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Storm #3 (2014)

I don’t know about you folks but I think about this a lot.

After being in the Marvel Comic Universe for 39 years, Storm finally got her own on-going solo series. Written by Greg Pak, Storm #1 is the comic book the fans of the Weather “Goddess” have been waiting for!

Marvel has been dominating the market with many outstanding solo series since the launch of Marvel Now! Has the reign of the team books been taken over by solid solo series? Not by this one, that’s for sure. 

The third installment in Storm’s most recent solo series brings us back to Kenya, where Storm was considered a “goddess”. I literally laughed out loud when Storm was like “I…was kind of crazy, wasn’t I?” I’m like, “SERIOUSLY? Nobody is going to address that?” And for the most part I was right. Nobody is saying how this old lady didn’t believe she was a Goddess but a crazy person. I don’t know, this event is just weird. Her characterization is weird, the motivations are weird, it’s weirdly paced… I didn’t enjoy it that much to be honest.

This series and issue is just missing the mark on all levels. What is Storm’s purpose and direction, because I can’t figure it out, and I feel neither can Greg Pak. It is not a good sign when it’s only issue three and you are changing up the artists and colorists. Scott Hepburn and David Baldeon’s art is really not at the level it should be for Marvel artists. I would like to know which one did what page or panel, as one clearly is better than the other. The inconsistency is glaring, but that being said, the art is still just plain bad. Pak’s story is just so uncompelling that I don’t care. There is a lot of history between Forge and Storm, which had me interested, but even that can’t get me invested into the story.

I wanna like this series, I really do. But Pak didn’t make this easy. Storm over the past few years just doesn’t seem to be herself. I remember saying to myself “This solo series and Storm really need a clear direction or they’re just not gonna survive.” Ironically I was right. I can get past horrible art if the writing’s top notch, but that’s just not the case here. Make me care about her! Seriously Pak, Storm is an incredible character who deserves a great series. Also, let’s have a story arc of 4 to 6 issues rather than one offs. That way we can really get invested in her and get to know her a bit better. Storm has a lot of potential to have compelling stories, but who’s gonna wait around for this series to finally find a direction. This was atrocious and a waste of a solo series.

I don’t blame Pak but Marvel as a whole. I feel like Marvel didn’t do much to explore her. Instead, Marvel went undermining Storm by taking away what made her most interesting. Making her look crazy and making readers understand that she was never a “goddess” but a loser for believing she was. And the comments where Storm explained to Forge about her LIMITS, she can’t control the global weather… UGH. This is Marvel saying to us fans that Storm don’t fit the criteria of Omega level mutant. Overall, I think I get the reasoning behind this. It’s a way to tell the fans that Marvel just don’t give it fuck about Storm.

Don’t waste your money. There are way better solo series to pick up than this one. Her solo was terrible it was poor sales, which didn’t progress and many weren’t supporting it. That’s what a cancellation means. 

Легион | LEGION (2017)

Жанр: фантастика, боевик, драма

Об этом сериале должны знать больше людей! Я даже не стала дожидаться окончания сезона, чтобы написать отзыв!

Дэвид Хэллер - никто иной как сын Чарльза Ксавье - основателя Людей Икс. Вот только о существовании сына профессор не знает, как и о том, что он передал своему ребенку не дюжую силу. Дэвиду поставлен диагноз — множественное расстройство личности. Постепенно выясняется, что картины и голоса, которые он видит и слышит, вполне реальны, а не бред его воспаленного разума. 

Сериал на столько необычен, что мне даже трудно приписывать ему какие-то жанры. Да и на сериал он слабо похож. Будто очень длинный фильм, порезанный на несколько частей. Картинка то выстраивается в одно действие, то снова разбивается на множество беспорядочных кусочков. Временами начинает казаться, что это какая-то бессмыслица, а потом резко все становится до простого очевидно. Не думаю, что я когда-либо смотрела нечто подобное. Очень своеобразные сериал, за просмотром которого уж точно не расслабишься. 

Актер, играющий главную роль, просто невероятен. Не знаю, что меня в нем так зацепило. Играет очень здорово, внешностью будто походит на нескольких знаменитых актеров, и при этом абсолютно ни на кого не похож. Тяжело объяснить, но от него невероятно трудно оторвать взгляд. Так и хочется все больше и больше наблюдать за ним.

Картинка тоже просто чудо. Я в восторге от визуального ряда, переходов, спец.эффектов и всего остального. Нравится и необычная подача сюжета, когда сам начинаешь путаться в том, что реально, а что воспоминания или вымысел.

Я даже представить не могу, что будет ждать в каждой новой серии. Столько загадок, и так мало ответов. Это невероятно интригует и заставляет смотреть серию за серией. Присоединяйтесь.

Future Brotherhood Polaris X-Men: Battle of the Atom (Game,2014)

The daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane is a mutant with the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, similar to her father. As a superhero with a very complicated history, she has long felt torn between her own principles and those of her father.

STATUS: Polaris’ alignment finally tipped when Magneto died in the future fighting anti-mutant forces. Despite their conflicted relationship, she’d always admired and respected him – and so when he died, she carried his torch, joining the Brotherhood and wearing his original costume as homage.

“Generations-coming summer 2017” is an artwork made by Alex Ross that seems to be an upcoming big event on the Marvel Universe