Being Peter Parker’s Best Friend and Spider-Man Sidekick Would Include…

A/N: pretend all the Avengers still go to Avengers tower

~Tony absolutely loving you and treating you like his own kid.

~Tony finding you first but made sure you two both had the right equipment for the job.

~Movie nights with Peter and Ned (although they will sometimes get interrupted by your hero duties)

~Ned being so understanding and thinking it’s so cool his two best friends are superheroes

~“we’re not superheroes-”


~You and Peter fighting over who’s suit is cooler

~Tony knew very well about these arguments and made sure there were things about the suits you would find by accident so you guys could win equally

~Trips to the tower together!!!

~Peter not shutting up about going to said tower

~“Don’t freak out, but Captain America is going to be there.”

“*Tom Holland interview voice* oH mY gOd iT’s cApTaiN aMerIcA”

“Didn’t he try to kill you?”

~Being friends with all the Avengers (Especially Loki)

~When Loki shows up, the prank wars never end

~Peter being as cute as possible when talking to Loki and basically admiring him even though he knows all the things he’s done.

~Peter trying to make peace with Cap because of Civil War

~You and Peter trying to understand how Vision works

~When Peter asks about the Infinity Stones…


~Always catching Peter doing stupid things as Spider-Man

~“So I left a note with the bike so the owner could find it!”

“You do realise another person is just going to steal it, right?”

“Now that I think about it…”

~Always saving each other’s asses

~Not being able to be without each other

~If one of you is home sick from school, the other is on edge all day

~You and Peter always bring soup and movies when the other is sick

~“Don’t touch me, you’re gonna get sick!”

“Too bad, I’m cuddling with you and watching Star Wars to make you feel better, so shut up.

~Being the absolute Best of friends anyone has ever seen in the history of ever

~You mean everything to each other

My first Headcannon! Hope you enjoy, I wanted to get content out today!

The Home We Built For Ourselves

Thor Odinson x Reader

Words: 1,994

Summary: You’ve created an imaginary life with your soulmate but as fate wills it, once you meet in person, your dreams stop. The kicker? You don’t even remember what your soulmate looks like or what their name is. Fuck.

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: anon said to write a soulmate au and couldn’t decide for whom. loki or thor? thor or loki? there’s a bit of fluff, there’s a bit of angst. hope i delivered, my friend! this soulmate au is kinda out there…also this doesn’t follow any uhhh, real timeline. it just…exists. also, this fic was also half written after i got a root canal so uhh…if some of it is wonky, i apologize


His touch lingers on your skin as your eyes flutter open.

You take in a deep sigh when you realize it’s another morning; another morning without your soulmate. You grab the blankets in frustration when you try to remember what he looks like but to no avail. That’s the shitty thing about this entire soulmate bullshit—whenever you wake up from your dreams, you can’t remember their face nor their name.

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There’s no place like home… (Chapter 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x daughter!Reader

Words: 1015

Summary: Inspired by events from the Wizard of Oz, the reader is swept in a cyclone and wakes up in the MCU, only to find out that Bucky Barnes is her father.

Warnings: besides fluff none :)

REQUESTED BY: @obsessedfangirl4lyfe

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Your presence at breakfast was no better than when you had been awoken by Bucky. The Avengers, as they were known in this surreal dream of yours, began to notice your odd behaviour: repeatedly asking whether you were alright.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay, Doll? We can get Bruce to check you out, just to make sure-”

“No no, I’m fine. It’s alright…Thanks Chris” you hastily retorted, before realising the mistake you’d made.

“Chris?” Steve had quizzically questioned, cocking an eyebrow as he tore his focus from you to Bucky, whose concerning look was firmly locked unto you.

“Seriously kid, what’s going on? You haven’t even touched the waffles on your plate, and you love waffles” Tony distressed.

“Seriously I’m fine! Just don’t feel like eating much today.”

“What do you mean? We need you energised for today’s training, kiddo” Tony loudly retorted, shrugging his shoulders in confusion as he looked towards Bucky for answers, who still simply remained silent.

“Robert, seriously I’m fin-” Before you could even finish the sentence, you had realised again you’d mistaken your reality with theirs, and it had cost your trust.

“Y/n, we need you to tell us, are you sure you’re feeling alright? Didn’t bump your head on your bedpost or anything? Manage to get any sleep?” A familiar, yet concerned voice had remarked: diverting your attention towards its origin, you were surely close to fainting.

“Pietro?” You shockingly inquired, tilting your head to the side in complete disbelief, uncertain as to how he’d remained alive.

“Yes Y/n, that’s me. You really don’t seem like yourself?” He questioned, scanning your body trying to search for a bump or bruise that may explain the odd behaviour.

“Guys, seriously I’m fine! I’m just going to go back and lay down for a bit, if that’s alright with you?”

“But what about training? We’ve already designated everyone a partner, Pietro can’t work with himself!” Steve persisted.

“Hey! If my daughter says she wants to relax, she can relax…But Y/n, you’ve never missed a day of training. But if you’re not feeling yourself, then-”

Before Bucky could ever finish explaining himself, you’d already bolted for the elevator, attempting to remember which floor exactly it was that your room was held in. Once its sleek doors had opened, you’d repeatedly pressed the button for the door to close. The last sight to see was the puzzled states of the Avengers, wondering what exactly caused your unusual behaviour.

Throughout the ride, you’d been contemplating whether to disclose to them about your situation, about getting awfully caught in the cyclone, only to find that you were no longer in Kansas.

“They would believe me right?” You theorised, attempting to figure how exactly you’d put your situation into sentences and words that they could clearly understand, and simply not question.

Before you knew it, subconsciously your hand instinctively reached out only to press on the floor you’d just left. On your way of returning, trying your best to mentally prepare yourself for their reactions, the sudden opening of the door with you in it again, left them in complete disbelief and silence. Surely, you’d just interrupted their discussion which was about you.

“Actually, I have something I’d like to say” you exclaim, gradually walking towards them all, though wanting to keep an even distance. Your fingers fumbling with each other, your thudding heartbeat began to hasten, and you felt sick to your stomach.

“It’s alright, love, take your time” Bucky gently uttered, his smile most comforting.

“Well I-uh, I’ve been acting strange recently because well-I’m not exactly from here”

Examining their expressions, the confusion in their eyes, before Tony could interject you immediately plea before he could “-before you ask the questions, let me just explain, please.”

“Look, I come from a place called Kansas, and just recently a cyclone hit the region and to my misfortune I got caught in it, along with my dog, Frigga. During the storm, I had fallen unconscious only to find myself awoken by you-” gesturing her hand to acknowledge Bucky “and since then I can’t recall exactly or even know how it’s possible for me to have ended up here… But that’s that.” You sigh, the tension rising as you felt their stares burning into your skin, as you awaited for a response from absolutely anyone.

“Well-uh” Bucky initiated.

Soon enough, many of the fellow Avengers had bursted out laughing, recounting many of your phrases about the cyclone, and questioning the name Kansas.

“It was a great joke, Y/n but if you’re going to make up a state, at least make sure the name is convincing!” Tony roared, his hands hugging his stomach, as his contagious laugh spread all across the room.

“Y/n you’re usually not one to joke but” Pietro was bursting, unable to contain himself during his sentences “I have to commend you on that one!”

“But I’m actually being serious!” You shout, trying to overcome the loud laughter, although failing in doing so.

“Why do you think I accidentally called Steve Chris, or Tony as Robert! That’s your actual names that people know you as, where I’m from! Not to forget, I wrote a poem about your character, Tony when I was little, if I even remember, it went like ‘Ironman


Gonna get smashed

Like an Ironcan”

“Kid you’re killing me!” Tony breathlessly erupted: at this point he could no longer contain himself, and was completely restless in his seat.

“Y/n you can drop the act… Now go on and get ready for training. These guys won’t stop for a while.” Bucky chuckled, gesturing you to go on ahead.

Completely upset and feeling utterly dispirited, you’d felt they’d never believe you now. Recalling the story over and over again, recounting each detail you could have possibly remembered left you wondering how in the slightest chance was it all this even possible. Chuckling to yourself, over how ridiculous the story had sounded, you’d begun to convince yourself that perhaps this new life was just a new beginning…

anonymous asked:

Natural by Imagine Dragons and Barton. If you're bot taking song fic requests, could you write 33 with him? 😊

A/N: I’ve never heard that song before so I just went with the number! This is straight trash but whatever! Thanks for requesting!





33 - Clint Barton

33. “Rumor has it, I make you nervous.”

Being Director Fury’s daughter, Y/N was very respected around SHIELD.

Her job mostly dealt with keeping the Avengers in line, which was harder than it sounded. The group was surprisingly troublesome when they wanted to be. Tony, in particular, was usually the one involved with such scandals. The one that was never involved in anything though was Clint.

Actually, Clint was rarely ever involved in the media or anything, completely fine with just being in the background. While it did make Y/N’s life easier, she did wish sometimes that he would get in more trouble so she could have a reason to talk to him. Whenever there were meetings, he would always avoid eye contact and just mumble greetings before rushing out of the room. After this happening again, Y/N was tired of it.

After having a talk with Natasha who gave her a little insight, she confronted Clint. “Rumor has it, I make you nervous.” Clint was very quick to deny it, but the blush on his face said it all. Before he could rush off again, Y/N grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t freak out. You make me nervous sometimes too. Maybe we can get over this nervousness together on a date?”

Infinity War characters as The Office quotes

Peter Parker:

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Thanos pt 2:

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(I know there’s more and I’m gonna do more gimme a break)


Summary: Sam and Nat decide it’d be funny to cockblock the former Winter Soldier after his girl returns from a long mission away.

Word count: 3.5k oops. (Sorry I got a lil carried away, this was just really fun to write tbh 😂) 

Warnings: Smoooot (smut), don’t read if you’re underage pls.

Originally posted by xmidnight-moonlightx

“Fuck” Bucky groans under his breath as you roll your hips backwards, your ass rubbing against his stiff cock. His arms tighten around your waist as he buries his face into your hair, a needy whimper escaping the back of his throat. 

The sinful way you ground your hips against him was driving him wild and what started out as spooning while watching a movie was quickly turning into something else as indicated by the heavy pants coming from the super soldier. 

“Baby…” he breathes, one of his hands coming to rest on top of your hip. You stifle a groan, biting your lip as he pulls your hips tightly against him, pressing his cock against the soft flesh of your ass as he ruts into you. The grip you have on the arm still wrapped around you tightens, nails digging into his forearm as he grabs your breast and squeezes. 

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Imagine finally pushing Cable into taking you (smut)

(Sooo…Long smut ahead 😂I got carried away…Can’t help it Cable is too Daddy 👌Also i hope i got his character right :) I tried my best!!! Hope you guys can all like it!!! Gif not mine/Found it on Google/Credit to the original owner.)

Being bored within the school for gifted, you turned and turned within your rolling chair as you sat by your desk, waiting impatiently for everyone’s return. After injuring yourself on the last mission you all had as “X-People”, Colossus and practically everyone else agreed for you to stay back for once.

To your surprise even Wade insisted on it and so did your crush Cable, at least from the way he grunted and nodded in agreement with the others. He wasn’t very talkative around you, always looking away or stumbling nervously on his words when he’d respond to your sudden questions.

His attitude only seemed to fuel your curiosity and mostly your strange attraction to him. Of course, his older age, rugged good looks and firm and big body was what caught your attention at first but the contrast of it with his somewhat shy behaviour around you just drove you to the point of imagining all sorts of scenarios with him.

Something about him just made you want to push his buttons and see if you could tick him off enough and match it up with his looks for once. Sure, he always lost his cool around Wade and turned you on a few times, but the moment you’d look or make it clear that you were there as well suddenly he’s all back to his quiet self.

The more you though about it the more you grew impatient and somewhat confident with what you had in mind. You wanted to mess with him the way Wade would, so what better way than to go right ahead and play with all his futuristic gadgets that he kept so secretively in his room.

Spinning one last time, you laughed and started to make your way out of your room right within your office chair, figuring you’d get there faster that way. The halls were empty with most of the kids and teachers having left for vacation, leaving you to be alone for the meanwhile and of course to have your way with what you were going to do.

Carefully, you turned the corner and got up from your seat, climbing the stairs slowly but surely to not put too much weight on your injured ankle. Soon enough you came face to face with the door to his room, feeling confident you turned the knob and chuckled to feel it locked. Unlike everyone else, he had a habit of not just keeping it closed but locked as well it seemed.

Luckily for you, you were quite the mischievous person and had made a copy key of the master key the moment you had gotten to the school. Searching your pocket, you finally found it and went right in to unlock the door.

Opening it you finally got in and weren’t surprise to see how clean his room was compared to anyone else’s. Instantly, you were fascinated with the weapons and gadgets he had on display by his desk and made your way closer to check them out. Seeing all of his guns and bombs so up close, you inched your hand closer to get a feel of them and maybe figure out which one to test.

They were all intricate and so futuristic, your heart started to race upon realizing what you were going to do and slowly you started to rethink your actions. Having barely even touched anything, you made up your mind and decided to back out from it.

Hearing only your heart pound in that moment, you hadn’t even noticed the voices that could be heard downstairs, even less as the door behind you closed and a simple footstep was taken.

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Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun | Pt.17

Teaser Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13 Pt.14 Pt.15 Pt.16


Summary: You’re arranged to marry Tom Holland, Londons most feared mobster, but it’s never easy. He doesn’t seem to want you and you don’t want anything to do with him.

Words: 4.4k

Warnings: Death, blood, guns.


Not long after Tom arrived at the house, he was crouching outside of the door where Harrison stood minutes ago. He had no plan, winging it was the only thought on his mind but for the moment, he listened closely, despite the anger he was feeling-, the anger that made him want to bust those doors down and shoot every man in that room.

“I’ll tell you what, sweetheart. Your man has done some bad things in his time but the worst was definitely the day he ruined your life.” All of the men cackled, guns casually hanging in their hands.

Tom was lost for a second, trying to work out what they were saying but all he could think about was the day the two of you signed that piece of paper, and you seemed to think so too.

“If you’re talking about our arrangement then you’re wrong.” You muttered, ignoring the metallic taste that made its way onto your tongue.

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fic recs post (yes, another one)

hey guys so I’ve almost reached 3k followers (which is so so crazy, how are you all following me lol) and 500k reads on wattpad (which is even more wild to me) and I wanted to post my third and longest fic rec masterlist! this is a list of amazing fics by super talented authors that I just want to showcase so everyone can read them when they get the chance. this list is a little more organized than my other ones were and I’ll be adding onto this and linking it in my description so everyone can see it when they get the chance! I love these authors and these fics so much and I hope you guys do too (remember to reblog and comment on their fics, as a fellow author I know how excited I get whenever I see readers appreciating my work, so I know these writers will too!) anyway I’ve been rambling for long enough, thank you so much for nearly 3k followers and 500k reads, and hope you guys check these writers out!

peter parker x reader

Blood in the Cut by @infamous-webhead

Then Again by @wordsinwinters

Soulmate AU by @bi-writes

Time After Time by @softspideys

Trust Issues by @spider-bih

Still Having Nightmares by @starksparker

Fun Fact by @starksparker

Party Trick by @sassycassie-s-writing

Falling by @darling-parker

Behind the Mask by @sarsmusings

The Upside of Falling Down by @spidereyhes

Love and Hate by @softspideys

Priorities by @bi-writes

Phone Call by @spider-boi

In Which You Surprise Yourselves by @rileywrites-parker

Teaching Intimacy by @peterplanet

Confessions by @suitedspidey

Caught in the Rain by @sarsmusings

Hurt by @holllandtrash

Find You by @softspideys

Want You Back by @tomhollahoe

This is It by @honeyparker

Faking It by @softspideys

Perfect by @leni-lion-luke-larb-logic

Short Stuff by @spider-boi

Flowers by @suitedspidey

tom holland x reader

Domino by @madmadmilk

Ground Rules by @madmadmilk

Call Me King (mob!tom au) by @thewiseandfree

Forever (fuckboy!tom au) by @starksparker

Breakfast & Runaways by @infamous-webhead

Checkmate (mob!tom au) by @holland-ish

Blow a Kiss, Fire a Gun (mob!tom au) by @hollandroos

Against the Agenda (fuckyboy!tom au) by @cosmetologynerd, @hollandroos, and @holland-ish

2 AM Tea by @tomhollandxreader

The Princes and the Pauper (socialite au) by @spidereyhes

Roommates (roommate!tom but that’s a given lol) by @softspideys

Stay by @softspideys

Slowly (roommate!tom au) by @bi-writes

Thunderstorms (roommate!tom au) by @loserparker


Marry You (sam holland x reader) by @softspideys

Chai Tea Latte (sam holland x reader) by @starboyholland

Faith (harrison osterfield x reader) by @holllandtrash

Imagine Kissing Loki for the First Time

Originally posted by fandomediiits

Request: Hc for your first kiss with Loki?

Warnings: swearing, fluff


• Loki not knowing why or how you like him so much because he thinks so little of himself and is extremely insecure

• Like seriously everyone tells him the way you feel but he never believes it until you tell him

• Once you do tell him you’re crazy about him his heart fills with joy and he can barely contain his excitement

• You can’t even really tell of course cause he has such a cocky exterior when it comes to women wanting him and so all you notice is his sly smile

• However his slight arrogance is so fucking attractive like damn it really makes you want him even more

• Almost immediately after confessing your love to one another he wants to kiss you

• He SO would take his time cause he’s such a fucking tease and now he knows how badly you want him

• Pushing your hair behind your ear so delicately and brushing his fingers against your cheek

• Slowly leaning in and glancing down at your lips as he licks his own in anticipation

• You needing him so badly to just fucking kiss you already

• Him finally planting his lips on yours with such love and passion that you’re almost literally blown away

• Your heart RACING

• His heart RACING

• You’d never known how badly you needed his lips on yours until the moment he actually kisses you

• Him smiling with a tint of blush on his cheeks afterward

• “Well that was certainly something,” he’d say, chuckling nervously as he’s overtaken with happiness

• “Shut up and kiss me again.”

Warnings in smuty one shots

Warning: FILTHY, SMUT, 18+, SINNING, *insert kink*, *insert kink*, *insert kink* ,*insert ship*, OML, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDDDDD, HARDCORREE”


Neon Signs

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: After a tough decision is made during a mission, Bucky decides he’s kept his feelings quiet for too long.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader (Y/N) and a motel worker

Word count: 3.3k

Warnings: SMUT AT THE END SO 18+ READERS PLEASE; swearing, mentions of violence/torture, a bit of angst and some fluffy joking in the middle of arguments because my characters can’t stay mad at each other. Thigh riding and some dirty talk. Again, smut, so please read at your own risk.

Prompt: Location prompt, Motel

A/N: Ahhh, hellooo! This is my second ever fic and I really hope you guys enjoy it, I had a lot of fun writing it (after not knowing what to do for like two weeks). Aside from the motel prompt, I had help for dialogue thanks to a picture on pinterest, but I lost it! This was written for @wehaveabucky and her 2.5k celebration, congrats Emmy! I really hope you like this! Anywho, onto the story :) please remember to reblog and feedback is always appreciated!



“We need a room.”

The man at the front desk of the motel lowers the newspaper he’s reading, yet doesn’t look at you or Bucky. “How many beds?”

“One,” Bucky says.

“Two,” you say at the same time.

You glare at him, and he glares right back.

“Fine, two,” Bucky growls at the man.

The man doesn’t really look at you two as he hands you your keys. If he did, you’re not sure what he’d think of your torn dress, blood smeared here and there. He probably would ask about the bandage on your thigh, maybe even call the cops; but he just takes the money Bucky passes to him and sits right back down, reading his newspaper again.

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Tom and the lie detector test

(PART II here)

A/N : I wanted to write a fiction in which Y/N works with Tom on set, still hesitating!


Yes, working on set with Tom Hiddleston was great. What Y/N hadn’t planned was she would fall in love with him. Being friends with Tom was something she appreciated. They’d shared so many experiences on set and the bond between them was strong.

However, as soon as Thor Ragnarok filming ended, Y/N and Tom had to say goodbye.

God, it was hard.

Tom went back to London and she got another job in New York. Y/N thought it was life, that she couldn’t help it. He was a celebrity and she was nothing else than his friend.

It broke her heart forever. Well, for a week actually.

Y/N knew Tom had accepted to appear on a TV show after the shooting. It wasn’t her thing, but it would allow her to see his face again.

And here he was, her gigantic dork, still magnificent, all kind and polite. Y/N sighed, fidgeting with her phone, not really listening, until a few words caught her attention,

“Well, now Tom, there is a little surprise for you tonight. We have a special guest who previously worked for the army.”

Another woman appeared on screen and Y/N frowned, turning up the volume.

“Tom, would you accept to pass a test ? It won’t hurt.” the presenter assured.

The woman started circling him with wires and what looked like medical stuffs.

“This is a lie detector test…”

Y/N chuckled. Unlike his character, Loki, Tom had never been a very good liar. This would be fun.

Tom and the detector appeared on separate screens. On the second one, needles traced his blood pressure, pulse and respiration on a paper.

“So, Tom, this is a polygraph. We’re going to ask you some questions. Deceptive answers will produce physiological responses that will be differentiated from those associated with non-deceptive answers. In other words, we’ll know when you’re lying.”

They started with a pre-test interview to establish his normal reactions. Tom was a bit nervous, rather amused.

“Is your name Tom Hiddleston ?”


“Do you live in London ?”


“Are you nervous ?”


“Why ?”

“This is extremely disturbing.” Tom chuckled.

“Here we go. This is the actual test. Do you want to get married someday ?”


“Have you ever been in love ?”


“Do you think everyone has a soulmate ?”


There was a silence and a smile curved his lips,

“The purpose of this interview is now clear…”  Tom mumbled, causing the presenter to giggle.

“Are you in a relationship with this girl ?”

The woman pushed a picture of a famous actress in front of Tom.


“Are you sure about that ?”


The needles of the detector were still tracing a linear pattern on the paper.

“Is there someone out there who doesn’t know you have a crush on them ?”

Tom bit down onto his bottom lip,


The needle slowly rose to draw a line higher than the others and Y/N’s heart sunk into her chest. Tom was a seductive man, he certainly had a crush on another celebrity. He took a glance at the paper, pressing his lips together tightly. Joining his hands, he leaned into his seat,

“I’m getting incredibly nervous, but everything I’m saying is true.” he smiled.

“Do you have a phobia ?”


The lines went back to a normal pattern.

“Does this picture scare you ?”

The woman handed him a photography of a clown, causing Tom to chuckle.


“Do you have a girlfriend ?”


There was a silence until the woman placed another picture in front of Tom,

“Are you dating this woman ?”

Tom cleared his throat, observing the photography,

“Oh well, this is Y/N. No, I’m not dating her.” he chuckled uncomfortably.

Hearing her name, Y/N listened more carefully, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Do you like her ?


“Would you like to date her ?

Tom did his best to not show any emotion, but Y/N knew him. She could see his eyes slightly widening as he adopted his usual poker face.

“Not answering to this one.” he slightly smiled, shooting a gaze at his agent who was hiding behind the cameras, a grin across his face.

“Do you love her ?”

Y/N’s heart started racing in her chest. Were they even allowed to ask this type of questions ?

Tom shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose as he laughed. It took him a moment to recollect himself. He looked back at the TV presenter, inhaling deeply before he held his breath, delivering a high pitched “No ?”.

The needle instantly went up on the paper and Tom gasped, burying his face in his hands,

“My goodness, that was unfair. I hope she’s not watching this.” he blushed, leaving Y/N breathless.

Oh yes, she was watching this.


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Worthy (Thor x Reader)

Originally posted by tsundereslasher

A/N: The request didn’t specify this was supposed to be a Thor x Reader or if it’s just platonic but I made it romantic anyway cause I love love ok?

Request: Can you write a imagine for Thor where the reader carries the hammer without realizing what she’s done?

Summary: None of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes other than Thor himself have been worthy enough to lift his mighty hammer. That was until you gave it a try…by accident.

Warnings: swearing, fluff, and like one (1) dirty joke


The ritual of the Avengers trying to lift Thor’s hammer happened regularly nowadays. Tony was throwing party after party and each time the heroes sat around each other in a circle, slightly tipsy, and took their shot. None have them have ever succeeded in picking it up, other than Thor, of course. Steve came close once, but still managed to fail. When Thor and Steve aren’t present, Tony and the others sometimes contemplate if he can but just decided not to go through with it due to his chivalrous ways. Maybe they’ll never know for sure, but as of right now, only Thor is worthy.

You started dating the God of Thunder almost instantly after taking the job as a SHIELD Agent. He couldn’t resist your bright smile that lit up every room you entered and he fell in love with your kindness. All of the Avengers and other Agents agreed you were by far the sweetest person to ever work within the tower. It appeared you and Thor were perfect for one another, being so nice and understanding. Obviously you both have your moments of weakness and it’s known you have quite the mouth on you sometimes, but that never broke your reputation as the classic girl next door.

Thor, Tony, and Bruce sit on the couch in the living room in the tower. Two of them had just made yet another attempt at lifting the hammer, completely sober this time, as if that has any affect. Much to Thor’s delight, Tony and Bruce fail yet again. So, he sets the hammer down on the kitchen table and spends the next few minutes hanging out, watching TV, and chatting.

“Hey Thor?” Bruce announces.


“Has Y/N every tried lifting the hammer?”

Tony scoffs. “Can you not hear her lift his hammer through the walls all night? They’re so fucking loud.”

Thor chuckles to himself, completely unsure of what Tony means. “No, Y/N has never tested her worthiness.”

“Do you think she could be worthy, Pointbreak?” Tony questions.

“Perhaps…she has such a good heart and never does anything wrong. I don’t know for sure if those things are important but I like to think so. I guess she could very well be worthy.” Thor replies. The men all nod in agreement at his statement, even if they don’t truly believe you could ever lift the hammer.

You enter the common area, looking for the paperwork you have been typing up as reasearch for an upcoming mission. Your brain is a daze, comeplety fried from working so hard. You have only one thought: where are your damn papers?

“Shit,” you mumble, sorting through the piles of paper scattered on the island. You don’t have any luck finding them. Your stressful actions gain the attention of the others in the room as they all turn their heads to watch you frantically search the kitchen.

Thor furrows his eyebrows, concerned about you. “My love, what seems to be troubling you?” he asks.

“I can’t find my work! Everything I’ve been putting my energy into the past few weeks so you guys can go on your mission! This is so fucking frustrating!”

Tony and Bruce just snicker at your outburst, finding the way you raise your voice hilarious as you usually remain calm and happy. Thor, however, cares too deeply for you to see you this upset. He makes his way over to you, placing his large, strong hands on your shoulders and placing a quick kiss to your lips. “It will be okay, Y/N. I will help you with your quest to find these papers.”

You laugh at his formality. “Thanks, Thor.”

“Anytime, my love,” he says with a grin. His usual nickname for you still manages to make you blush as your heart skips a beat. You could certainly go by that name for the rest of your life.

Thor saunters over to the counters, looking through cabinets and in drawers. Maybe checking in those areas is unneeded, but it warms your heart to see how badly he is trying to help. You step over to the kitchen table, fishing through the work left out from the other Agents.

Thor’s hammer sits atop a stack of papers and you let out a groan. You pick it up in your hand and swing it around. “Babe,” you state. “You can’t just leave your weapon lying around in the kitchen like this.” You smirk at your boyfriend who stands still, looking at you in disbelief. Tony and Bruce turn their heads as well. Their eyes are wide and their jaws are dropped so low they could probably hit the floor. Confused, you glance at each man.

“Holy shit…” Tony utters.

“Everyone get in here!” Bruce yells.

“Now!” Tony adds.

The rest of the Avengers fill the room. Steve, Sam, Bucky, and Clint stand frozen and clearly taken aback. Wanda and Nat just smile. “That’s my girl,” Nat says, both women nodding in approval.

You glance between the most powerful people on the planet as they stand around you in complete shock. You smile nervously, trying to remain collected and friendly. “Guys…what’s going on?”

Thor runs toward you and lifts you in his arms. You giggle at him as he triumphantly grins and spins you around. Gripping the hammer tighter, you try not to drop it. He places you back on the ground and kisses you deeply.

“She’s worthy…” Steve whispers, still very surprised.

“Why of course she is!” Thor shouts proudly. “Only the one woman in the world who is worthy of my heart would be worthy of holding my hammer as well.”

“What are you talking about?” you remark.

“Y/N, I am the only one who has ever been worthy enough to lift this hammer. Now it appears you are worthy as well!” he cheers.

You snort, not really understanding the joke. “Baby that’s impossible. I love you but what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.”

Tony instructs you to put the hammer back down as he demonstrates that he cannot lift it no matter how hard he tries. One by one, everyone tries, and the only people who can pick it up successfully are you and Thor.

Tossing the hammer back and forth between your hands, you smirk. “I could get used to this kind of power.”

“As could I, my love.”

Dating Loki would include:

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  • a LOT of whining
  • loki is very sensitive to touching
  • prefers any kind of touching to when you’re alone 
  • loki prefers big spoon to little spoon. just sayin’.
  • talks aloud to himself (but still expects you to listen)
  • constantly asking for the other persons opinion on things
  • constant ! reassurance !
  • loki is so so possessive
  • and super overprotective
  • and so so dominant
  • lots of winking and smirking
  • and jealousy only shown through jaw clenches 
  • and then neck kissing
  • and biting
  • intimate eye contact
  • and you all know what that leads to
  • you’re one of the only ones who can truly make him laugh
  • except from thor
  • when you leave for longer periods of time he gets very anxious
  • stupid jokes
  • laughing at the other avengers
  • “captain america is such a du-”
  • “loki for odin’s sake be quiet!”
  • thor freaking LOVES you
  • sweet and tender kisses
  • kissing everywhere and anywhere
  • kinda bugs the other avengers
  • though most of them think it’s super cute
  • being the only one to truly listen to his stories
  • teaching loki to bake
  • play! fighting!
  • and you also know what that leads to
Soft and Sleepy

Summary: Based off of this post! 💓

Word count: 1.4k 

Warnings: Hella fluff. 

A/N: I did it. I wrote the thing. I’m done drowning in my feels and finally wrote it because the world needs more soft and sleepy Bucky. Hope y'all enjoy! 💕

ps: I had like three gif options but Maggie said b&w was classy af 

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Bucky stirs, eyes still closed as a soft groan leaves his lips, arms searching for the warmth that he so adored in the very first bouts of consciousness. His brows furrow when they don’t find the sweet girl that usually occupies the space beside him, attributing her absence to the reason he had awoken. 

His hands pat the empty, colder side of the bed before squinting his eyes open just a tad as confusion clouds his mind. Where was she? 

It was still early, the first rays of morning light just beginning to filter through the curtains, casting the room in a dim orange haze. He thought that after last night’s festivities, she was sure to be tired and worn out. He knew he sure was. 

He groans again, rubbing his face with his hand before throwing the warm comforter off of his body, heaving himself out of bed moments later knowing he wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep without her in his arms. 

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