Prompt: “what did you just say?”

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: There’s an asshole in this, kind of angsty?

“What did you just say?” You stopped in your tracks and turned around to look at the man who’d spoken. Some random stranger on the street who obviously wanted to start a fight…or if he didn’t he was going to. 

“Are you deaf? I said your boy toy there is murderer.”

“See, that’s funny because from where i’m standing he’s a victim, who has pricks like you telling him that he’s a murderer for something he had no autonomy over. So from where i’m standing you’re a class A dickhead.” You weren’t laughing because it was funny, your laughing was out of pure spite, pure anger. The fact that these assholes kept calling Bucky names in the street. The fact that a man who was still suffering emotionally and mentally was being verbally abused in the streets and they thought it was okay. They didn’t even fucking understand. 

“He’s a fucking murderer.” 

“Do you want me to smash your face? Because it’s looking awfully tempting. Stop harassing people in the street when you don’t even fucking understand the situation.” You tried to keep as calm as you could. Bucky was standing off the side and he looked so small and then this asshole just had the nerve to seem so pleased with himself…it made staying calm increasingly hard. 

He didn’t even have to say anything, it was the look on his face that finally did it. That had you launching yourself at him only to find yourself stopped short as familiar arms wrapped around you and pulled you away. Hot breath on your neck, “He’s not worth it. It’s not worth it” You wanted to believe Bucky, you really did…but it was worth it…he was always going to be worth defending. He tried so hard, why couldn’t people see that, why did they have to be so mean?

That Same Love {Bucky Barnes}

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Based on: Bucky comforts you after you feel horrible in a dress you’re wearing for a family event.

Note: MomentOfWeaknessProject piece and also based on my own personal struggle with my self image last week.

Warnings: Reader has self confidence issues

Author: @alloftheimaginesblog

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Steve: Okay, I officially give up! I can not wake up Y/N. Who else wants to try?

Natasha: Everyone else has already tried, you were last resort.

Tony: *clears throat and gives Nat a look*

Natasha: I guess we could use the last, last resort.

-Later in your room-

Fury: *quietly* Y/N, please get out of bed.

Y/N: Wha- no! I’m tired, leave me!

Fury: *quietly* Y/N, look at me.

Y/N: *roll over to look at him* What?

Fury: *Normal self* Wake the fuck up!

August 24

Maria Stark was born Maria Collins Carbonell. She first appeared in Iron Man #104 (August 24, 1977). In her adulthood, Maria married Howard Stark, and together they had a son that was not her biological son: Anthony “Tony” Stark. Maria was unsuccessful in preventing Tony from seeing Howard’s alcoholism, something Tony would later face on his own. On the Ides of March, Maria and Howard were killed in a ‘planned’ car accident. Afterwards, Tony ran his father’s company, and started a charity in his mother’s name which donated funds to finance various charities and renovation projects.