marvelâs agents of s.h.i.e.l.d


“No onions, just the way you like it.” You smiled as you dropped the bag of food besides the car he was working on. 

“Well isn’t this just the favourite part of my day,” he smirked and wiped his hands on a white piece of cloth staining it black. Like the charm he was, he strolled over to you with that enticing smirk plastered onto his face. Swiftly, he put his hand on your lower back and pulled you in for a passionate kiss.

“It’s the least favourite part of mine.” You pouted as you pulled away teasingly.


At last some of the best shows, have at last got new episodes!

  • Aizawa: You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on the sand is a box. What is in that box?
  • Uraraka: Machete.
  • Iida: A sat phone so I can call someone to get me off that island.
  • Kaminari: How big is the box?
  • Aizawa: Just say the first answer that comes into your mind. What's in that box?
  • Kaminari: Jirou.
  • Jirou: That's a hard one. Let me think. The TARDIS.
  • Marvel: It seems many people are connecting Hydra to Nazis just because they are explicitly tied to Nazis in the comics and also were seen as a more-radical offshoot of the Nazi party in the Captain America movie.
  • Marvel: How can we fix this so that people are less offended by the blatant anti-semitism?
  • Marvel: *makes Hydra part of an evil conspiracy that has lasted thousands of years, silently infecting innocent groups with their ideology*
  • Marvel: Nailed it!