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Hey k how are you today. I was wondering if you could write headcanons about peter and the reader working together on Dr octavius’s prosthetic. Bonus points if she is the scientist in charge of the neuroscience aspect of the job

I’m not entirely sure if this is what you meant w/ your request, so feel free to shoot me a message if I got it wrong! <3

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  • Me: Okay, I did a onesie costume for Halloween last year. It was a royal PITA. This year, we're gonna do something more reasonable: Silver Sable from the new Spider-Man game!
  • Co-Worker of mine, looking at screencaps: Um... you might want to look a little more closely.
  • Me, looking at screencaps: It's not a onesie if I say so! There's a belt! I'll make it shirt and pants and cover it up with the belt, goddammit!

I started to play the new Spider-man game on PS4 and it’s quickly becoming a special interest of mine. I was so pleasantly surprised to see an “accessibility” menu in this game. 

A menu that allows you to have bigger subtitles, to put them on a black background so that they’re more readable, to disable QTE if you can’t mash buttons (because if you keep it activated, yeah, you mash buttons pretty hard), a background for the HUD to make it more readable and the possibility to skip puzzles… 

I might forgot some stuff, but the point is that they created this game while keeping in mind that disabled people might play it and might need some features to be turned off or displayed differently. And it’s great.

I turned on the subtitles, put them in a bigger size and on a black background and it does wonders for me. I can read them easily, even when I’m playing, and I don’t have to focus so much on what everyone’s saying. It allows me to fully enjoy the game.

It should be normal, honestly. But when we still have video games with no subtitles at all, I think we still have to compliment video games teams that actually make the effort to be inclusive and to simplify their mechanics for disabled people or people with various difficulties.

peter: nono it was so cool, mr stark! i webbed in there and he was all like KNIFE TO MEET YOU and he stabbed me and i was like woah!! nice one!! and th -

tony: you got??? stabbed???

peter: well yeah but like hE MADE A PUN MR STARK