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For the drabble thing, 21, 29, and 26 and if you need a character Bucky or Steve

A/N: Thanks darling!! 

Prompt: Steve and Natasha figure out there might be something between you and Bucky 

21.“Just admit I’m right.”
26.“Oh my god! You’re in love with (HIM/HER)!”
27.“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: None

‘’Just admit I’m right.’’ Natasha smirked at Steve. For some reason Natasha was set on the idea that love was in the air between you and Bucky but he wouldn’t believe it, he couldn’t imagine his friend being in love?

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Cross (2/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader

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Words: 1144
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: fighting
Requested: #still moving and no internet so queue
Authors Note: I hope you guys are liking this LOL XD. Other parts will be linked once I get a chance to use Internet. (Thank you guys so much for the awesome response for this! I was so worried to post it, and I am so glad you guys like it!!)

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Part One


“So, is this like a very into it protester?” You asked Tony.

He shook his head. “I don’t think so. Friday says that he has a gun, and the girl is really sketchy. They’re both dressed up. Is there some type of con going on? Considering the people at the facility and the people down here, something must be going on.” Tony sighed.

“I don’t think there’s anything going on. And the Superman guy- if he’s cosplaying, well, I’ve never heard of him.” You shrugged.

“Oh my go-” Tony cut himself off.

“Someone! You!” The man in clown makeup ah green hair pointed to a lady just walking in front of him. She didn’t listen, and kept walking.

“I will kill all of you if someone doesn’t answer me!”

“(Y/N), look away.” Tony told you as he looked down. But you couldn’t, you were trying to figure out where you had seen this man.

“You! You’re looking at me!” The man walked closer to you.

You quickly turned your head to look at Tony. “They’re coming over here.”

“Don’t say anything.” Tony told you.

“Tell me where I am!” The man yelled at you. He was taller than you, and he smelled horrible.

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Imagine: Bruce being afraid to get close to you because because of “the other guy.” [x]

Abruptly, he stood up and left the lab. He abandoned his work and fled to the stair well. Bruce climbed up the stairs until he reached the cool, comforting air up upon the roof. This is where he came when it all became too… much.
   And, some part of him wanted you to follow him up here and make it all okay again, but another part wanted completely the opposite. Bruce didn’t deserve you, he knew that now. You… you were too good. He could never give you all that you needed. He felt like he gave you far too much stress- like he forced every single one of his problems onto you. You were always listening to whatever went wrong in his life. Why did he never listen to you? Why was he being so selfish? …Why couldn’t he let you go?
    For once, Bruce knew the answer to that: he loved you.

Want to read the full imagine? >>Fear And Loathing (Bruce Banner x Reader)<<

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could you do a "being Peter Parker's girlfriend and Tony Starks daughter would include" headcanon?? please and thank you😊

  • Peter fangirling over your father
  • Tony believing that Peter is literally the mot harmless boy on earth
  • He still gives you both the talk though
  • Peter actually would rather spend time with your dad then you sometimes and it’s really frustrating…you’re jealous of your dad. 
  • So you mostly trying to go round Peter’s rather than the other way around
  • You talk to Pepper about it…all the time. 
  • You hate it and love it. You love that they get along, but hate how well they do.

You know what I am absolutely fucking tired of? People writing Tony off as some narcissistic asshole who just wants to get in people’s pants. Like… what the fuck? Tony is a layered character and deserves more than that. I mean, yes. He is known for his sassy remarks. But part of it is his defense mechanism. He doesn’t take joy in tearing other people down. He’s just afraid of letting people in when he’s been betrayed more times than one person should in a lifetime. If your fanfic has a douchey Tony in it, then know that I’m literally cringing through it. #protecttonystark2k16

Supermom *Part Three*

Chapter Summery: You have a special surprise for the team at Tony’s party

Catch up here:  Part One Part Two

Warnings:Fighting, sass

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“Wanda, and Natasha what part of ‘I want to relax by myself’ did you not understand?” You asked tapping your foot impatiently at the two ladies standing in your doorway. “The by yourself part,” Nat said sarcastically, you raised an eyebrow at her, and huffed, blowing a loose piece of hair out of you line of sight. You looked between the two, knowing full well they were not leaving until you were dressed and ready to go to the mall with them. “I’m supposed to be low key observing the preparations of Tony’s party,” you stated to the two, coining through your clothes, trying to find a casual shirt. Nat laughed, and patted your shoulder, “Gosh, you worry to much mom, no wonder Tony calls you mom.” You snorted, “You all call me mom,” you pointed out, Wanda laughed, and handed you your purse, and ushered you out of the door.

“Natasha, I’m showing enough cleavage to attract a enfant,” you huffed, looking in the mirror. Natasha had picked out a beautiful purple low cut dress that was backless, and is fell to your mid calf. It looked like something you would have wore to a high school party. Natasha was standing next to you, “You’re fretting over nothing, you look great, maybe you’ll finally get some in that thing.” You gave her a deadpan look, and fussed with the top. “Yeah, how long is since you’ve had any action?” Wanda chirped. You scoffed, “I don’t have time to get any, watching over you people.” You raised an eyebrow, Nat smirked. “You love looking after us, or else you wouldn’t have stuck around for 3 years,” Nat stated, and Wanda smiled brightly. You sighed, it was true, you did love looking after them, they were like your children, all you cared about most days was making sure they were safe and sound. It surprised you that you had been around for 3 years, being the displeasure Steve and Tony held for you at first. But they quickly grew to love you like they’re own mother even though you were young enough to be Tony’s daughter. “I can’t believe it’s been three years already,” you said softly, looking at the two girls who were smiling brightly at you. “So are you gonna get, it would be great for the party!” Wanda gushed, you looked at her. “I’m not going, its my first day off in three years. I want to relax. When we’re done here, I’m going home and speaking with Fury briefly and then watching Netflix all night.” Natasha and Wanda both pouted, “But, you need to go! It’ll be no fun with out you Y/n,” Wanda whined. You shook your head at the two, but their faces made you reconsider. “Fine…” they cheered.


“Tony’s party is tonight,” you said to Fury, he nodded. You looked down at the young boy in front of you. He was being woken up after a year being in a coma. He was going to be so confused. His body believed it was dead, as did his brain. You walked around the table, you touched his hand. It twitched, you had only met him briefly a year ago when Tony and Steve brought them home because the Ultron fiasco. But he had ‘died’ in battle. But thanks to Clint taking him to the Heli-carrier, Fury was able to pull some strings and possibly save the kids life. He called you to come and see him when he was finally woken up, “Why me, and not Wanda, she is his sister,” you looked at Fury as people rushed around the boy. “Because she believes he’s dead, and if this didn’t work, we would have built up her hopes for nothing.” You nodded, “I understand, is this why this was kept secret?” Fury nodded, “I didn’t need you knowing, and her reading your mind, it could have caused the whole this to go astray.” Finally, he was stable and they restarted his heart, it took a few tries’, but it worked. His eyes opened and he seem confused, you walked forward, “Pietro, Pietro darling, its me Y/n, you met me before,” you nodded slowly walking into view. He nodded and looked around, “Yeah, like a couple days ago,” You sighed, and sat next to him, you took his hand. “Pietro dear, you were dead for a few hours, Ultron fired killed you while you were protecting Clint and a little boy,” he shook his head, not believing you, you didn’t blame him. “Pietro dear, calm down please,” you said, his heart was racing and you had feeling he was trying to find the fastest way out. “Stop calling me dear!” He barked, you tilted your head at him, and kept calm. “Pietro calm down!” You said with authority, he sat back down.

After explaining everything in great detail, he finally believed you and was still highly confused. “So my sister believes I’m dead?” You nodded, his accent was so thick when he was upset it made it almost impossible to know for sure what he was saying. “Stark is holding a celebration party for me tonight,” Fury gasped, “How did you?” “A mother knows,” you tapped your temple and wicked at Pietro, who gave you a questioning look. “You’ll learn soon enough my child,” Fury chuckled, you excused yourself to go get ready. “What does she mean?” Pietro asked Fury, who smiled after you. “She’s your residential mom.” That was all he said on the subject.


Thankfully Bruce and Thor were the ones to come and retrieve you for the party, because if Wanda would have, she would have found out about Pietro. But you did your best at keeping your mind blank. “My Lady, what’s the matter?” Thor asked politely, you had your hand resting on his forearm, Bruce walked quietly behind. Both dressed up very nicely, “Nothing Thor darling, parties make me anxious, that’s all.” Bruce walked next to you now, “I feel you.” He was so soft spoken, you looked at him, “I know Bruce honey, but it’ll be fun.” He nodded, you all made it to the party room, and Thor and Bruce opened the double doors, revealing the large amount of people standing, forming a path way to the stage set up “And let’s give a warm welcome to lady of the hour! Y/n!” Tony said cheerfully. Tony, Steve, Bucky, Nat, Clint, Wanda, Sam, Rhodey, and Vision all stood waiting for you. Thor and Bruce lead you up the hallway of people and up on to the stage. Tony wrapped his arm around you and held his mic to his lips. ‘Everyone, lets give a big warm welcome to Y/n, our PR manager. Better known as Mom,” You blushed, as everyone in the room clapped and cheered. Steve brought you over to a chair, “Ma’am,” you sat and he smiled at you. Through the next hour or so the group of superhero’s thanked you for your service as they’re PR manger. Fury even said a few kind words.

They had moved you too tears with their kindness; you took the mic from Tony. “Fist of all, I would like to say thank you for this wonderful celebration Tony, it’s beautiful. Next I would like to say thank you for all your kind words, and I’m very glad to be part of your crazy life.” The crowd chuckled, you looked across the sea of people and caught Fury’s eye, he nodded and went to the door. “But I also have a surprise for you all.” The crowd quieted, the team looked between one another. Wanda was staring hard at you, trying to read your mind. “I would like to welcome my guest of honor. Pietro Maximoff!” You called into the mic, a spot light lit up the door and the crowd parted, allowing Pietro walk up to the stage. He waved up at you, you smiled. A loud sob filled the air, and Wanda dropped to the floor, she was in tears. Pietro was to her side in seconds, he was comforting her. Tony took the mic and told the guests to go back to the celebration while he spoke to the team and you. “You’re kidding me ma?” Tony looked at you, you shook your head no, he looked to Fury, who just shrugged. Wanda was beside herself at this point, she could stop crying. “Wanda sweetness, it’d okay. It’s really him!” You cooed, rubbing her shoulder as she sobbed loudly.

Once Wanda calmed down, the party continued on as normal, and you mingled with the guests. Steve tapped your shoulder, and interrupted your conversation with Clint, “Would you like to dance?” You nodded at Steve. A soft song played and you danced with Steve, it was lovely. Until a loud boom and another explosion filled the room, people started screaming. Another boom and glass shattered everywhere pepping your bear arms. A bomb of some sort flew toward you and Steve, Clint tossed the shield and Steve protected you. Tony called for his suit and stood in front of you, “Run mom, and hide! Don’t come out until I come and get you.” You did as you were told and ran out of the room with Hill, protecting you. You looked back for a moment and watched the team fight off whatever it was, and they disappeared.

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Bonnie and Clyde (Part 1)

Note: This is my first attempt at anything like this so go easy on me. This is going to be a series, idk how often I’m going to post the parts but I should be posting the next one pretty soon (in like 4 hours idk)

Also I’m in love with Tom Holland. Ok, cool. 

Y/F/N: Your Full Name
Y/N: Your Name/Nickname

B/F/N: Your Best Friends Name
H/C: Hair Colour. 


The jolt of the car coming to a stop wakes you from your rest. “We’ve arrived, Miss (L/N).” The rays of sun infects the once dark car as the driver opens the door. You step out and thank the well dressed man, grabbing your suitcase. Stepping forward, you take in your surroundings. A large, confronting building, sitting in a sea of green grass stands in your wake. “(Y/N), you’re finally here! I missed you so much!” The all too familiar voice of your Aunt brings you to back to reality.

“Pepper! I missed you too!” A wide smile not budging from your face as she pulls you in to a tight hug

“It’s been so boring not having my best friend here to hang out with.”

“It’s been so boring not having my favourite person ever to hang out with.” Pepper has always been your favourite person in the entire world. She was the one to go to your school awards nights and sports events, the one you call when the girls at your old school were being mean or your father was being his usual, rude and obnoxious self. Not seeing her for the last six months has made you feel like a part of you is missing. Now that you’re moving into the Avengers facility, all of that is going to change.

Your hug is cut short by the piercing ringing of her phone. “Pepper Pots… Hi Coulson. They did what? Ok, stay there, I’ll be there in 15.” She lets out a sigh as she slips her phone back into the bag hanging from her forearm. “I’m so sorry (Y/N). I know I said I would stay with you today and show you around but this is an emergency. I’ll get Tony to show you around.” A look of dismay washing over her face.

“Hey, I totally get it. I’ll see you later?” Pepper nods as she steps into the car.

You watch her leave until you’re attention is drawn to footsteps behind you. “So you’re the one she talks about all the time.” A mid-height, immaculately dressed man stands with his arms folded in front of his chest. “Tony, pleasure to meet you.” He extends an arm out for you to shake.

“Names (Y/F/N), but everyone calls me (Y/N). Listen, thanks for taking me on, I really appreciate it.”

“I had no choice, your abilities are perfect for what we do here and Pepper wouldn’t stop gushing about how well you fight.” An uneven smile on his face. “Ok. Come on,  I’ll show you around the place.”

Walking into the facility is like walking into another world. Tony shows you around the science labs, offices and conference rooms, the gardens surrounding the facility and the vast collection of cars and aircrafts. You’re blown away by the level dedicated entirely to training. Finally, you and Tony step into the elevator. “So up here is the living quarters. This is where you and the rest of the team live for as long as you wish. I don’t think anyone is home right now, but you’ll meet them later tonight. The elevator doors glide open, revealing an open living room. Your mouth drops open. “Over there is the kitchen, down that hallway is the home theatre, out there is the balcony and through there is where most of the bedrooms are. Come on, I’ll show you to yours.” You trail behind him, looking around the area in awe. “So you can decorate your room with whatever you want. I have to go to a meeting now but I need you to meet me out by the elevator at 4pm.” He says as his voice disappears down the hallways, leaving in your room.

A large window stretches out over an entire wall. A bed sits against a white brick wall, a couch resting along the opposite wall with plenty of space for you to move around. Exploring, you discover that there are two doors in your room, one leading to a bathroom and the other to a walk in closet.

Overcome with excitement, you throw yourself onto the bed and unlock your phone, seeing a notification.

*(B/F/N): oml you better tell me everything

(Y/N): this is crazy

I’ve only met Tony so far but this place is insane

(B/F/N): Tony… as in Tony STARK

(Y/N): yup

Also he said something about getting access to a car

I was like are you serious*

After hours of texting, you realise its almost 4pm, you need to meet Tony soon. You decide to change into your blue jeans, rolled up to fit your short ass legs, a thin black and white striped t-shirt which you tuck into your jeans at the front and a pair of (kind of dirty) converse. You run your fingers through your long (H/C) hair as you grab your phone and walk towards the elevator.

The elevator dings just as you reach it. “Good, you’re here. I’d like you to meet some people.” Tony excitedly pronounces. A group of 3 people step out of the elevator behind Tony and stand in a line. “Guys, this is (Y/N), our newest recruit.”

A muscular, blond haired man steps forward. “Steve Rogers, it’s an honour to meet you.” He gives you a firm hand shake, showing a perfect, white smile. Captain America

“I’m Clint Barton. Can’t wait to see what you can do.” A stocky man with athletic arms and a warm smile introduces himself. Hawkeye.

Your attention is  drawn to the last member. “Natasha Romanoff. I’m hoping to see your skill set in action some time soon. I’ll be training with you, along with another team mate.” Her dead straight, red hair falls to her shoulders. Black Widow.

The group discuss different things about living in the facility and what its going to be like for a short while. Also, the group invite you to their weekly movie night later on. Steve’s phone interrupts the conversation. “Again, really? Do you even remember how to use a door?” He sighs as he stands up, opens the window and sits back down whilst hanging up the phone. Suddenly, a red and blue figure swings into the living room. Spiderman. He removes his mask as he strolls over to the group, his messy hair falls all over the place. “Hey guys, is movie ni-“ His warm, brown eyes meet yours.

“You’re finally here. Clyde, meet Bonnie.” Tony says, nonchalantly.

I Like Her (Loki x Reader Imagine)

Request (@2cute4porter):  Could you perhaps do a Loki one? Maybe you two meeting for the first time and him being the typical Loki (obsessed with power, wants to rule every realm, evil etc.) and the reader is unimpressed by him, so she will take the whole situation with sarcasm and he will be shocked.

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You were waiting in the living room with the rest of the Avengers. You had all just moved into the Avengers Tower and were waiting for Thor to (unfortunately) return with his brother, Loki. Yep, the same one who tried to take over New York with an alien army and used mind control on your brother Clint. You hadn’t actually met him yet though but what you had heard was nothing positive. The rest of the team had found you wounded and hurt while they were on a mission. You had been on the run and were known to be missing for the past five years. When Clint found you he couldn’t believe it and he persuaded Tony to let you stay with him

“Reindeer games has arrived!” Tony loudly announced as Thor entered with Loki.                                                                                                                   “Oh, would you stop yelling!” Loki exclaimed.                                                     You rolled your eyes at him, instantly disliking him.                                            “Well you better get used to it.” You told Loki.                                                       He looked at you and smirked.                                                                                “Oh, and who’s this? Another freak to add to your group.” He laughed.           “Brother…” Thor warned Loki, obviously displeased with his behaviour.                                                                                                             “Oh, don’t worry Thor, what’s he going to do? Take over the world again? Let’s see how that turns out!” You replied.                                                                  Deciding you had had enough, you walked turned on your heels and went out the room into the kitchen. Loki was shocked but quickly recovered…                                                                                                             "I like her.“ Loki announced, smirking which earned a glare from Clint.