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Is there anything you prefer in the Ultimate Universe over its original 616 counterpart? Characters, origins, stories, etc. That sort of stuff.

Captain america

the mega violence

actual villains doing actual villainous things

actual bodycounts

the self contained origins and whatnot.

I always recommend Ultimate Spider-man to people because it’s a good way to get into someone spider-man without having to wade through all those years and issues.

action on a grand scale

Reed “bodycount in the hundreds of billions” Richards

but yeah


You will be missed


she puts her foot down and the instabilities disperse and the ground is solid beneath her feet, her brother’s fingers warm against hers

(wanda & pietro in venice, very briefly. nicked from the only fun bit in ultimates, a “gift” for the mcu that now includes maximoffs, who—no matter who fucks around with them, no matter how—remain mutually obsessed unsubtle mutant babies. & for volchitza​, who made the stunning graphic and loaded up my dms with all the gorgeous gory details of what mattered in aou.)

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In what issue does magneto say he loves charles? I want to read it

oh my friend i’m sorry but i really don’t think you do want that….

I don’t recall the issue, but it was in the Ultimates.

For those who don’t know, the Ultimate X-men verse is a sort of very fucked-up dark! au. Think of it as, that one terrible fanfic with non-con and torture.

Magneto has literally nothing that makes him good. He hates his son, is for some reason a cannibal, and is mainly the worst person to ever live. Charles looks super sweet with his little cat in his lap at all times, but he is a manipulative asshole who has no morals whatsoever(at one point, he brainwashes Erik to become a docile lamb because he doesn’t want to kill him.)

There’s pretty creepy love affairs all around, including a barely legal Jean and fortysomething(200-something, really) Wolverine and strongly hinted incest between the Maximoff twins. For further proof of the sacriledge that is Ultimateverse: Charles drinks Starbucks.

The positive thing(?) about the Ultimateverse is that Charles and Magneto have the gayest gay love story to ever gay. They met, fell in love, left their wives and children and moved in together to a little utopia. No lie.

Then of course Mags has to ruin everything by starting an argument which ends in Charles getting paralysed, (it’s here he says that he loves Charles, and goes off to cry in the woods saying that it’s God’s will)

Everything goes downhill from there. Magneto spirals into absolute evilness and madness, and he ultimately kills Charles. Long story short you can read Ultimate here if you want(up to issue #69), or buy it. But it’s not… it’s not really super.  If you want cute Cherik fluff, do yourself a favour and buy and read Excalibur 2004 instead.

“I know you dropped this on purpose, Wade…”

“Oh? I did? My Bad~”

((I thought about Deadpool being a big puppy again and this time I caved- Here’s some SpiderPool for you cause they’re fucking adorable!))