone okay, Especially Y/N”. You smile at him. “I won’t, I promise”. “Okay good. You’re so nice” he smiles at you. You lean down and kiss him on the forehead “Thanks, goodnight Peter, I’ll be back in the morning” you say walking towards the door. “Wait!” He bolts up “Can you take these off? They’re so itchy” he asks holding his wrists out to you. You walk over and take his web shooters off and set them on his night stand. When you get to the door and shut the light off you hear Peter whisper to himself “I’m also Spiderman, oh no that was a secret too. Damn it”. You bit your lip and shut the door to keep from laughing. All you can think about the rest of the night is what Peter told you, he really likes you and would like to take you out on a date.

(I had a lot of fun writing this 🤗)

Reasons - Avengers x Reader

Words: 935
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: much of Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers
Warnings: none
Requested by anons (idk if it was the same person but there’s two)
Could you write a fic where the reader steals everyone’s clothes and all the avengers just get used to it. But Pietro and Wanda join and are very confused and have to ask the others about it. All platonic. Thanks babes. Xoxox. XDAND Ok so, I really enjoyed your last post, so I wanted to ask for a fic. I was wondering if you’d write a fluffy fic where the shy/quiet!reader steals shirts of all the avengers and they just sort of get used to it and accept that that’s what they do. But then Pietro and Wanda join the team and aren’t used to the reader’s behaviour and they question the others about it. Eventually the reader only steals Pietro’s clothes and nobody knows why. Hope you see this and consider writing it. Love ya. Xoxox

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“Is that my hoodie?” Natasha laughed when she saw you sitting at the bar in the kitchen, eating breakfast.

You looked down at what you had on, and truth be told, it was Natasha’s two-sizes-too-big hoodie.

You shrugged and took a bite of cereal, “Yeah.”

Natasha nodded, “Am I going to get it back?” She knew how you were, but asking never hurt.

“I’ll give it to you tomorrow. I just wanted something comfortable right now,” You told her. Sometimes the team wondered why you never wore your own clothes, but they were so used to it always happening that they didn’t question it. You had your reasons, but the team came to the conclusion that they would leave it up to you to decide if you would share the reason.

But you never did that. You just kept taking clothes and sometimes returning them, and the team stopped questioning it.

Tony even offered to give you some money for new clothes if you wanted to stop borrowing and taking from everyone, but you denied him. And again, he didn’t question it; your reasons were your reasons.

“Looking great in my shirt, (Y/N),” Steve laughed when he walked into the lab.

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You watched Steve work out for one reason and one reason only…it was bloody hot to watch. Steve was naturally an attractive man, even the few photos you’d seen of him pre Project Rebirth were attractive in a different way than he was now, however.

There was something delightful about the way he moved when he was working out or training, he was hard muscle and yet all that muscle moved and jumped delightfully, especially his ass…he had the most amazing ass. Even more so when he was in uniform.




Y/N: You do know that if you keep smoking, that pretty little face of yours is going to get ugly real fast.
Pietro: Aw, you think I’m pretty?
Y/N: Eh, you’re not bad to look at. I’m just saying it’d be such a waste for a face like that to go bad before it’s time.
Pietro: I’ll keep that in mind.

I’m not a Monster

A/N: Ok so I felt like I was lacking in some angst so i found something which gave me an idea. But this is not that. My friend @pandellaz gave me an i dead and it sprouted from that. Also @thosefuckingxmen helped with some of the ideas. Let me know if you guys want a part two to this and i hope you like it.

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Warnings: Abusive words

Word count:1436

Normally you avoided old picture books like the plague. After you had a fallout with you brother and dad, you had vowed to never come back. Especially when you mom did nothing to stop the words they spewed at you.

But here you were eight years later, every family scrapbook you could find your eyes full of tears and half a dozen ripped pictures. Pictures that didn’t have you. Pictures after you left that made it seem like you never existed.

Flipping through a book you remembered helping your mom make you gasped at a familiar picture, taking it out of the piece or plastic protecting it.

Looking at the picture you smiled at it, holding it to your chest. The last time you were a happy family.

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How did (Y/N) end up in the Red Room?

Sitting on the small bed, you crossed your legs and fiddled with the hem of your worn dress. Everyone was given a new dress each Christmas – four months ago – but you were already outgrowing yours. Natalia’s voice startled you and your eyes shot up to meet hers. “Why do you look so sad to be leaving this place, младшая сестра?”

младшая сестра – little sister

“I am not sad, Natalia,” you answered, leaning against her when she sat on the bed next to you.

She nudged the empty suitcase at the foot of your bed. “You haven’t packed anything. He’ll be here to get us soon.”

“Our new father?” You spat the word, not trusting it or the man it now belonged to. “I don’t have anything to put it in.”

“Better to be with him than alone in this place,” Natalia said, glancing around the communal room you had shared with twelve other girls for as long as either of you could remember. A tall man with dark hair had walked into the orphanage that morning and filed the papers to take away both you and Natalia.

“As long as I am with you, Natalia, I will be okay,” you answered.

Where Do the Flowers Go Masterlist

Today is all about Where Do the Flowers Go deleted scenes 🌼🌷🌹🌻

I want to hear all your theories, questions, and ideas about Where Do the Flowers Go and every ask will earn a deleted scene – even if I don’t already have one written.

Loki and Iron Patriot Cosplay Comic Con 2016 by Mon-Kishu / @aerithmonkishu

That Iron Patriot armor was amazing. It actually worked, like in pushing a button and the helmet went down.
I have a clip of that in my Comic Con video right as one of the first scenes. I clicked my fingers and it went down XD Amazing ^^
Link to the video:

May you bury me by Lady Charity, chapter 10!! :)

Loki closed his eyes. If he said it, no one would question it. If he said it, no one would know it was Loki who said it. They would all assume it was Baldur—all except Wanda, anyway. Baldur could feel however he wanted, and not be afraid. Not be ashamed.

“Scared,” Loki said.

He spoke barely above a whisper. He could hear Natasha shift next to him. He did not know how he felt about being heard.

“Hurt,” said Tony.

“Alone,” said Natasha.

Loki turned to her. She looked down at the ground. He almost opened his mouth to say how she wasn’t—she was part of the most loyal groups of superhumans he had the misfortune of knowing, but then realized that she was looking down in shame, just as he would have if he had said it himself. It was only because of Baldur’s mask that he was comfortable with saying anything at all, besmirching someone else’s name. He suddenly felt a rise of odd and reluctant respect for her, and the others, that they would strip themselves bare even to the slightest degree despite the shame.

“Angry,” said Tony.

“Sick,” said Wanda.

“Guil—” Loki’s voice got caught in his throat. “G—guil—guilt—”

He choked. Natasha hesitated, then put a hand on his elbow. He almost pulled away, then realized that she wasn’t hitting him, and stayed incredibly still.

They all silently breathed, in, out, in, out. Loki thought that his head was clearing a little more—before he was numb, and now he felt Natasha’s hand starkly on his arm, as if it were an anchor. Some hours ago she threatened him—he didn’t understand what changed.

Thor, he would have whispered, if he wasn’t certain that no one would hear. Thor. Thor. Thor.