marvel's infinity


i don’t mind if you are in the lgbt+ community.

i don’t mind if you have some extra pounds.

i don’t mind if you are thin.

i don’t mind if you are not mentally okay.

i just want you to know that it’s okay and everything will be okay if it’s not.

i want you to know that there are people in this world that care about you because you are a human being, that deserves love and happiness only.

you should always be yourself and you should never give up.

It just occurred to me

The gotg fandom is pretty chill about infinity war because it’s confirmed that Peter, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Mantis and Groot will survive and be in Gotg vol.3

However.. Nebula is not safe! Nebula had her big arch in volume 2, and has shown irrational blood lust over murdering Thanos. Basically stopping at nothing and going against all odds. If it comes down to sacrafice the her life to bring him down too, I have no doubt she would do it. She’s very wreckless and needs protection. Let’s all take some time to wish Nebula safety in the upcoming film and hope she gets to see Thanos die horribly and slowly.🤞

k so uhh when are we gonna get some more info on the plot and character arcs for infinity war? like,,, specifically tony stark’s arc ??? cause we only know like two (2) things about him???

1. he “senses this great threat approaching and is doing everything in his power to keep the earth safe” (vague)
2. robert is sad that he can’t go over and smell chris evans on set because he has to “stare daggers at him and be mad” instead

i need More Information

- how exactly does he sense this new threat ?? is he just paranoid af again, or does something happen that makes him 100% sure something is indeed coming???
- how is he gonna feel about being back in space ?? (because his last experience left him with ptsd)
- how is he gonna feel knowing he was Right ??
- how is he gonna feel as his Worst Nightmare Becomes A Reality??
- how is he gonna handle seeing cap again ??
- is his new iron man suit hidden within that camo outfit he’s wearing in the trailer and does it bleed out onto him at his command ??
- what new capabilities does his new suit possess ?? does it actually shapeshift ??
- is his new suit made out of alien tech ??

i just,,, have So Many Questions asdfhfhfkdla