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Oh hi, so in the interest of keeping things I love corralled into one neat little place while also answering any questions I get asking for fic recs, I decided to create this little post. There’s a 1000% chance that I love everything written by the people listed below, but I tried to keep it chill by just featuring a few of my favorites. This is my love letter to all of you for sharing your beautiful brains. Thank you for giving me the feels. I’m looking forward to adding to the list.

Bucky x Reader

Thanda, Uthando by @tropicalcap

Sober Thoughts by @tropicalcap

Stars by @sweetboybucky

Notebook by @softlybarnes

Salt by @borkingbarnes

Best. Date. Ever. by @bitsandbobsandstuff

Hold My Girl by @captain-ariel-barnes

Stake Out by @bucky-at-bedtime

Steve x Reader

The Five Closed Doors and the One That Opens by @hispeculiartreasure

River Rocks by @marvelous-avengers

Moonlight by @sweetboybucky

Popcorn by @evanstarff

Cold Water, I’m Underwater by @captain-ariel-barnes

How Long Will I Love You by @a-splash-of-stucky

Stucky x Reader

Out of Time by @fangirlfiction

Tender by @evanstarff

Victory Kiss by @fangirlfiction


Time by @sweetboybucky

When They Had Nothing by @until-theend-oftheline

The one where Bucky and Steve get married by @bitsandbobsandstuff

The Touch Starved Man With a Plan by @minuialeth75

agentpegcxrter  asked:

Hi! I don’t know if your kiss prompt thing is still open but if it is, could I have #73 & #71 with bucky please? If they’re closed it’s okay I don’t mind! Have a lovely weekend ✨✨🌸🌸 (ps: love your writing)


I’ve done one with 73 BUT I will do a general: 71: a gentle “i love you” whispered after a soft kiss, followed immediately by a stronger kiss

ship: bucky x reader

summary: after saving the world once again, bucky feels it’s finally time to tell you 

word count: 735

a/n: listen this is just SOPPY shit okay

warnings: fluff, nudity? idk it’s implied

masterlist | bucky masterlist

Originally posted by ironmanssugarbaby

“We shouldn’t disturb them,” Steve murmured, peering around the door with Sam at your resting frames. It had been a long night, the fight lasting until the early hours of the morning and, although the threat had been defeated, there was no denying that everyone was exhausted.

A small group of you had returned to Clint’s house battered and bruise, in need of warmth and comfort. A warmth and comfort Clint and his wife had happily provided, with use of spare bedrooms or sofas or the hammock on the porch. Tea and coffee for a few hours, sat in solemn silence around the kitchen island until finally, Steve laughed.

He didn’t follow it up with a conversation, just a laugh at the absurdity of it all. Even after all these years, it was still exactly that - absurd. Everyone smiled, some chuckling with him. Even Bucky. 

He turned to you, smiling at you softly before a languid sigh escaped his lips. He set his coffee mug down and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close until he could nuzzle his nose through your hair.

“Let’s go to bed,” he whispered, although in the silence of the kitchen everyone still heard it. And although the soft words were meant for you alone, the sentiment was shared.

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Dating Steve Rogers Would Include...

Originally posted by gaybuckybarnes

Requested by Anonymous

Thanks to @marvelgreysahshcs for helping me out with these!  

  • never gets jealous
  • he knows he’s the ideal man
  • he’s so genuine
  • steve is sucH A GENTLEMAN
  • like you’ve probably never opened a door by yourself in months
  • be prepared for detailed talks about bucky
  • bucky is basically your brother
  • steve def uses his 40s slang around you
  • most of the time he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it
  • christmas is a very important holiday, and you’re favorite one to spend together
  • loves dancing with you to old swing music
  • big spoon
  • or you’ll just sleep on top of him and let him hold you like a stuffed animal
  • tickle fights
  • he’s so protective of you
  • you help him train
  • so many cuddles after missions, especially the long ones
  • comfort baths
  • doesn’t like horror movies
  • he gives you ALL the compliments
  • you’ll 100% prank steve with the help of bucky and sam
  • you listening to bucky tell stories about steve in the 40s
  • so many forehead kisses–giving and receiving
  • you patch him up after missions when he gets hurt
  • good morning texts
  • you stealing his shield
  • steve’s the kind of guy to kiss the back of your hand
  • you hugging steve tightly from behind
  • cute nicknames
  • steve is the most gentle person
  • he probably gets a dog
  • pda normally doesn’t go much farther than holding hands or cheek kisses
  • watching current movies and tv shows
  • loves and respects you so much
  • running your fingers through his hair to calm him down
  • cooking with each other
  • all the kisses
  • so much innocent romance
  • he carries you a lot
  • long talks late at night

Hope you enjoyed!  Feedback is welcomed ~

you’re beautiful | eddie brock

@hemmosauce said: Hey! I just found your blog and I’m OBSESSED! I was wondering if you could please consider writing an imagine for Eddie brock using the prompt: “you’re beautiful. uh, u-um i mean the weather. it’s beautiful. not that you’re not beautiful, because you are. i’m just gonna shut up.” I totally understand if you don’t want to or aren’t feeling it so no pressure lol. Can’t wait to read more of your fics :)

a/n: so this ends hella awkwardly becuase i didn’t really know how to end it so i apologize for that lolololol

The streetlights were turning on, you’d been waiting so long. You gave up on texting him half an hour ago, since none of your messages were going through anyway and your battery percentage was cut in half. You tapped your boot heels on the dirty gravel, making a beat to distract yourself from the situation.

You weren’t expecting much from him, but you definitely weren’t expecting him to blow you off completely. You felt like an idiot, to say the very least.

You shoved your hands in your pockets, your whole body becoming colder as the temperature gradually dropped. You were sitting on the stairs to your apartment now, even though you could go inside at any time. Your body refused to move.

In the middle of your thoughts, you heard the door next to you open. When you looked up, it was your neighbor, Eddie. Actually, he lived directly across from you. You’d only ever exchanged words or phrases and you’ve never had a full conversation. You’d had quite the crush on him since he moved in, though. You could never work up the courage to talk to him properly, though. Until now.

He steps down at few steps, glances at his phone, and shoves it in his pocket before joining you, sitting on the cold cement. He runs a hand though his hair casually, adjusting it to his standards. You wanted so desperately to talk, but you didn’t even know what to say, so you stayed silent for a while. He looked stressed anyway, so you didn’t want to bother him.

“Oh, hey, it’s Halloween,” Eddie suddenly spoke, more to the air than to you. You decided to answer anyway.

“Yeah, it is.” You said, like you were just realizing as he was.

“Why are there no trick or treaters?” He said, this time talking to you. You just shrugged.

“I guess there aren’t any kids who live around here.” You replied dryly. Your heart was racing, you felt like a little girl getting worked up at the thought of talking to your crush.

Eddie nodded slowly and took in your words. “That, or it’s too cold to even think about going outside.”

“I think you’re beautiful. Uh, u-um the weather. The weather is beautiful. Not that you’re not beautiful, because you are. I’m gonna shut up.” You instantly felt blood rush to your cheeks, feeling embarrassed for yourself.

“Oh, yeah. Thanks… I think,” He was smiling at you, which was a good sign. Was he blushing, even? “You’re Y/N, right?”

You nodded quickly. “So, um, what are you doing out here?” You didn’t want the conversation to end, though you had already managed to cripplingly embarrass yourself.

“Just, you know, getting some fresh air. I’m a little under the weather right now. What about you?”

You sighed, not really wanting to tell him. It crossed your mind to lie to him, but you already embarrassed yourself once. Why not twice in one night? “Well, I think I just got stood up on a date. So, that’s fun I guess.”

You watched Eddie’s face fall. “Oh no, I’m sorry.”

“Thanks.” You shrugged it off.

It was then that Eddie got up and walked back inside. You sighed, rubbing your temples to try to alleviate some tension held there from your terrible day. You checked the time; 8:45. You figured it was time to head in.

Just as you got up and had your hand on the door, it swung open and Eddie was standing in front of you yet again. Cologne hit your nose upon getting close to him. “Sorry,” you said, slipping past him into the hallway.

“Wait! I was actually coming back here to ask you something.” He said, folding his hands in front of him.

You paused and pivoted on your heel to face him. “Yeah?”

“You, um,” he paused, scratching the back of his neck. “Would you want to go on a date with me? Tonight?”

Your breath caught in your throat. You played with the zipper on your jacket as an anxious tendencies. “Uhhh… yeah, sure.” You said. You felt your heart rate skyrocket.

“Oh, cool. Meet me back down here in twenty?” He flashed you a smile that made your palms sweat.

“Yeah. Definitely.” As you turned away to head back to your apartment, you couldn’t even process what was happening.

For the first time in a long time, you were genuinely excited for your night. You smiled to yourself, closing the door behind you, and heading to your closet.

send me a fall themed prompt!

Cool Kids 2

Warning: Violence. Wish of dying. Mentions of assault. Fighting. Violent past. Stabbing. Hostile anger. Dislike for being touched. Mentions of death. Breaking laws. Revenge/Payback. Defiance in school.

Characters: Steve Rogers. Bucky Barnes. Sam Wilson. Becca Barnes. Frank Castle. Luke Cage. Matt Murdock. Mary MacPherran. Amora Lorelei. Wanda Maximoff. Kaine Parker. Peter Parker. Ben Reilly.
[if you have questions about who some of these Characters are, feel free to ask]

In Crew you take an oath. You live by it everyday. In this world it’s the only religion there is. And they only have two rules.
No Couples.
Don’t Fall In Love.
Being one of the only girls in Crew is walking a thin line.
One Side. Nobody dares fuck with you.
The Other. Crew guys don’t like being threatened by a girl.
But the boys you run with, they’re your family. The only ones, but your older brother Frank. Who started a Crew in your little town and runs the largest one to the day. You protect them, they stomp anyone who touches you without permission.
You and Steve are synced. Words don’t need to be exchanged to know what the other is thinking. When he moves, you move. When you need escape, he’s the sanctuary.
The dangerous part about being in a Crew. Don’t Fall In Love, and you’re so fucked. You’re hopelessly in love. But will your secrets let you accept it? Will you ever admit to why you’re this way? Why Steve Rogers is the only person you allow to touch you?

Tag List Is Open!!

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In Which Love Is Calm

Summary: yay!! i gotta try and not ramble in my request cause of the character limit :/ could you do one where one day the reader runs out of their meds and is just jittery and can’t really focus well or if they do it’s something like which raindrop gets down the window the quickest instead of the next mission debrief, so pietro helps them feel better about it? that was such a long run on sentence but tysm!!

Request: by the lovely, @gazebros.

Warnings: Pietro Maximoff x ADHD!Reader, Fluff.

Note: Okay, so I love this imagine and I hope that I did justice for your request. And I’m really really sorry that this took too long. If it’s bad, again I’m sorry, I haven’t written in a while so this is a little bit rusty.

It was the most horrible thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Your stomach grumbled with anxiety, fingers on the verge of shaking uncontrollably, legs about to give out and turn to jelly, you felt the dread creeping to your head, making you see the room as though it was swaying. You considered it to be the end of the world — well, that was a tiny bit of exaggeration but that really wasn’t relevant at the moment.

Staring right back at you, was your reflection.

The fact that you woke up mere minutes ago added to every little bit of monstrous detail. Your hair was bunched up into a crazy tangled mess that could’ve easily been a nest for birds, drool stained the side of your mouth, and you were pretty sure that dirt was in your eye.

But as shocking as it was, that wasn’t why you were about to collapse on the floor out of stress. The trepidation coursing through your muscles was because of the empty bottle of pills that sat on the counter.

The medicine didn’t fully stop the jitters and the excessive adrenaline but it did somehow calm you down. Although you promised yourself that you wouldn’t be dependent on the drugs, the thought of going through the day without it did quite scare you a bit. You weren’t even sure that you’d last the day today.

You took a deep breath, feeling all the fearfulness leave your body — only to return a millisecond later.

“Okay, I can do this,” You muttered to yourself whilst hopping up and down in hoped to calm down. The sad attempt unfortunately failed, nonetheless you tried to keep a positive mental attitude.

After briefly splashing your face with cold water, you stared at yourself for a moment. Glaring at the mirror, you murmured, “ADHD, who? I don’t know her.”

A second later you rolled your eyes as you exited the bathroom, “Why am I assuming genders?”

As you caught a glimpse of your naked face in the mirror, you realized why you went to the bathroom in the first place which was to actually get ready for the day.

Growling at your forgetfulness, you marched straight back into the bathroom. “This is going to be a long day.”

“The Avengers are facing a terrible problem at the moment.”

Tony Stark slammed his hands down on the table. His eyes were full of so much distraught and nervousness to the point that it alarmed the team. Murmurs of concern spread throughout the room.

“What is it, Stark?” Steve Rogers asked, deeply confused as to what the dilemma was since nothing major was shown on the news today.

“We,” Tony sighed dejectedly. There was a pregnant pause that consumed the room for a moment before he continued. “Have run of food.”

“Of course we did.” Natasha glared harshly despite the little smirk threatening to show. “Someone’s been raiding the fridge more than usual lately.”

The God of Thunder chuckled. “That’s right, Stark. You have been putting a little weight.”

“What? Excuse me?” Tony held up a finger to silence the whispers of agreement. “Can we please address the real problem here?”

Peter Parker raised his hand slowly. “Mr. Stark? Is that… Is that all you called us for today? I thought we were going to fight some bad guys… or something.”

“Uh, I’m really disappointed that you all are disregarding the fact that we have literally no food in the kitchen.” Tony said with pure somber.

“Anyways,” Tony quickly interjected before anyone else could complain. He pulled up a piece of paper from his pocket. “I have a list of groceries to buy. Kid, you’re part of the team now, I need you to buy the pasta.”

Peter nodded with a shy smile. “Okay, cool.”

“And can I have Y/N on the desserts?” Tony asked, keeping his gaze on the list.

Only silence replied to him. He glanced at you, eyebrows furrowing at the lack of words coming from you. “Y/N, you alright?”

You jumped with a small gasp. It wasn’t until then that you realized you’ve been heavily daydreaming the whole time. Wincing, you answered, “Yeah, I’m good. Beat up the bad guys, I got it.”

“If that means buying ice cream and lots of blueberry cakes, then okay.”

“You’ve been acting weird lately. What’s up, princess?”

The supermarket was awfully quiet since not many people were out shopping for groceries. And because the only thing that accompanied you was the subtle pop music playing in the background, you heard his words perfectly — him being Pietro Maximoff, your boyfriend who knew you like the palm of his hand.

Blushing, you pushed the cart faster. “I’m sorry. I didn’t take my medicine this morning and I feel like my nerves are getting out of control.”

Pietro chuckled, casually throwing his arm around you as he chucked a bag of chocolate cookies into the cart. “So you’re nervous because you’re nervous about being nervous?”

“Yeah, basically,” You said, miraculously understanding his play on words. Though it struck you to the core more than you wanted it to. You mumbled softly, “I hate it.”

He pressed a feathery kiss to your forehead, lingering slightly just to drown in the smell of you. “You know you shouldn’t be nervous. Nothing is going wrong.”

“But it is,” You admitted a bit too brutally. “In my head I feel like everything is turning into flames. It sucks because I know I have to restrain myself otherwise I’m going to humiliate myself for a century.”

Sighing, Pietro moved away from you. He grabbed a bunch of more tubs of ice cream before facing you square in the eye. “Shake away that fear right now.”

You smiled sadly, gently nudging him away as you went towards the counter. “It doesn’t work that way.”

Pietro wasn’t giving up. In no time, he was in front of you again. “Then make it work that way. It’s all in your head, right? Then why don’t you change the way it works?”

“It’s not that simple, Pietro!” You snapped, halting in your steps.

Pietro let out a breath of frustration. He muttered a thousand apologies as he came to wrap his arms around you.

“My head is messed up sometimes too,” He mumbled.

You looked up, surprised. “You don’t mean that.”

“I do,” Pietro whispers with a sly grin. “And it sucks.”

He sucked in a sharp breath. “I have never been the same since I got these powers. Day after day, I fight these criminals and get a new scar. It’s just one more opportunity for people to look at me and call me a monster…”

Hearing him say those words out loud broke your heart. No words could come out of your mouth so all you could do was hug him as tight as you could.

“Since then, I have had to learn to fear being too fast or otherwise I’d hurt myself or someone I loved,” Pietro continued.

“You shouldn’t have to deal with something like that, you’re a hero for Christ’s sake.” You mumbled, snuggling deeper into his hug.

Pietro lifted your chin with his finger. “And you should not have too either.”

It wasn’t until a cough interrupted your moment that you realized that you actually were at the counter and had been giving the cashier quite a show.

Immediately, you jumped away and started to put all the stuff away in hopes to remedy the situation.

Once the cashier finished scanning the items, she gave you a blank look. For a moment you were confused then you realized what was missing.

Your eyes widened as you began to find the money to pay for the array of desserts. “I’m sorry, so sorry. And for earlier, I’m still sorry for that, I didn’t realize that you were watching our little exchange—”

“Excuse me, this isn’t enough money.”

Your cheeks turned beet red as you saw that you forgot to give the exact change. Squeaking out another apology, you kept your head down and gave her the money.

After putting all the items into the bags, the girl turned to Pietro who was standing idly beside you. “For the record, I think you’re nice to look at.”

Instinctively, you grabbed all the bags and handed them to your boyfriend and pulled him away. As you left the supermarket, you shot the cashier smile, “Yeah, I know. He’s nice to look at in bed too!”

Your laughter filled the night as you and Pietro raced to the car — one guess as to who won. In lightning speed, he put the bags in the trunk and had you pressed against the car as he smothered you with kisses.

After a minute of speedy affection, he opted for the slow path. He tucked away a lock of hair behind your ear, laying his head against yours.

“You’re nice to look at,” He joked. “Very, very nice.”

“I know,” You said shyly.

Pietro smiled. “Do you know how many times I’ve fallen for you?”

“Stop it…” You whispered, hiding your face from him.

“I just wish you could fall in love with yourself.” Pietro was shocking you with his words today. He gave you one last kiss before opening the car door for you.

“That’s a work in progress, I guess.” You said to yourself.

“What do you say we work on some stuff together, noh?” Pietro said once he got in the car and started the engine.

“What are you saying, Pietro?” You asked.

“I am saying we should be more kind to ourselves. More forgiving and calm. And I think I work on myself best whenever you’re around.” Pietro responded truthfully.

“Calm, huh? I’d love that too.”

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It’s looking like I’m gonna post the first chapter of my Bucky Barnes Beauty and the Beast story on Tuesday. I’ve had it written for a while and I feel like it’s time to post the beginning of the story.

Originally posted by ironarm

If anyone wants to be tagged let me know. This is gonna be the first of many modern Fairytale stories.

Autumn Imagine

“What about this one?” You hold up a round, squat-looking pumpkin for Loki to see.

“Too small,” says Loki. “We want a nice, large one.”

As the two of you make your way through the pumpkin patch, you can’t help but notice the other people there. Families with small children, laughing and playing in the pumpkins and corn stalks. You wonder if, someday, you and Loki might have children of your own to bring here.

Loki walks delicately through the rows of pumpkins, studying them, searching for the perfect one. His outfit of black jeans, black boots and dark green flannel shirt, along with his long black hair, not to mention his height, make him stand out a bit among the crowd. Yet, he is so pleasing to watch as he bends down and strokes a tall, elongated pumpkin with his fingers.

“I think I found the one,” he calls out to you.

“That looks like a good one to carve,” you reply. “I also want a couple of those cute small ones, for decorations. And maybe some Indian corn for the front door.”

“Let’s go get those, then,” he says with a smile, tucking the big pumpkin under his arm.

When you get home with your autumn haul, you place your decorative mini pumpkins and corn, and Loki gets the big pumpkin ready for carving.

“Darling, do we have any newspaper we can put down underneath the thing?” he asks you.

“Newspaper?” you answer, “Gosh, I don’t think we’ve had actual newspaper in here for ages. How about wrapping paper?”

“That’ll work,” says Loki.

You get an old roll of wrapping paper out of the closet and lay it down on the kitchen table, which has been cleared off by Loki. Loki places the pumpkin on top of the paper and studies it, turning it every which way to find just the right side to carve.

“Let’s see,” he says. “I think this side will do. Hand me that marker?”

“Loki,” you giggle. “You gotta take the guts out first.”

“Oh, right,” he says, and pulls out a dagger from seemingly nowhere. He plunges it into the top of the pumpkin and cuts a circle around the stem, then pops the top off.

You scrunch up your nose at the smell of the pumpkin innards. “Ewwww…”

Loki chuckles. “It’s just a pumpkin, darling.” He plunges his hand into the mess inside and pulls out a tangle of orange strings and white seeds. “Come on, it won’t bite.” He smiles broadly.

You reach inside the pumpkin. “It’s all slimy and gross!” you exclaim.

“Yes,” says Loki. “It’s delightful.”

The two of you finish pulling out all the remaining yuck from inside the pumpkin. “There’s a lot of seeds in there,” you say. “I should separate them out so we can roast them.”

“A fine idea,” says Loki as he starts to draw a template on the pumpkin.

You start in on separating the seeds from the stringy stuff. It’s slippery work, but you manage to get most of them into a bowl.

“What do you think” Loki asks, showing you the face he’s drawn.

You tilt your head to the side a bit. “Oooh,” you say. “That’s spooky. No, it’s more than spooky. It’s… spoopy.”

“Spoopy?” Loki raises his eyebrow at you.

“Spoopy,” you reply.

Loki shrugs and starts in with his dagger. Before long, the jack-o-lantern is finished. You go and find a small tea candle from the next room, put it inside the pumpkin and light it. Both of you stand back and admire the Halloween masterpiece.

“It’s beautiful,” you say. “You’re an artist.”

Loki puts his arm around you and kisses the top of your head lightly. “I have a good muse.”

You look up at Loki curiously. “Wait. Are you saying…”

Loki laughs. “That’s NOT what I’m saying.”

“Good,” you say. “Because if I’m what inspired that creepy jack-o-lantern face, you’d be wearing that jack-o-lantern right about now.”

“Come on,” Loki says, smiling, “Let’s put this in the window, then roast us up some pumpkin seeds.”

Keeping Up Appearances

Originally posted by extraordinaryloki

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Fake Dating AU

Summary: When an old friend comes back into your life you struggle to maintain the lies you’ve told. Bucky Barnes has no idea what he’s gotten into by agreeing to be your fake boyfriend, but you have no idea what to do about the very real feelings you have for him.

Chapter 1

This work is in progress

Bucky Comforting You After a Break-Up Would Include...

Originally posted by floatingpetals

Requested by Anonymous

  • he’s so supportive
  • he’d want to kill the guy/girl that hurt you
  • you gotta calm him down
  • if you cry he cries
  • he’ll bring you your favorite comfort food
  • to cheer you up he’ll tell you funny stories about him and steve “back in the day”
  • this is irrelevant but his favorite ice cream flavor is rocky road
  • bucky will make sure you feel loved and cared for
  • if you want to sit in bed all day and do nothing, he sit with you in bed all day and do nothing
  • if you want to go out and have a day full of random activities, bucky will go out with you and have a day of random activities
  • bucky will not let you watch sad romance movies during this time period
  • he doesn’t need you to be dehydrated from so much crying
  • if you want hot tea or coffee bucky has to ask steve or someone else to help him make it the machine still confuses him so much
  • he will steal all the blankets that exist in the avengers compound and make a blanket fort with you
  • bucky’s a big softie that’ll do everything to make you happy

Hope you enjoyed!  Feedback is welcomed ~

Yours - b.b.

request: Bucky’s out on a mission and the reader is up on the roof of the compound looking at the stars and listening to music with her little speaker bc she can’t sleep without him. He surprises her by coming home early and they dance on the roof to her favorite slow song (Yours by Russell Dickerson) - @tatertot1097

pairings: bucky barnes x female reader

warnings: none

length: 1.6k

a/n: i have over 700 followers now! thank you everyone who follows me! thanks for the request, i hope you like it! & thank you to all the other requests i have received (there’s quite a lot!) i’m working through them 😊. please excuse any spelling mistakes. Requests are open.


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Your Colors: Ch.8.

A/N: And here we are! I really hope you like this chapter.
Sorry it took a little extra time to get out there. Unpacking boxes in a new house is a bitch. I’ll be updating this with a banner in the next day or two. Until then, I shall substitute with a gif <3
Please leave some feedback! This chapter is a little intense. So be prepared <3

Summary:  Art was the one good thing between college, work, and the grey minutes in-between. Sometimes, it felt like she wasn’t alive at all. Just drifting. When she joined her new art class, she never expected to start experiencing everything in an entirely new light. All thanks to him.
Or: Where Bucky Barnes gets more than he bargained from his new drawing partner.

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 7.5K

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language, unrequited love angst


Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3 Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6
Chapter 7  Chapter 8


Slowly, Bucky packed up his watercolor supplies. Every action sluggish and tense. Like he wasn’t quite connected to the floor of her apartment, and everything was underwater. They’d finished up the touches on their projects, the finals were due tomorrow. Things were normal again for the most part. He came to class that Thursday after their talk, and they worked together at her apartment Friday. Today, though, something was off. Bucky was quieter than usual. Quieter than Y/N had seen him since the first few weeks they worked together. And that was over a month ago now.

Since he arrived at 11, Bucky did his best to not touch her. Kept all his actions close to his body and reserved. Didn’t even sit near her. Instead, he worked on one of her window seats. Across the room, while she sat on the couch. A chair pulled over to put his supplies on. Project propped up on his knees.

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Sins of the Fathers Chapter 17

Chapter 17 has been posted!  Thank you so much to @stjohn27 for being my awesome sounding board and prereader, and to all of you who read and like/ reblog my posts!  ❤️ 

Pepper hadn’t been joking when she’d said Sam was preparing a feast for the returning heroes. As soon as Peter was calmed down enough from his nightmare and cleaned up, he and Tony walked down to the kitchen to find that Sam had laid out enough food to feed a small army.

“Damn,” Tony said, nodding in appreciation as his stomach growled. When was the last time he’d eaten anything? “Expecting company, are we, Sam?”

“Well, you know,” Sam said with a grin, admiring the spread set out along the huge dining table. “Steve and Thor usually each eat enough for three people, and I’m hoping now that you’re back we can convince that kid there to eat more than the bare minimum required for survival, and—”

“Yeah, yeah, I get the point,” Tony said, squeezing Peter’s shoulder. He jerked his head towards the table. “C'mon, Pete. Let’s get you situated.”

Peter and Tony were still filling their plates when the rest of the crew started wandering in, led by Steve and Natasha. Peter jumped at the sight of Vision, managing to drop his fork onto the floor, which Vision then bent down to retrieve.

“Here you are, Peter,” the android said kindly, handing Peter the fork. “It is nice to meet you.”

Peter bit his lip, his eyes quickly flicking to Tony for assurance as he took the fork from Vision’s burgundy hand. “Uh huh. Th—, thank you M—, Mr. V—, Vision.”

“You have no need to fear me, Peter,” said Vision. “I mean you no harm. I hope you can grow to understand that.”

“Kid’s just a bit jumpy,” Tony said to Vision. “Don’t take it personal.”

“I’m not sure that’s even possible,” answered Vision, a rather perplexed look on his face. “But nevertheless, I do understand.”

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Since we’re alone

chapter 3


featuring: Matt Murdock and a plus size character

summary: Matt and Penny attempt to figure their feelings for each other, and need to decide if they can work as a couple.

WC: 3.7K

Warnings: Angst, oral (male receiving) unprotected sex (wrap it up ya’ll). Mention of past abuse.

AN: Well this is the end of Penny and Matt’s story. With Daredevil season three coming this week I’ll probably end up writing another Matt Story soon. My next mini series is gonna be a Bucky Barnes story, and my next series will be my Beauty and the Beast inspired Bucky Barnes story that’s getting posted tomorrow.

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part one . part two

The feeling of his lips on her skin drove her mad in the best way possible. They laid on the couch with Penny sitting in between his legs. He wore nothing but his boxers and Penny in nothing but her bra and panties. Matt’s lips were attached to her neck sending a shiver down her spine. He peppered kisses across her pale skin, and occasionally nipped at the sensitive skin causing her to giggle.

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Torture- Whumptober Day 14

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton

Word Count: 1246

Clint slowly comes to on the floor of a dirty cell. His head feels like it’s about to explode and the copper taste in his mouth makes him a little queasy. Rolling on his side, he spits out the blood in his mouth and then tries to get up.

“Ahhhh… DAMN IT!!” he yells as he falls back on to his side. He looks down and sees the blood oozing through his tac gear. A gash in his side and what looks like a bullet hole in his pants.

“Great. You did it again Barton. Good job.” he says out loud to himself. He doesn’t have time for more self deprecation. He hears voices outside the door and then a key in the lock. Old school lock, perfect. Those can be picked.   

“Well, Agent Barton, how are we feeling today?” the smug asshole in a lab coat asks the prone form on the floor.

“Just peachy, but the room service sucks in this dump,” he snaps back. He looks closer at the man’s name tag ‘Charles Von Erikson’. “So, Chuck, what’s a man gotta do to get housekeeping in here? This place is filthy.”

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REBLOG TO SAVE A MARVEL FAN’S LIFE LMK WHAT Y’ALL THINK I’M GOING CRAZY ( this is fan art, but they still wouldn’t have just posted any fan art like this has to be some type of clue)

Me: *pretends to kill a character but then saves them*

Readers: omg I thought they were dead for real! I’m shooketh™

Me, internally: ahah you fools I have a pathological need for happy endings so you ain’t getting any of that cause if I cry one more tear I swear I’ll die

Fifty Shades of Bucky

***thank you @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan​ for the gorgeous graphic

A series of sexual escapades where Bucky shows you what it’s like to give in to your deepest desires.

Vanilla Sex - You and Bucky have sex for the first time.

The Basics (Part 1) - Bucky stops by your room after a long day and offers to teach you the basics.

The Basics (Part 2) - Bucky takes things to a whole new level, teaching you another one of the basics.

Limits -  You and Bucky discuss hard and soft limits. You discover that Bucky doesn’t like it when you roll your eyes at him. 

Dinner Party - You and Bucky attend a dinner party at Stark Tower.

A Serious Conversation - After an interesting evening spent with Natasha and Wanda, you and Bucky have a serious conversation.

Riding Crop and Leather Restraints -  Bucky takes your sexual training to a new level.

The Accidental Truth - Bucky visits you in your office and you overhear a conversation that leaves you reeling.

A Proposition - You come to terms with what happened between you and Bucky.

Lipstick Limits - You and Bucky outline his hard limits on touching.

Rack ‘Em Up - You’re good at pool, but not as good as Bucky.

Confrontation -  You have an unexpected confrontation with Natasha. You and Bucky argue.

Handcuffs and Bullets - You explore the contents of Bucky’s “toy” drawer. He chooses one to use with you.

Escape - A surprise car ride with Bucky turns into so much more than you ever expected.

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I Sing The Body

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Only you can sate Bucky’s darkness. 

Warnings: SMUTTY AF (18+), Language, Dirty Talk, Rough Sex, Jealousy, Possessiveness, etc 

A/N: This is a two-parter. Again, this is a character study on Bucky and his relationship with his other identity as the Winter Soldier. There is smut in this part but, there will be INTENSE smut in the second part. Also, I based “August” on Henry Cavill bc um why the fuck not and yes, I saw MIssion Impossible. 

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It was not in his nature to be jealous. Bucky Barnes had done so many awful things that he did not think himself worthy of any gifts that came his way.

And then there was you.

He could not, would not, be jealous when it came to you.

But, that was easier said than done.

He doesn’t quite remember when the two of you began. He cannot pinpoint the exact moment you had thoroughly nested yourself within his body like a fluttering bird - thin-boned and melodic.

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