Finally I came to Marvel cosplayafter so much time planning it xD I decided to make Medusa’s costume, because she is one of my favorite female carachters from this universe, and I really like the colour and the form of this dress. Despite the fact the costume is too simple for competition I wore it on Starcon last weekend an enjoyed wearing it. Hope you like my creation 🍹


As Wolverine and Banshee give the Inhumans Gorgon and Karnak a tour and shows them the Danger Room, it does not go well as expected. Wolverine gets kicked by Gorgon the Inhuman so hard that he went flying across the country and he landed into Georgia (the European country, not US state). 

Unofficially, that’s how the Mutants vs Inhumans feud first started…

- Uncanny X-Men First Class v1 #1 (first 3 images)

- Uncanny X-Men First Class v1 #2 (last image)


briankesinger did another live periscope stream the other night. I woke up to find this awesome clip of him drawing, drinking and expanding his multitasking with answering old ladys questions at the bar where he was. And also taking request from a more and more excited crowd of viewers. The theme was mermaids as you can probably tell :) Watch it here: