MARVEL COMICS…. Everything Ends…Summer 2015

[Français] Je suis vraiment très intrigué et intéressé par ce que Marvel Comics va nous préparer pour l'été prochain… J'espère que je ne serais pas déçu!

[English] I am very intrigued and interested in what Marvel Comics will prepare for next summer … I hope I will not be disappointed!

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Marvel Zombie Kingpin Bust

The Kingpin of crime, AKA Wilson Fisk, has been a major villain in the Marvel Universe for nearly 5 decades. Though he is not a super powered villain, what Fisk lacks in powers he makes up in intelligence and sheer brutality. Underneath his obese appearance is the musculature of an Olympic weight lifter, which he utilizes with horrifying results, during the rare occasion when he has to get his hands dirty.

This 1/6th scale Zombie Kingpin bust is expected in early 2016 with a retail price of $120.00(USD). Currently available for pre-order