marvel: the avengers


I’m really surprised no one’s mentioned this yet. Thanos has a reputation for taking vulnerable youths and twisting them to become his weapons.
The people he considers his “daughters” were tortured and manipulated into carrying out his orders.
In Avengers, Loki is clearly in the same boat. He’s been tortured into obedience.
It’s a recurring tactic Thanos uses to gain allies.

headcanon that bucky’s arm is made out of some non magnetic alloy or some such, but the whole team has just assumed that it’s magnetic; of course, the hydra scientists would have tackled that issue early on, but that’s not something you just ask.

so finally natasha dares clint into some sort of magnet contest, like whoever can get five fridge magnets onto bucky without him noticing wins. and clint sneaks up and tries to tack one on and it just falls off, and bucky hears it as it hits the ground with a thunk and he turns around and just stares at clint. and clint just stares back with huge horrified eyes before running off and natasha is snickering in the corner because she already knew. 


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The Avengers Preference - Types of Kisses

Bruce Banner/The Hulk:

He often does little finger kisses that reassure you and comfort you. He’s not one to show too much affectionate but when he does it’s because he wants to remind you that he does adore you and he’s listening. 

Bucky Barnes:

The ‘sweet and sensitive’ kisses. Bucky has done some stuff that he regrets so being able to come home to you and be with someone who he can be gentle and loving to is the best thing for him. He’d savor these types of kisses. 

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: 

Lots of quick, funny and kind of desperate kisses. Both of you do these kinds of kisses as a little joke but it’s also because you worry that you’ll never be able to kiss him enough. Just one of the cons of having an assassin and an Avenger as your boyfriend. 


The “I know we don’t have much time so kiss me now” kiss. It’s not one that many people experience but you and Loki would go through it. A lot. 

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver:

Young, desperate kisses. Kisses that make you never want to let him go. What more would you expect from Pietro? 

Steve Rogers/Captain America:

Steve would pepper your face with little kisses. He loves being able to show you affection; to prove to you that he adores you. He has so much built up emotions so being able to come and just kiss you all over your face and make you giggle pleases him. 


You wouldn’t be able to see Thor very often and when you do, he’d probably be a very nervous kisser. He’s all about being a gentleman but he doesn’t want to waste your time together so in your kisses you’d probably take the lead. 

Tony Stark/Iron Man:

Dorky, fun bed kisses is what Tony lives for. He’s not so tensed up and filled with sarcastic comments when he’s around you and he knows what you like and he adores being able to make you happy. These are his favourite kisses.