(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) David Marquez

Tony is knee deep in trouble from enemies both old and new. But here comes Mary Jane Watson and his world will never be the same again!


(W) John Barber (A) Andrew Griffith (CA) Alex Milne

ALL HAIL OPTIMUS-PART 1! Backed by an army of zealous followers, OPTIMUS PRIME declares Earth to be a part of CYBERTRON’S Council of Worlds-and the DECEPTICONS and the people of Earth don’t won’t take it laying down! The story starts here, but the repercussions will last forever.


(W) William Van Horn, Jonathan Gray (A) William Van Horn, Massimo De Vita (CA) Marco Gervasio

What’s scarier than mad sorceress Magica De Spell? Magica De Spell with amnesia-becoming Uncle Scrooge’s ally in William Van Horn’s new “Woe Is He!” Then Donald dons his Duck Avenger cape and cowl in “The Search For the Zodiac Stone: Chapter 8!”

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We, the many fans of Loki (Thor 1-2, the Avengers) kindly want to ask Hot Toys to work again on the action figures head and correct it to look close to the original face of the actor, Tom Hiddleston.

External image
The first Loki action figure, , had a nearly perfect face, sporting the trademark cheeks bones, the smile and eyes of Mr Hiddleston. The new action figure lacks all those features.

The first action figure (Loki, the Avengers):
External image

The new one (Loki, Thor: the dark kingdom):
External image

Please take us serious and correct the head, Hot Toys-Team

yours truly, the many fans of Loki Laufeyson. SIGN THE PETITION HERE!

Hasbro learns its lesson, includes Black Widow in first line of Civil War toys

The toy company appears to have learned its lesson, releasing a line of Captain America: Civil War toys that features the first Titan-scale (that’s 12 inch) Black Widow action figure, in addition to the smaller Miniverse and Legend versions. The Titan-scale Black Widow is featured above, and here’s an image of what appears to be the Legend version, complete with what looks like an homage to Iron Man.

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Our fearless host, Lorraine Cink, takes us on a tour of Toy Fair 2013 in NYC. Check out Marvel toys to hit shelves later this year from Hasbro, Diamond Select, Think Geek and Kotobukiya!


Rocket Raccoon wears a slick orange and black spacesuit that contrasts nicely with his intricately sculpted brown fur, and the tree branch texture of his friend adds yet another element to this fantastic presentation. Rocket Raccoon is all business as he holds up an enormous futuristic cannon, carried into battle on the shoulder of his friend and ally Groot! The small but tough as nails creature stands on his hind legs, resting one clawed hand on Groot’s head while prepared to level his intimidating heavy weapon at any enemies who may still be standing. Available for sale on November 2014.