Day 15: Moment That Made you Cheer: Quicksilver confessing the truth and reconciling with his daughter Luna

I was sooo happy when Pietro confessed the truth about his crimes and stopped blaming an imaginary Skrull. And I lost my shit when Luna hugged him and told him how proud of him she was. Maximoff drama gets to me every freaking time.


A-Force #2

(W) Kelly Thompson, G. Willow Wilson (A/CA) Jorge Molina

• What do you do when a sentient cosmic event rampages through Japan? ASSEMBLE A-FORCE!
•  Marvel’s newest hero, SINGULARITY, has escaped Battleworld and found her way to the Marvel Universe! But she didn’t make the journey alone…
•  To combat the villainous ANTIMATTER, Singularity will call upon Earth’s mightiest team of Avengers. And one thing’s for sure: They are A FORCE to be reckoned with!

(Release date: 3rd January 2016)