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MOONKNIGHT Issue 1, Page 11-15 (Dec 2014)

Art practice from a script by Warren Ellis. This was done in December 2014 after I met Marvel’s CB Cebulski and this art was meant to see if I can work based on a writer’s script. I submitted this work to CB Cebulski on Dec 15, 2014 (I think). I thought it would be okay to share this with you as well :)

I wasn’t too pleased with the result, considering I had to juggle with so many things at that time. This year, I’ll try to come up with something better.

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lol to the marvel fans telling people to boycott supergirl because it’s dc and that means it’ll “obviously” be bad okay then enjoy waiting three years for your captain marvel movie while i watch a feminist female-led superhero show


comics meme → [1/5] favourite female characters → ororo munroe [storm]

“When I was just a girl, I called myself Goddess, and I lived in the sky. Sometimes I wonder why I ever left. I’m a Mutant with the power to control the weather. Here’s where I belong, every nerve connected with the wind, the clouds, the vapor.”


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Wonder Woman Will Most Likely Pass Her 75th Anniversary in Comics without a Planned Movie

In case you missed it last night Warner Bros. announced that the Man of Steel sequel currently unnamed but commonly referred to as “Batman vs. Superman” has hit a snag. The film will now debut in May 6, 2016 almost a year after its planned debut of July 17, 2015.  No word yet on how the existing movies on the slate for Affleck and Amy Adams will effect that change.

I’ll be blunt - this is not good for DC Comics or Warner Bros.

It means that WB/DCE will have no movie exploiting its superhero IP for three years after Man of Steel. It means that the film that they are hanging every hat that DC has in superhero IP on a date that will directly conflict with a Marvel superhero movie. Marvel who has gotten the trick of making superhero movies down to being able to do it with their eyes closed.

So not good.

Now let’s talk about Wonder Woman.

The delay also means that Wonder Woman will not see celluloid until just around the middle of her 75th year of creation. As the theory and utterings from the studio have gone it’s Superman Sequel, Justice League Movie and then maybe, just, maybe, you’ll see a Wonder Woman movie. And that’s if the person cast as Wonder Woman works out. I’ve already expressed concerns about that.

So basically Wonder Woman gets for the 75th anniversay of her comic debut in December 1941 an extended guest appearance in a Superman sequel. My hope was, of course, that WB/DC was serious when they talked about getting a Wonder Woman movie made and that we’d get a green light after the debut of Batman vs. Superman around July/August of 2015 so that there would be possibly a movie on slate.

That’s not going to happen. In fact right now given this delay and the clown car approach that the studio seems to taking with shoving characters and actors into the movie, I’m even more concerned about the movie than before.

On one hand, perhaps they figured out they had a problem and want more time to get it right. On the other hand, what’s going on that they are so unable to do this without problems? Marvel can do it. Fox can do it with their Marvel characters they have rights to. Really, what is the problem?

What makes this even more disappointing is that the CW announced this week they had buried any plans for a Wonder Woman TV show. That means, for all intents and purporses, Wonder Woman has nothing except this movie for multimedia. What other network is going to do this? NBC as already had their experience with the shittastic David E. Kelley show. ABC is all in on Marvel. CBS? Doubt it. Perhaps Fox might take a chance given their plans for a Gotham (aka “Smallville w/Batman)?

The frustating thing about the CW killing plans on Wonder Woman is that they used the same language that everyone uses about Wonder Woman "need to be very careful.” But it seems they are willing to work to get shows like Arrow “right” and the Flash “right” - but with Wonder Woman its “eh, tired, let’s go find some dude to give show to.”

Marvel, of course, has yet to have any female led superhero movie. And may not have one by the time Wonder Woman does. But they will have a Jessica Jones TV show. And they may have a Peggy Carter TV show. And they will have had much of their female characters on the big screen - Black Widow will have been in four movies for example. And who knows they may just move forward with a Ms. Marvel movie.

And DC? Well we know about the movie situation. And for TV, let’s see there’s Gotham, Constatine, Arrow, Flash TV shows all already on or green lit for pilots.

While Wonder Woman made her debut in comics in December of 1941, her self-titled comic didn’t debut until the following year. That gives WB/DC still a chance to 1) Get out this movie out on the new time 2) skip the “Let’s put out Justice League first” 3) Prove Gal Godot is as great as they’ve told us and that’s she’s able to headline a big budget movie 4) pull together a movie that overcomes the memes of “tricky” to debut mid year 2017 to mark the debut of Wonder Woman #1.

I think Wonder Woman has the same thoughts on that happening as I do.

Supergirl is no Kryptonian rom com, but it’s full of goofy charm

Supergirl opens by intentionally checking off each of those “chick-flick” beats in the first 10 minutes — and then proceeds to turn the tropes upside-down. The fear going into this first episode was that the show would be a clichéd mess, running roughshod over a beloved character in a cynical grab at female audiences. Instead, Supergirl manages to be enjoyable, and in some ways even lovable. It’s still a mess that might lose casual viewers early, but the show is a winning effort for being every bit as feminist as it is fun and campy.

— Kwame Opam for The Verge