The Homecoming Mixtape

Peter Parker’s musical essentials. [ x ] [ x ]

Reality Warping Girlfriends: A JeanWanda Fanmix

i. Cupid by The Big Moon

I’m gonna get this perfectly right
I’ve been trying to catch a night for a lifetime

ii. Dreams by The Kooks

Baby in the morning, pour me your dreams,
Don’t bring me coffee, I’m somewhere in between.
Baby in the morning, don’t wake me too soon,
I’m lying in satin in the middle of the moon.
Coming down the mountain, I’m not one I’m two
Holy angel, cradle me

iii. Ease My Mind by Hayley Kiyoko

I need you to be here
I need to see you crystal clear
Like diamonds in a coal mine
In the moonlight when you appear

iv. Green Garden by Laura Mvula

And I’ll fly on the wings of a butterfly
high as a tree top and down again
putting my bag down, taking my shoes off
walk in the carpet of green velvet

v. Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons

I heard you were looking like the moon
Flashing but your dark parts
On the other side of you
So sad, I can’t see you

vi. Road Blaster by M83

But everywhere I go, everywhere I go I see you
Calling love to the land
‘Cause anything I do, anything I do
Is about you

vii. She Wanted A War by Blonde Tongues

It was cold out, her eyes were burning me,
I was the fire beneath the wind that she conceived,
She leaned back and looked at me

viii. Threads by Izzard & Blankts

We’re melting the whole damn park
Carving our names in bark, carving our names in hearts

ix. TOO GOOD by Troye Sivan

Fingers walk your thigh
Breathe my love, get high
And oh, I’m so scared

x. Nothing Left by Anna Aaron

Give me a trapdoor.
Give me escape.
A mind-machine to memorize her wonderful face

Mistress of Magnetism: A Lorna Dane Fanmix

i. Sober ii by Lorde

And the terror and the horror
God, I wonder why we bother
All the glamour and the trauma and the fuckin’

ii. Change by Lana Del Rey

Lately I’ve been thinking it’s just someone else’s job to care
Who am I to sympathize when no one gave a damn
I’ve been thinking it’s just someone else’s job to care cause who am I to wanna try

iii. Rainy Days by Fog Lake

Do you think we’ll ever sleep tonight
We were enemies but now we see our fortune
But misery’s a sight i see in motion

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all your world’s a stage

dance with me ‘til all the stars begin to fall,
dance with me ‘til there’s nothing left of you at all, 
all the stars come down tonight.

a mix for the red room girls | listen

i bet you look good on the dancefloor

A playlist for this amazing Voltron Dance!AU fic by xShieru

Heartbreak in the Making - Zak Waters, Make it Shake - Wonda Music Presents, Step Up - Samantha Jade, Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner, Bubble Butt - Major Lazer, Needed Me - Rihanna, Say My Name - Destiny’s Child, Wiggle - Jason Derulo, Baby Boy - Beyoncé, Hips Don’t Lie - Shakira, Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé, I Wanna Be Like You (Remix) - Sim Gretina, Beggin - Madcon, Don’t Wanna Dance Alone - Fifth Harmony

a catholic whore; - a Matt Murdock/Daredevil playlist

{  a mix for hell’s kitchen’s devil } LISTEN ) 

This City – Patrick Stump // Murder City  – Green Day // Golden  – Fall Out City // Shia LaBeouf  – Rob Cantor // Cupid Carries A Gun  – Marilyn Mason // Bang Bang  – Nancy Sinatra // Time Bomb  – All Time Low //  Blood on My Name  – The Brothers Bright // Lose Your Soul  – Dead Man’s bones // I’m so sorry  – Imagine Dragons


a spider’s lullaby | a Natasha Romanoff fanmix

01. here I come, a firebird, don’t offer up your sorrow, today you see me crash and burn but I’ll be back tomorrow / 02. acting like I’m heartless, I do it all the time, that don’t mean I’m scarless, that don’t mean I’m fine / 03. you will feel me like a thunderstorm, I shake the ground you walk upon, and you can wonder who I really am, I’m only the face of every woman, just a heartbeat in a man / 04. you don’t want to look at me, for you will turn to stone / 05. the song of the siren, a moth to the flame, do you live for the poison? then forget my name / 06. I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord, I’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life / 07. down in the deep where the sirens sing and hide in the muddy water, blood on my hands / 08. lay me down, leave me lost and found / 09. after the storms are passing through, they’ll know my name, when they’ve forgotten all about you

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For ProjectHappyStark 2016!

Yeah, I can fly! An Iron Man Playlist 

ALIVE sia // I WANNA GET BETTER bleachers // BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY, RICH lady gaga // I CAN DO ANYTHING 3oh!3 // JUNGLE x ambassadors & jamie n commons // GALVANIZE the chemical brothers // FLY AWAY lenny kravitz // ON TOP OF THE WORLD imagine dragons // CENTURIES fall out boy // IRON MAN john o’brien & rick boston   


IN MEMORIAM: for the boy who went to war and never came back.    8tracks | spotify

a boy goes to war. he learns to fight, to hold a gun, and kill people. 

a haunted man falls from a train. he’s dragged away, shaped, changed, turned into a weapon. he’s no one. a ghost. empty.

a dead man jumps into the river after a man he can barely remember. the winter soldier is washed away with the cleansing waters of a dirty river filled with wreckage. 

james barnes has emerged from the ashes,   a new man, though, not the same man who entered a war 70 years ago.   he doesn’t expect to ever be that man.

only living boy in new york - simon and garfunkel / somewhere only we know - keane / a lack of color - death cab for cutie / adagio in d minor - john murphy / white winter hymnal - fleet foxes / charlie boy - the lumineers / into eternity - brian tyler / once upon a dream - lana del ray

aint no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant / we must be killers - mikky ekko / cloud atlas finale - tom tykwer / lovers arctic - arms and sleepers / end of the line - henry jackman / eet - regina spektor / an act of kindness - bastille / i wanna get better - bleachers / unsteady - x ambassadors / goodbye friends - tom day

I Wasn’t Born To Be Quiet: A Wanda Maximoff Mix

i. Devil In Me by Halsey

I won’t take anyone down if I crawl tonight
But I still let everyone down when I change in size
And I went tumbling down tryna reach your high
But I scream too loud if I speak my mind

ii. Candy by Chromatics

Please don’t let them in your heart
Because they’ll try to steal that flame from in your eyes

iii. Desert Blues by Nassau

So it goes.
It goes wild.
‘Til my eyes are off the past. 

iv. You Deserve This by Men I Trust

My feelings are true
With ease they allow
The flow of my will

v. Battle by Slumbers

It feels like I’m in a
constant battle with my
mind just to stay sane and
to stay happy

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The Man & The Machine

“The suit and I are one”

Part I:


Stark [Brian Tyler] - Gold Guns Girls [The Metric] - Capital H [Motion City Soundtrack] - Mowgli’s Road (BLACK TEETH RMX) [Marina & the Diamonds] - I Don’t Care [Fall Out Boy] - Just Got Paid [ZZ Top] - Poor Atlas [Dessa] - Paranoid [Black Sabbath] - Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies [Biffy Clyro] - What Makes A Good Man? [The Heavy] - Dammit [Blink-182] - In The City [Kevin Rudolph] - Scoff [Nirvana] - Everybody Loves Me [OneRepublic] - Heavy Metal Lover [Lady Gaga] - Higher Ground [Red Hot Chili Peppers] - Driving with the Top Down [Ramin Djawadi] - Slept On Tony [Ghostface Killah] - Iron Man 3 [Brian Tyler]

Part II:


Can You Dig It [Brian Tyler] - Up In The Air [Thirty Seconds To Mars] - Invincible [OK Go] - Into The Blue [Bush] - Machine [Regina Spektor] - Robot Rock [Daft Punk] - Iron [Woodkid] - Fixin to Thrill (Villains Remix) [Dragonette] - Comeback [Redlight King] - Jericho [The Prodigy] - Nightrain [Guns N’ Roses] - Invincible [Muse] - Get Free [The Vines] - The First Time I Saw Jupiter [Fall on Your Sword] - Song 2 [Blur] - Human Rocket [Devo] - Tick Tick Boom [The Hives] - The Phoenix [Fall Out Boy] - Heroes [Shinedown] - Iron Man [Black Sabbath]

My 8tracks

I Will Be Here: A ClaireDevil Fanmix

i. White Mustang by Lana Del Rey

I was such a fool for believing that you
Could change all the ways you’ve been living
But you just couldn’t stop

ii. Stuck by Day Wave

Well you might know this
I’m thinking about it
Cause you’re stuck in my head
And I’ll be honest

iii. You’re Not Stubborn by Two Day Cinema Club

So if I’m wrong again, I apologize
You can take a guess, I’ll check out my eyes
It’s a common thing, to be out of line
But it’s getting old, by the fifteenth time

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